Set in the city of Roswell, NM, this is the story of six teens brought together by one impossible secret - that three of them are aliens from another planet. Now Liz, Maria & Alex must help Max, Isabel and Michael to not only keep the world from finding out their secret, but to help the aliens fight to protect their home planet!

**WARNING!! - Episode descriptions contain spoilers!**

Season 3

EPISODES 11-13 - Page Six

    "I Married an Alien" (that may not be the right title, but it's something like that). Basically, the majority of the show is Isabel's alien-version of "I Dream of Genie". In real life, an old pal of Jesse's, a reporter, comes to town and decides to do a story on Jesse and Isabel, which Isabel isn't too keen on. Michael is being a couch potato, in a depression about Maria, and Max tries to get him to come out of it. Jesse and his Pal go golfing with Mr. Evans, and Michael comes along and joins them. The Reporter sees Michael using his powers to move trees aside so he could hit his golf ball back onto the green, and then decides to do the story on Michael. He steals a file from Jesse & Mr. Evans' law office and interviews one of Michael's old case workers, who mentions an incident where Michael levitated a table. The Reporter also finds out about Max "healing" Jesse's black eye with a steak before the wedding, Isabel seeming to fix a broken icebox, and the fact that they & Michael were all found wandering the desert as kids. Etc. Isabel finds out the Reporter is doing a story on them being aliens. Reporter tells Jesse, who questions Isabel about it, but Isabel just laughs it off and Jesse seems to go for that. Eventually, Mr. Evans and Jesse realize Michael's file is missing, and Jesse brings his friend an injunction and kicks him out of the apartment. So all is well, more or less.
    Isabel's Fantasy World: Basically the same story as above, with some differences, including the fact that the story seems to be taking place in the 60's. There is a cute little cartoon at the beginning opening the "show". Michael's hair is actually short and combed, which looks kind of neat. The characters also act a little silly, but I can't describe it. Anyway, the major difference is that Jesse is actually in on the whole alien thing, and is OK with it. Max believes all humans are inferior, especially Jesse, though Michael acts a little foolish sometimes. Max is also hiding the aliens' spaceship (a small saucer-shaped craft with a bubble dome) in Isabel & Jesse's basement. There are very brief scenes with Maria, Kyle and Liz. The Reporter is there and is suspicious of alien activity. In the end he finds the spaceship, and Max/Michael/Isabel (I forget which one) must turn him into a bird. The End, more or less.

    "Consequences": Basically the show was about a couple things. One is that Maria finally decides to pursue her dream of a singing career and go to New York (but she doesn't actually leave in this episode, I don't think). Two is that Liz is suddenly seeming to be an alien. At first it is small things, but she eventually sets something on fire with just a touch and begins to freak out. Max doesn't know what's up, but they suspect it has something to do with Max healing Liz. Liz is afraid something bad is happening to her, but she won't tell Maria because Maria has her own problems. Liz talks to Kyle about it who, of course, was also healed by Max and might just start experiencing weird things himself someday. Liz's alien tendencies seem to get worse whenever Max is around. She also appears to have mini streaks of electricity running under her skin. Max takes her out to the desert to try to heal her (and actually levitates her in the process), but he just ends up making it worse, and Liz yells at him a little, saying it hurts her to be around him. Maria goes to Michael to tell him the news about her music stuff, and he's not very receptive. He informs her about the issue with Liz, so Maroa goes to Liz and apologizes for not noticing. At the end of the episode, Liz decides to go to boarding school to get away from it all.

    "Found": Michael, working at the pharmaceutical company, is on duty one night. He has a bandage wrapped around his finger and throws it in the garbage (with blood on it). When he and his buddy leave to make rounds, people in protective gear come and search the room, taking the bandage. Maria goes to New York to record some songs, and joins up with her musically inclined guitar-playing friend who stayed with her once and who Michael was jealous about in a previous episode. He goes along with her as she records songs, and seems to disapprove of the whole process since Maria's songs seem to be getting altered. Liz arrives at boarding school and her roomate appears to be a trouble-maker, but Liz seems to connect with her. Back at the pharmaceutical place, there is a break in and Michael goes to check it out. A window is broken on a door. His buddy back in the control room warns him about something. Michael runs back to check on him, only to find him shot and the shooter(s) running away. Michael is upset at his friend's death. Later, he asks for Valenti's help. Valenti gets a job as a security guard, and they check out the crime scene. Valenti deduces that no one broke in, and that whoever broke the window did it from the inside. Something fishy is definitely up. Then Valenti is kidnapped inside the building. Meanwhile, at boarding school, Liz and her new friend sneak up to the attic of the school where there is a secret stache of alcohol and get drunk. In New York, the alterations to Maria's songs are starting to get to her, and she begins fighting back. Eventually she just decides to forget the deal.
    Max, Isabel, Michael and Valenti decide to sneak into the pharmaceutical company to rescue Valenti. Michael coordinates via the security cameras in the control room. When Isabel leaves her apartment in the middle of the night to join them, Jesse follows her, but can't follow her inside of the building. In the building, Max finds Valenti and they go to escape, but then Valenti is shot. Max heals him, and then they are surrounded and herded away. They are taken to a room with a woman, who seems to be in charge, and a very sick old man who is her husband. She orders Max to heal her husband or else. Max tries, but in the process he disappears, presumably dead. At the boarding school, Maria visits Liz, who takes her to the attic to hang out. Liz asks her to consider boarding school herself. Then Liz suddenly sits up straight and says Max is dead.

    OK, Isabel is taken to Valenti's, and Jesse calls a buddy of his to work on her. Jesse is freaked about the whole alien-thing, and about the fact that Isabel is such a good liar. The old guy who Max tried to heal ends up inheriting Max's body and some of Max's memories. His lady friend approves, but Oldguy/Max remembers Liz and is obsessed. Oldguy decides he must kill Liz to be free of Max. He & lady friend go to Liz's boarding school, where he finds Liz wandering the grounds totally drunk. She collapses, but for some reason he can't kill her. She awakes but believes she was hallucinating. Maria is still there, I believe. Lady friend confronts Oldguy/Max & says he must kill the one he loves, so he ends up killing her in the boarding school library (hmm). Oldguy/Max then goes to Liz's dorm to attack her. He knocks out Maria and chases Liz up to the attic. Max briefly regains control and warns Liz to kill him, but Liz is reluctant. She hits him with a golf club or something, but then he attacks her and they fall out a window. Max regains control again and uses his powers to soften her blow while he falls to his death. Yes, Max dies. Liz snuggles with him, and somehow Max comes alive again. Hmm.

    "King Michael?":Max is back in town, and his dad is still investigating him. Liz wants to take it easy with Max, and Max wans to "live in the now". Jesse is still freaked about the aliens and starts seeing a therapist, telling him Isabel's family is connected with the mob. Max & Michael follow him and are not thrilled. Michael later discovers the royal seal on his shoulder, which means he is King. Jesse wants out of the alien situation, and moves into the Tribal Inn. Michael threatens Jesse's therapist, who in turn calls the FBI. Jesse & Isabel later have dinner, and Jesse wants Isabel to run away with him. Mr. Evans asks Mr. Parker why Liz left boarding school, believing it had to do with Max. Mr. Parker tells Mr. Evans that life is too complicated for him to be investigating his own son.
    Jesse talks to Kyle, who says the whole alien thing ain't so bad. Then Jesse is kidnapped by FBI. He is interrogated by an FBI agent who used to be a part of the special alien-hunting unit, and contronts Jesse about the aliens, trying to make the FBI look like good guys and aliens look like bad guys by showing Jesse photos of Nasedo's murder victims. Jesse agrees to help. Meanwhile, Max & the alien gang gather and Max gives orders. Michael argues with him and storms out wth Maria. Michael freaks out in the car with Maria, saying Max should have stayed dead (Michael got the royal seal because Max died). He even insinuates everyone who knows about them, including Maria, should be silenced. He kicks Maria out of the car and makes plans to eliminate Jesse. Max & Liz pick up Maria. Michael attacks Jesse in Jesse's home after FBI let him go, but Max stops him. Max and Michael fight, and Max takes back the royal seal. Meanwhile Jesse takes Isabel to the FBI place, where he tells her to destroy all alien-related evidence while he contrnts agent. Agent moves to shoot Jesse, but Jesse shoots agent with his own gun. He & Isabel get rid of the body & go home. Jesse admits he had secrets too (ie. the gun), and looks pretty freaked out about the killing. Isabel says they should run away, but Jesse says they can never escape the alien web. Michael calms down, and Max makes up with him man-style, but Michael is still in a bad mood. Whew!

    OK, so first of all, Max and Liz are together, and Michael and Maria are fighting because Michael hasn't yet apologized to her for what he said in the previous episode. Late at night, Michael sees a fighter jet collide with an alien space craft. He checks out the wreckage and retrieves the fighter pilot's helmet "Griffin". Griffin is missing, though. Michael leaves before military catches him on the scene. On the news, the incident is downplayed. Michael tells Max about the crash, but Max is cautious. Meanwhile, Jesse is in Delaware with Mr. Evans, and Mrs. Evans visits Isabel and invites her on a shopping trip. At a news conference, they say the crash was not a UFO, and say the pilot did not eject but went down with the plane. Michael knows better, though. Michael visits Griffin's daughter, also military, and says her father is alive and shows her the helmet. However, she believes that whatever the military decides is for the best and throws him out. In Delaware, Mr. Evans interrogates Jesse while Mrs. Evans interrogates Isabel at home. Isabel agrees to stay the night with her mom.
    Griffin Jr. confronts the military about her dad, and they tell her Griffin went AWOL. She is later attacked on the road by a man working for the military (let's call him Agent, for short), but Michael comes along and saves her. He brings her to Max, who is upset. The Agent and the officer who hired him show up at the Crashdown, and it turns out Agent knows Michael found the helmet. Max agrees to help out, and Michael has a plan. At a military compound, the officer visits Griffin, who is prisoner, and Griffin knows he'll be killed. Agent searches Michaels place, but Max and Michael are there to ambush him. They used fake voices and alien visual effects to interrogate the Agent. They threaten him with a 'probe', and find out about Griffin. Max and Michael, in disguise, sneak onto military base. Max rescues Griffin, switching him with Agent, and Michael checks out the spaceship, managing to pilfer a piece of it. Officer later kills Agent (who is hooded), thinking him to be Griffin. Max, Michael and Griffin escape, and Griffin Jr. & Sr. reunite and escape in van. I think Michael then apologizes to Maria.
     On the homefront, it appears that Mr. and Mrs. Evans are conspiring against their kids. Jesse calls and tells Isabel Mr. Evans is suspicious. They know both parents are working together. Isabel is upset, so much so that she causes a mini-tornado in her room. She doesn't know her Mom hid a video camera in her bag, which captures the whole thing. Mr. and Mrs. Evans later watch the video and are shocked.

    Basically, it turns out that Tess is the one who crashed her ship. She brought Zan, her and Max's baby, with her, and killed several military personel escaping from the base where the spaceship was kept. Before she shows herself, Mr. and Mrs. Evans confront Max and Isabel about the tape. Before they can reply, Tess arrives with Zan. Max wants to kill Tess, but she says she and Zan are linked and he'll die too. Meanwhile the military is on a major hunt for Tess. They track her to Valenti's where she went first, and Kyle warns them they may be on their way. Max takes Zan and Tess, and they go to Michael's. Michael also wants to kill her. Liz comes along and attacks Tess with her alien powers. The military reach the Evans' place, and they warn Max that they're on their way to Michael's. So they move their operation to Jesse and Isabel's place. They take a vote on whether to hide Tess or turn her over to the military. Michael, Maria and Kyle = yes. Max, Valenti, Isabel and Liz = no, Liz being the deciding vote. Everyone, including Isabel and Jesse, Liz and Maria, sleep over. Tess wakes Liz up, and they drive out to the city limits. They seem to get along for a few moments, before Tess goes to confront the military and kill herself. She wasn't linked to Zan after all. It turns out Zan in 100% human. Max, knowing they could be caught at any time, decides to give Zan up to a good family.

#18 Series Finale
    At the beginning, there is a woman dining at the Crashdown, and Liz sees a premonition of her murder when she touches her. She and Max follow the woman outside and Max saves her life, and the woman sees him. Then we see that the military has Isabel's tape, but it is melted. Next, Jesse tells Isabel he got a 350K job in Boston, and Isabel is excited. Liz finds out she gets into Northwestern University. The military watch Isabel's fixed tape and consider the fact that Isabel may be the one who destroyed the base (the base that Tess destroyed). The General wants the 'creatures' taken care of so they never bother anyone else. When Liz is kissing Max, she has another premonition, this time of herself, Max, Michael and Isabel all getting killed. The military hones in on Michael and Maria after they visit a psychic who tells Michael to 'believe in the love'.
    Liz has another premonition of their deaths, and this time sees a man - Bryce McCain, who is the guest of honor at the upcoming UFO convention that is 12 days away - so they have 12 days to live. Max decides to give up the throne, and says they're all just fighting for their lives. Michael thinks they should leave town, and Max agrees. Maria doesn't agree and runs off. Liz goes after her. Maria doesn't want to be left behind, and Liz tells her to make a decision whether to be in the alien club or out. Valenti gets Kyle a badge to be a police officer, but Kyle rejects it. Isabel and Jesse decide to go to Boston. Michael decides that he will leave first, since he is not graduating from high school like the others, and he and Max hug. The woman Liz and Max saved at the beginning ID's Liz to the military, so they decide to target the three aliens and Liz. They decide to kill them indoors when they are all together and where they can lock the place down, a place where the 4-some won't expect it.
    Maria and Michael talk before Michael leaves. Michael says their relationship has meant a lot to him and he wouldn't trade it for anything. He then leaves on his motorcycle. Max decides his path in life is to help people, and he needs Liz's help for that (because of her ability to have premonitions about death). Max does a Superman, and turns a piece of charcoal in his hand into a diamond, then proposes to Liz. She says yes. The teens' graduation arrives, only a few days before the UFO convention. But the guest turns out to be none other than Bryce McCain! The gang is wary, realizing the attempt on their lives may be sooner than they thought. True enough, the military station shooters at the grad ceremony and aim at the 3 there (Michael is not there of course). Another military unit is on its way to provide crowd control. Michael sees them on his way out of town and follows them.
    During Bryce McCain's speech, Max walks up and tells the speaker to leave. He does, and Max uses his powers to turn off all the lights, save for a single spotlight on him, making him the only target. Isabel tells her parents, who are there as well, that she and Max have to leave. She leaves without Jesse. Liz also sneaks out. Max meanwhile proceeds to make his own speech. He talks about their gang as a club that it calling it quits after tonight. He says that he is different and always wanted to be ordinary, but that wasn't possible. He says he'll be who he really is from now on, and that some might think that to be frightening. The military arrives then, but as they do there is a sudden bright burst of light inside the building. Michael arrives on his bike and rescues Max. The aliens, Liz, Maria and Kyle meet out in the desert. Kyle, who knows he'll be getting powers just like Liz someday, says he wants to be with his 'own kind' when his powers emerge. Maria also chooses to be with them. A van arrives, and it is Jesse. He says he wants to go with Isabel, throwing away Boston and his career because he loves her. Isabel is touched, but won't let him, and she sends him away. So the gang heads off in the van, but are pulled over by the police. It turns out to be Valenti, who is now a deputy. He tells Kyle that the military believe they're heading South, and says he can get them as far as Arizona safely, but he won't ask where they're going from there. Valenti and Kyle hug and say goodbye.
    Epilogue: A voiceover by Liz, speaking through her diary, which her father is reading. Max and Liz eventually get married, and the whole gang is there to witness. Liz reveals everything in her journal except where they are, and tells her father to burn the journal after he and her mom read it. Liz says she is happy, and Mr. Parker is actually smiling as he is reading. The End!

    Wow, that's that then. I may eventually do some more fanfiction, but for now, these pages will remain more or less the same as they are no (ie. no updates), at least for a while. Hope you all have enjoyed the series!