Set in the city of Roswell, NM, this is the story of five teens brought together by one impossible secret - that three of them are aliens from another planet. Now Liz & Maria must help Max, Isabel and Michael to keep Sheriff Valenti from finding out their secret.

**WARNING!! - Episode descriptions contain spoilers!**

EPISODES 1-12 - Page One

#1 Pilot:
While waitressing at her parents restaurant - Crashdown Cafe - Liz gets caught in the middle of a violent argument and is fatally shot. But then Max rushes to her rescue. He puts his hand over her wound and heals her, then makes her promise not to tell anyone. He & Michael escape, leaving Liz in wonder. Once Sheriff Valenti arrives on the scene, he is almost immediately suspicious. Later, Max admits to Liz that he, Isabel and Michael are all aliens, offspring of the aliens who crashed back in 1947. Liz tells her best friend Maria, and the two of them help the aliens shake off the suspicions of Valenti.

#2 The Morning After:
Liz and Maria are still a little freaked about knowing three aliens. In Liz & Max's geometry class, they get a new teacher whom Liz suspects to be a spy, looking for aliens. Max doesn't believe it, but then sees the teacher talking to Valenti. He and Liz decide to spy on her, and discover she is after Michael. Meanwhile, Michael is attempting to break-in to Valenti's office to steal some pictures that might reveal something about his alien heritage. Unfortunately the FBI comes along and takes all of Valenti's files. But Michael is able to recover a key that seems to bear some significance. Liz also discovers that the teacher they thought was a spy was really a guidance councellor.

#3 Monsters
Maria seems to be showing signs of bending under pressure, and the aliens are afraid she will spill her guts to Sheriff Valenti at any moment. Isabel does not improve the situation by almost scaring Maria out of her wits by entering her dreams. And though Liz used to be absolutely sure Maria would keep their secret, she is no longer all that confident. But eventually, Maria comes to realize that the aliens aren't really a threat. In fact, it may be the other way around. As a side-plot, the school's guidance councellor is making all the students take a computerized tally that will tell them what they will most likely be when they grow up. Isabel is destined to be a caregiver. The teacher also encourages Max to take the first step away from shyness, so he does by initiating conversation with Liz.

#4 Leaving Normal
Right at the beginning, poor Max is beaten up by Kyle's dumb jock pals. He takes it like a man though, and refuses to exact revenge, even when Michael tries to convince him. But Michael decides to take matters into his own hands, as he pulls grade-school pranks on the goons. Meanwhile, Liz's grandmother is visiting, and has a stroke on the first night she is there. Liz becomes very upset, since she and her grandma were close. She calls Max, much to Kyle's dislike, and to Max's dismay since he is trying to avoid her. When Liz asks him to heal her grandma, he refuses, claiming to not have the ability. But he does conjure up an image of grandma so that Liz can say good-bye.

#5 Missing
In this ep, Liz suddenly finds her journal to be missing and begins to worry, since it contained information on Max and the others being aliens. At first she & Maria suspect Alex, but then Max tells her it was Kyle who stole it. Liz and Max sneak into Kyle's room, but do not find it. Meanwhile we discover that Ms. Topolsky is really working for the FBI after all, and is after the journal herself. We also find out that Michael has an artistic side, since he's been drawing the vision of the silver dome he saw when he touched the key he stole from the sheriff. Eventually Michael visits Liz at the Crashdown and tells her he took the journal in order to make sure she was on their side. He was happy with what he read. So all is well. At the end, Max is reading a book he got from the UFO Center archives, and in it Isabel discovers a picture of the dome from Michael's vision with a man standing in front of it.

#6 285 South
Michael sneaks into the UFO Center to get some data on the whereabouts of the dome from his visions, but he is caught by the curator, and Max must bail him out. Michael is determined to find the dome, which is in Texas, and find out about their past. But Max and Isabel are reluctant. So Michael steals Maria's car - with her in it - and they head down the highway. Eventually the others find out and go after them, with Kyle, Sheriff Valenti, and Ms. Topolsky hot on their heels. Partway there, Maria & Michael break down and must spend the night together at a sleazy motel. There they learn a little more about one another. Liz, Max, and Isabel find them, but so does Kyle, who insists upon taking Liz home with him. That doesn't work out, and soon the five teens make their way to the dome. They find a hidden room, but before they can explore they hear footsteps. The episode ends with a "To Be Continued..."

#7 River Dog
Continued from the previous episode...Max and the others escape from Atherton's basement with a few files, and a necklace Isabel found. Max, Michael and Isabel plan on going through it at home later, without Liz and Maria, to Michael's charinge. Ms. Topolsky is yelled at by her superior, then breaks into Max and Isabel's home to steal back the files. Isabel manages to hang on to the necklace, and discovers it was once seen on an Indian Reservation near Roswell. Max decides they should all lay low, but Liz takes it upon herself to investigate without his permission, and meets a man named River Dog at a Jewelry shop in the desert. Meanwhile, Valenti smugly informs Topolsky her cover has been blown, and threatens to inform her superiors. Max and Liz go to meet River Dog, who takes them to a cave where the mysterious alien from 1959 left some drawings on the wall. River Dog also says he knew the alien and Atherton, and that the alien killed Atherton - he doesn't know why. He warns Liz not to place her trust in Max just before they leave. And at the end, while they're waiting anxiously for Liz and Max to return, Michael kisses Maria just to make her feel better. Oh yeah.

#8 Blood Brother
Since their teacher is absent, Max and Liz skip class to go for a drive along the old gravel highway. They are enjoying themselves until a horse wanders onto the road, and Max swerves to avoid it. Moments later they are sitting in a ditch, and Max is unconscious. They are rushed to the hospital, where the nurses take samples of Max's blood. Michael and Isabel come to help. They must substitute Max's blood for a human's blood, so they call on Alex to help them. Alex agrees to help Liz, even though he has no idea why. So once they get his blood, Michael switches it with Max's, and all is well. But they discover FBI agents at the hospital, going through Max's room after he is discharged. So the five teens do some spying of their own, and discover Ms. Topolsky's true identity. Meanwhile, Alex is having a very hard time dealing with the secrets Liz is keeping from him. He thinks she is covering for Max because he's a druggie, and she lets him believe it. By the end of the episode, Alex is completely alienated (no pun intended) from Liz, and tells her he can't be friends with her anymore. Liz is hurt.

#9 Heat Wave
This episode opens with Maria and Michael making out at the Crashdown, and Liz sees them. It seems that everyone in Roswell is pairing off - Kyle & Vicki, Valenti & Amy DeLuca, not to mention countless others. Liz is feeling a little left out, and wonders why Maria and Michael can have their fun, and she and Max can't. Max is starting to feel those urges as well. They almost kiss a couple times, but are interrupted. Also, Alex seriously considers telling Valenti everything he knows, so Isabel goes into his dreams, only to find out he is dreaming of her. She wonders if they should tell him the truth. The gang then goes to a party at an old soap factory, where Isabel talks to Alex, and Michael rejects poor Maria. And before Max and Liz can "go for it", Valenti comes and arrests Liz and Alex. Liz ends up telling Alex in jail about the aliens, and he isn't sure whether to believe it or not. But they are friends again, and that's what counts. At the end, Max visits Liz on her roof, and they finally kiss - a lot.

#10 The Balance
Michael finds a sketch Max drew of the cave drawings, and becomes upset that Max hid it from him. He then goes out to the Mesaleca(sp?) Reservation to find River Dog, and ends up participating in a spiritual cleansing ritual. He soon finds he can't deal with it, however, and runs out. Meanwhile Isabel and Alex are talking about the 'alien issue', and Liz and Max are out on an unofficial date. But Maria interrupts when she, Isabel and Alex find Michael is sick. But Michael soon tell them he is OK and leaves. Later, Alex almost gives away their secret, then Michael collapses in the UFO Centre. They take him to Liz's. Liz and Max go to find River Dog, while the others care for Michael. Isabel is very protective, but eventually admits she knows how much Maria cares for him. When River Dog shows up at the Reservation, they bring Michael to him, then perform a ritual of some sort using energy crystals from Max, Isabel and Michae's home planet in order to heal Michael. We also find out why Michael was separated from Max and Isabel when they were kids - he ran away when they saw the headlights. In the end, Michael is saved by all five of his friends. And Max decides that he and Liz should take a breather.

#11 The Toy House
Max and his mom are hanging out at home, when suddenly a grease fire erupts and Max must use his powers to save his mother's life. At first she doesn't realize it, but then she starts to have her suspicions, especially when Sheriff Valenti starts voicing his own opinion. Max thinks ignoring the issue will make it go away, but Isabel wants to tell their mother the truth. Max and Michael are both reluctant. Meanwhile Liz starts hanging out with Kyle more, especially after he has his accident that sprained his ankle. Max sees this and is jealous, but tells Liz it's OK with him if she and Kyle get back together. Then they argue a bit. Michael and Maria also do their share of arguing. Michael revoices that he can't get close to anyone. Maria tells him he doesn't think about anyone except himself, Isabel and Max. After a while, though, they kind of make up. As for Max's mother, Max admits to her there is something strange going on, but that she needs to trust him and not ask anymore questions. She agrees. Isabel is disappointed that he didn't tell her the all-out truth.

#12 Into the Woods (airs 01/26/00)
There is a sighting in Roswell that has everyone in a buzz. Liz, Maria, Max, Isabel and Alex and Kyle all go on a school camping trip with their fathers in the woods where the sighting was. Max and Isabel want to find out if it was real, but so does Valenti, who keeps a close eye on them. River Dog comes to Michael to tell him about the sighting, and Michael suspects that River Dog might be the fourth alien. But he is proven wrong on their trip into the woods. Max and Isabel meet them by the cave, while Liz and Maria head off the police. Max, Isabel, Michael and River Dog find a symbol burned into the ground that matches the symbol on the pendant Isabel found at Atherton's. They manage toi hide it before Valenti shows up, but not before they realize that the fourth alien is somewhere close-by.

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