Set in the city of Roswell, NM, this is the story of six teens brought together by one impossible secret - that three of them are aliens from another planet. Now Liz, Maria & Alex must help Max, Isabel and Michael to not only keep the world from finding out their secret, but to help the aliens fight to protect their home planet!

**WARNING!! - Episode descriptions contain spoilers!**

Season 3

EPISODES 1-10 - Page Five

    The story actually takes place amidst flashbacks and all that, but I'm going to tell it in chronological order, just to save myself some trouble. Well, Max and Liz get back together real quickly. They go swimming in their underwear when Max gets a vision of his son and almost drowns. Liz brings him to Michael's, where Maria and Isabel are as well, and Max tells them that his son has been born and is in trouble. Later he snoops among Tess' things and finds a picture of a diamond-like stone that is supposed to be the key to getting home or something. Anyway, he & Liz figure out that this diamond belongs to a rich woman who is showing it off in Santa Fe in 2 weeks. So Liz & Max go and steal it. When Max drops her off home afterwards, Liz's dad catches them making out and is not happy. Later, Max and Liz go snooping for government facilities in Utah and find one in a convenience store. So they hold the place up, Liz carrying a gun (not loaded), and Max finds their spaceship, all reassembled, underneath. They escape the store, but are caught by police. Max & Liz's parents, Isabel, Michael, and Maria come to their aid. Max's dad is their lawyer, along with his 26-year-old assistant, who happens to be having a secret relationship with Isabel.
    So, Mr. Evans works hard to get the kids off. At the hearing they plead not guilty. Max gets off, but Liz's case is sent to criminal court because she was the one holding the gun. Liz's parents want her to sell out Max, but she won't. Her parents aren't really liking Max (that's an understatement, actually). Neither is Maria. Michael goes to find the diamond, which Max threw out of the car while they were being chased by police. After he finds the diamond, some old guy draws a gun on him and says his employer wants Max to stop nosing around or else. Michael doesn't really take it seriously until the guy fires the gun, hitting a car window nearby. Max is also confronted by an FBI guy to stay clear of the store. Later Max picks up the diamond and goes back to the convenience store where the ship was, only to find it missing. He finds a toxic substance on the floor, just as his father comes along, having followed Max there. Mr. Evans decides to use the toxic substance to blackmail the FBI into letting Liz go. It works, and Liz is free, but her parents forbid her from ever having anything to do with Max. He is also banned from the Crashdown. Max's dad confronts him with all the secrets, but Max is unwilling to tell the truth, so he decides to move out of the house. And that's about that.
    Note: Not 100% chronological order.

    This writeup is just temporary: Michael takes on a second job as a graveyard shift security guard for a pharmaceuticals company because he is low on cash. Instead of just sitting pretty and doing his job, he gets the other workers to loosen up and not take the job so seriously. They start having card games, ordering pizza, and even take some snapple from the storage room. Then their boss catches them and fires them all. Meanwhile, Max and Liz communicate with one another behind Mr. Parker's back. Max gets Liz to meet him at the dam at midnight, then he takes her hangliding. When they get back to her place, Max is caught and berated by Mr. Parker, who threatens to send Liz away to an all-girl's school in Vermont if Max continues seeing her.
    Michael starts looking for another job, and sees one of his security guard buddies, who happens to be the sole supporter of a wife and 2 kids. Michael feels guilty for ' getting them fired, so he decides to sneak in and take the snapple back to his work so the boss will think he made a mistake and rehire them. He does this, but sees his own boss ' stealing pharmaceuticals. So he and the other security guard guys, excluding the family man, plan to catch the boss in the act. They do this whole mission:impossible thing, videotaping the boss stealing again, but then Michael is caught. The boss pulls a gun on him, but then the sheriff arrives. They show the sheriff the tape, and all is well. Michael tells the family man the good news, and they are buddies again.

    This writeup is even more tentative: Michael starts spending a lot of time hanging out with his security guard buddies and Maria is upset with him over it. Despite Mr. Parker's warning, Max and Liz continue to see each other secretly. Isabel has issues with Jesse, her older boyfriend. She goes into his dream, when he proposes to her, and gets a little freaked out. Alex's image is there to advise and console her. Alex manages to convince Isabel it was just a dream, and doesn't mean Jesse is really going to propose to her. But then she sees Jesse go into a jewelry store and buy a ring. So on their next date she breaks up with him.
    Meanwhile, Max and Liz are caught together in the eraser room, but it seems that Mr. Parker isn't told because nothing happens. Michael double books himself with both a date with Maria and his buddies' bowling night, so he takes Maria to the bowling alley for their date, leaving now and then to bowl secretly. She finds out, but instead of being upset she is apologetic for not letting him have his time with his friends. Isabel finds out the Jesse is elaving, so she goes to see him and they arrange to have dinner together to talk. Isabel brings up the ring, and he says it was his mother's?grandma's? and he was just having it fixed or something. She is relieved, but then he proposes for real. She freaks and says no. He leaves, then she goes after him and says yes.

    Yay, I finally get one up on time! Anyway, here we go (not in chronological order): That same guy (Joey) who threatened Michael with a gun in the first episode is killed by an alien in L.A., but police think it was lightning. Police find Max's license plate # in Joey's glove compartment, so Max is questioned and finds out about the whole thing. Somehow he deduces that whoever killed the guy was a shapeshifter (I missed about 10 minutes of the episode). So Max heads to L.A. to uncover the mystery. Meanwhile Liz and Kyle visit Kyle's grandpa, who grabs Liz and says "They are among us". Kyle and Liz try to get Mr. Valenti to spill why he won't visit his father more often (the last time he visited was over a year ago). Mr. Valenti is reluctant to talk about it. Kyle tells his dad that he doesn't want their relationship to end up like his father's and grandpa's. So Mr. Valenti finally goes to see his dad. Also, Isabel needs to tell her folks about her engagement. She tries her mom first, but before she can get anywhere her mom starts talking about Max and gets upset. So Isabel finally gets her parents together at some restaurant, tells them she has great news, and spits it out. Their reaction, is, well, shock I think.
     In L.A., meets a talent agent who wants to be Max's agent, and he also meets Joey's girlfriend, who was with Joey when he was killed but saw nothing but a flash of light and a glowing man walking away. Liz helps Max over their cell phones, telling him that the shapeshifter was working on a movie set in 1959 and was also responsible for the leading lady of the film being killed. She says that Max needs to find the old film in the Paramount film vaults to find out who the ' shapeshifter is. So Max agrees to act, and the agent gets him a tryout for a part on Enterprise. Max is horrible, but later he finds the film vault and recognizes the shapeshifter as a famous L.A. movie producer, or something like that. Before he has time to do anything, ' the shapeshifter arrives, admits he killed Joey, knocks Max out and sets the vault on fire.

    That producer/shapeshifter (let's call him Bob since I can't remember his name), well, he doesn't kill Max. He just sends him away. But later, at a party in Bob's mansion, Max shows up with a new haircut and stirs things up. Bob gets upset, but Max won't leave until Bob helps him. The next day, Bob tells Max how he can't feel anything, and that he can't taste anything except lemons (& maybe one other thing, I can't recall). He says that his kind cannot experience human sensation, and the only reason he can taste lemons etc., is that he hasn't shapeshifted since the original crash. Max discovers that Bob cannot kill him, and that if he gives an order, Bob must obey him. So Max decides to make Bob help him find the ship.
    Meanwhile, Isabel's mom hires a wedding planner who does not seem to share Isabel's vision for her wedding. Isabel's mother is also not being completely supportive of her. Isabel asks a shocked Maria and Liz to be her bridesmaids, and Michael is telling Isabel to flat out not get married. Mrs. Evans finds Max's new cell number and calls him, telling him about Isabel's wedding before Isabel herself has the chance. When Isabel finds out, she gets upset and yells are her mom. Liz is also upset that Max hasn't called her in days. In LA, Max and Bob find the ship. Max makes Bob shapeshift in order to pilot the ship. Bob starts up the ship, but it is too damaged to fly. When Max takes Bob back home, Bob says that he hates Max for making him shapeshift (now he has no sensation again), and also tells Max that it's better to be human. Max returns home and apologizes to Liz, who is reluctant at first, but who soon forgives him as he starts weeping.

    "The Wedding": Isabel continues having dreams about Kevar, which really bothers her, but at one point she goes to Michael and he comforts her, more or less. Isabel's parents don't plan on coming to the wedding, so Isabel asks Valenti to give her away. Jesse also makes Max his best man. Max and Michael are both suspicious of Jesse, believing him to be an evil alien. When Jesse, Max and Michael go to try on their tuxedos, Max & Michael interrogate him, then Michael puts a pin in Jesse's jacket that pricks him. Max keep the tissue with Jesse's blood on it, and Michael later studies the blood sample, which turns out to be 100% human. Isabel is having a really hard time getting the weddings plans to come together. Her orders for flowers, dresses, and so forth all seem to fall through. Then Maria talks to the manager of some band (I forget its name) whose bus is being fixed by Kyle, and gets them to play at the wedding.
    At the bachelor party, Max interviews all of Jesse's friends. Jesse later confronts him about it, and somehow a fight ensues. Max punches Jesse in the nose by accident. There is a bar-wide brawl. Later, Isabel confronts Michael and then Max for investigating Jesse and not trusting her. Right before the wedding, Max apologizes to Jesse and brings him a steak for his nose, which looks awful. When Jesse puts the steak on his face, Max heals him. Maria and Liz show up with a wedding dress for Isabel that looks dreadful, but it was all they could find. Then Mrs. Evans shows up with her wedding dress, making Isabel happy. Mr. Evans is also there to give the bride away. From then on the wedding runs smoothly, with the Crashdown catering. At the reception, Liz tells her father she is going to dance with Max, and he seems to be OK with it. Everything seems OK, until Kevar suddenly shows up. As he dances with Isabel, he tells her he has come for her, and that he'll be back. Then he leaves. Isabel wonders if she was seeing things, but Kyle confirms what she saw.

    "The Honeymoon":Isabel refuses to tell the others about Kevar, even though Kyle insists on it. Isabel and Jesse leave for their honeymoon. As soon as their gone, Kyle breaks the news to Max and Michael, who decide to go after them to whatever tropical destination they went to and kill Kevar. When Isabel and Jesse arrive at their hotel, Isabel is bothered by images of Kevar. They are both tired when they get to their room, so they take a nap. Jesse awakes first and goes to the spa, where he meets - you guessed it! - Kevar. Isabel wakes up & realizes Jesse has been gone for a long time & goes looking for him. She finds him hanging out with Kevar, who is calling himself "Kevin". Jesse seems to like "Kevin". They all go to a bar, and Kevar alters Jesse's drink so that it makes him want to be sick, in order to catch a private moment with Isabel, who still tries to resist him. Kevar asks her to meet her outside at midnight, then leaves. Back in the hotel room, Jesse wants to do the honeymoon thing, but Isabel is tense. She ends up locking Jesse in the bathroom and leaves, saying she's going to get maintenance to open the door. She goes out to meet Kevar, and they end up kissing a lot.
    Back in Roswell, Maria and Liz find out Mr. Evans is asking questions about Max & Tess. They also discover that Kevar has taken over the body of an innocent married man. In the tropics, Max and Michael arrive to find Isabel and Kevar in a lip-lock. They are about to move in when Liz calls & tells them not to kill the man Kevar has possessed. Isabel manages to resist Kevar herself and runs back to her hotel room to let Jesse out. They start making out when there is a knock at the door. Isabel answers it to find Max & Michael. She sends Jesse to get her a drink, then confronts Max & Michael. They decide to all meet the following morning & let Isabel find Kevar so that Max & Michael can take care of them. She sneaks them out after Jesse returns, then tells Jesse that she is sick and can't do the "honeymoon" thing. He is disappointed. The next morning, Isabel meets Max & Michael. She goes ahead to find Kevar. Max & Michael follow, but are then caught by Jesse, who demands to know what's going on. They manage to distract him a little so they can go after Isabel. Isabel meets Kevar, they kiss, and her eyes change. You know what that means, of course. She agrees to go back with them, and even exposes Max & Michael to him. Michael remembers that Velandra, Isabel's former self, helped Kevar after he told her he wanted peace, but as it turned out he killed everybody. Isabel/Velandra still decide to go with Kevar. Kevar opens a portal of sorts for them to travel back in. Then Jesse comes along and knocks Kevar to the ground. Isabel then knocks Jesse out. Just when you think she's going to leave with Kevar, she tells him never to come back and pushes him into the portal. The man Kevar possesses - Denny - regains control fo himself and Michael takes care of him. Back in the hotel room, Jesse wakes up all groggy & Isabel manages to convince him that he saved her from "Kevin"'s advances, and that the rest was just him dreaming. They end up making love. Jesse notices its different, but seems quite happy about it. In Roswell, Liz finds out Mr. Evans is conducting what seems to be a full-blown investigation of Max. On a side note, Michael seems interested in scuba lessons.

    All right, this is the temporary short version: Isabel and Jesse move in to an apartment. Mr. Evans is after Max big time, and even hires someone to spy on him and take photographs. Mr. Evans is looking for Max's jeep, which apparently (because I missed the episode it happened in)was driven over the edge of a cliff and now rests in some pond or lake or something. Maybe Mr. Evans thinks Tess has it, I don't know, but he is also looking for Tess and asking everybody questions, including Valenti. Max decides to have a one-on-one with his Dad, and proposed they go on a father-son fishing trip. They go. Max confronts Mr. Evans about the investigation, but Mr. Evans is still insistent on finding out the truth. He leaves in the middle of the trip after his spy calls to say they found Max's jeep. Isabell, who is caught up in the middle of everything, decides to tell her Dad a half-lie to get Mr. Evans off Max's case - she tells her parents & Jesse that Max and Tess slept together and that Tess got pregnant and that Max accidentally drove the jeep off the cliff (without being in it, of course) in a burst of emotion. Mr. & Mrs. Evans and Jesse all seem to buy the story, but later we learn that Mr. Evans now includes her as one of the conspirators. Aside from all that, Maria's ex-boyfriend comes to town and reminds her of how much she wanted to be a professional musician, and that maybe Michael and the whole alien thing is keeping her from her dreams. So Maria decides that she and Michael should take a brake, ie. break-up. Michael ain't too excited about that.

    "Roswell Christmas 2001": It's Christmastime. Isabel decides to take control and create some sort of Santa's Village in the city for children as some sort of volunteer thing. She also wants to do Christmas her way, and Jesse feels a little left out in the planning. Max decides to take a step, and walks right into the Crashdown to see Liz - no recriminations. There is a woman with an autistic son there, Samuel, and he walks right up to Max and says "Daddy". Apparently he never spoke before, and Max thinks it was his own son trying to communicate. He spends time with Samuel and his Mom. Samuel's Dad lives apart from them, and doesn't seem to be comfortable handling Samuel's condition. Max seems to be getting along with Samuel just fine, but then he tries to use Samuel to contact his son, and Samuel freaks out. With some talking to from Liz, Max realizes that perhaps it was not his son reaching out to him, but Samuel. He goes to Samuel's room in the middle of the night to heal him, but it doesn't work. Then he gets Isabel to bring Samuel's parents into his dream so they can see who their son is. This works, and Samuel's Dad comes over so he can spend Christmas with his family. Meanwhile, Liz and Maria both act as elves in Santa's Village, and Michael is Santa Claus. He and Maria don't get along for a while, but then end up making out in Santa's House. Unfortunately they are caught. Later, Michael and Maria kiss on her doorstep, but then she reiterates her desire to be broken-up. He doesn't want to spend Christmas alone, however, so she agrees to stay with him on the doorstep so they can talk and drink hot cocoa. Isabel eventually relents, and she and Jesse share Christmas traditions. Oh yeah, Valenti actually got himself a girlfriend, but she was roughly Kyle's age and he was really grossed out by it. Fortunately by the end of the episode, they break up. It's more or less a happy ending.

    "Roswell New Year's": Yeah, I know, these names are original. Anyway, naturally it is New Year's. Everyone seems to be looking for this Secret Party that always happens on New Year's. Maria particularly wants to find it. Liz wants to have fun on New Year's, but is stuck working at the Crashdown with her Dad hosting a senior's New Year's party. Valenti is providing the music for the party, and by the way he and his young girlfriend broke up. Jesse is away on business and is unable to make it home, so Isabel must fend for herself. Max wants to spend it with Liz, so he goes to the senior's party, where they celebrate New Year's at 10pm. Max and Liz actually kiss with her father present, but Mr. Parker doesn't seem to mind a lot. Then Liz tells Max to go have fun, so Max ends up joining forces with Maria to find the Secret Party. Isabel finds Kyle, who is alone and intent on seeking out female accompaniment, and the two of them hang out for New Year's. She takes him to a college party, where she hooks him up with an older woman, but Kyle seems to have eyes for Isabel. After the college party, they decide to hunt down the Secret Party (it actually has a name, but I can't remember).
    So, to tie it all up, Max and Maria end up finding the Secret Party. Isabel and Kyle do not. Instead they go to her place and want some cartoon. She falls asleep and he has visions about her. I cannot remember at all what Michael is doing through all this, but I'll add it in as soon as I do. Jesse comes home the next morning to find Isabel and Kyle asleep on the couch, but thinks nothing of it. Max and Maria spend the entire night at the party and apparently have a really good time. And Liz apparently had a good time with her Dad. **I'll update this synopsis to make it more accurate/detailed after I see a repeat of the show.