Jennifer Andrews

Born: July 4th, 1972

Height: 5'9" Weight: 132

Present Age: 27


Father: Lt. General Alexander Andrews
Mother: Juanita Andrews
Siblings: Lt. Col. Stuart Andrews, Captain Michael Andrews, Lt. Jacob Andrews, SSgt. Ryan Andrews, Cpl. Bradley Andrews


1990-1997: US Marine Corp. - Sergeant
1997-Present: FLAG Agent - Team Knight Rider Second in Command

Specialties: Hand-to-hand/weapon combat; martial arts - jiu-jitsu
Success Rate: 91%


Jenny is a very dedicated member of Team Knight Rider. Her determination to succeed and loyalty to her teammates are both crucial to her excellent performance record. She is also a good friend to all of her teammates, and treats Trek like a little brother. Like Kyle, she cares about all of them and is always ready and willing to stand up for any of them, so matter what the circumstances.

When she is not on official business, Jenny spends most of her time working out in the gym. She is not one to spend her time on frivolous things, and often has a hard time having fun. As she spends more time with Domino, Erica and Trek, however, she learns how to let loose a bit more.


Jenny and her car, Domino, have a very good relationship and get along better than any of the other driver-car matches, except for Trek and Plato. Domino is always trying to get Jenny to talk girl-talk with her, something Jenny doesn't feel wholly comfortable with yet, having come directly from a strict military environment. Jenny and Domino love each other, no questions asked, and are not afraid to show it.


Jenny is currently unattached and not looking for any sort of relationship. She was once almost engaged in the past, but she was not yet ready to settle down and has not been involved in a serious relationship since. She is very shy around men who flirt with her and is not comfortable with acts of intimacy. She is somewhat attracted to Kyle, though she would never admit it even to herself. She believes it is a very bad idea to mix business with pleasure, so she would never date someone she worked with.


Jenny grew up in an all-military family. Her father and all five older brothers are involved in various branches of the military. It was only natural for her to follow in their footsteps, much to the dismay of her mother.

Jenny also has some past issues that enter her mind often. A number of years ago she discovered she was adopted, and has since been trying to determine the mysterious identity of her real father, whom she believes to be an ex-FLAG agent named Michael Knight. So far she has not had a chance to confirm this, though perhaps she may later on.


Season 02 #4 Valley of Eden
Season 04 #5 Army of Darkness
Season 05 #5 Blood Ties


"You know for a car, you think about sex way too much."
-Et Tu Dante


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