Kyle Stewart

Born: January 14th, 1965

Height: 5'11" Weight: 155

Present Age:34


Father: Charles Arthur Stewart
Siblings: J. Mason


1988-1996: CIA Operative - Special Agent
1997-Present: FLAG AGENT - Team Knight Rider (Commander)

Specialties: Covert Operations; Counterintelligence
Success Rate: 94%


Kyle is an excellent leader who is strong in his command and who treats his team with respect. He is in tune with the different abilities and capabilities of of his team and is not afraid to use them. His extensive CIA training and natural abilities have made Kyle a formidable crime-fighter - definitely not one to mess with.

Kyle also cares greatly for his team, including the vehicular members, and is always looking out for their welfare. Even so, he always manages to keep a professional attitude about him and, when on a mission, concentrates all his energy on completing it.


Kyle and his car, Dante, respect each other utterly, even though they often exchange insults (well, actually it's mostly Dante). This is just their way of showing affection. Kyle depends on Dante to help him complete all of his missions, often relies on the SUV to help him out of sticky entanglements. Dante is Kyle's blunt, unrestrained side.


As for Kyle's personal life, he is presently unattached, though he does like to flirt here and there just for fun. He is also seriously attracted to Jenny, his second in command, though he has yet to admit it. His main romantic interests lie in exotic women, which is one reason why he is so interested in Jenny, and also why he allowed himself to fall in love with Pilar (TV episode "Out of the Past"). At this point in his life, Kyle is not yet ready to settle down.


Kyle spent the better part of his life making up for his father's treachery. Kyle has not seen his father for many years, since before he joined the CIA. Charles Stewart, and ex-CIA agent, was the best before he turned against his own country. Since then Kyle has been making amends to un-tarnish the family name. And he was successful, becoming the best agent America had ever seen. All that changed, though, when Kyle's cover was mysteriously blown and he was finished with the CIA for good.

On Kyle's last CIA mission, when his cover was blown, he was severely wounded and left for dead. Kyle never found out who leaked the information that put him in the hospital, and he is still curious about it. He will be given a chance to confront his enemy soon enough.

As for Kyle's brother, he does not learn about his existence until chapter #6 Proteus. When he does find out, however, Kyle is determined to find him and reunite with him.


Season 02 #4 Valley of Eden
Season 02 #7 In Your Dreams
Season 04 #4 1975
Season 05 #3 Payback


"Why can't we all get along like the guys on Mission Impossible?"
  - A List

"If this is a dress, you might as well shoot me now."
  - Out of the Past

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