Duke DePalma

Born: May 5th, 1967

Height: 6'5" Weight: 225

Present Age: 32


Father: Derek DePalma
Mother: Bernice DePalma
Siblings: Georgia Jordan


1989-1977: Chicago Policeman
1997-Present: FLAG Agent - Team Knight Rider

Specialties: Weapons; Surveillance
Success Rate: 88%


Duke is a tough no-nonsense guy when it comes to dealing with hard criminals. But aside from that, he is always ready and willing to shuffle out a quip or two. He performs his tasks to the limits of his ability, sometimes pushing himself hard, and is an expert when it comes to anything that shoots. He is also the person the team calls upon to go undercover in tight situations, and he can always be counted on to do his job.


Duke and his truck, Beast, have a kind of love-hate relationship. On the outside, they can't stop bickering. But on the inside they both know they love each other, and they both depend on each other to complete missions. Though Duke jokes about switching cars with Jenny, he knows very well he and Beast wouldn't be content to be apart.


Duke, like all other members of his team, is single, but he is not afraid to play the field. Years ago he had a steady girlfriend named Lora whom he loved very much. But she couldn't deal with him being a cop, so they split. It took Duke a while to get over her, and he still reflects back once in a while. But that doesn't stop him from approaching women now.


Before becoming a cop, Duke made his career as a Golden Glove boxing champion. But when that wasn't enough, Duke took on the savage streets of Chicago to fight crime. Duke has just one issue from his past that he must deal with, and that is the Catrini crime family. Back when he was a cop, before he was fired for breaking the rules one too many times, he took the whole family on by himself and managed to put them all in jail except for one - Leo Catrini - who is still on the loose causing trouble. Duke gets the chance to tie up this loose end in Season 03 #7 Revenge.


Season 03 #7 Revenge


"Where the hell did you learn how to drive?"
-Inside Traitor

"None of this would've ever happened if our HMO covered dental!"
-Angel in Chains

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