Erica West

Born: June 6th, 1973

Height: 5'7" Weight: 119

Present Age:26


Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: None


1992-1997: Professional Con-woman
1997-Present: FLAG Agent - Team Knight Rider

Specialties: Con-artist; seductress
Success Rate: 87%


Though Erica does have an attitude, especially towards her motorcycle, Kat, nonetheless she is just as loyal to TKR as the rest of her teammates. She provides unique insight to each mission and is not afraid to speak her mind. Though her methods seem strange and sometimes unprofessional, they always prove true in the end.

Erica loves each member of TKR like they were her own family, and enjoys working with all of them - even Trek. She and Jenny have a sort of girl-friend bond, and they trust each other implicitly. She and Trek also have a brother-sister relationship, and often treat each other accordingly.


Erica and Kat have a strange relationship - one minute they are kind to one another, the next they can't help exchanging insults. Erica is constantly complaining about Kat and is especially annoyed when Kat tattles on her to Kyle. There is no question, however, that they both respect one another and rely on each other's expertise to complete a mission.


Erica is not one for commitment. Ever since her husband betrayed her and left her to rot in prison, Erica decided to trust no man in a romantic relationship. The only time she ever came close was with the late Ken Savage AKA Megaman. Erica seems to be always on the lookout for rich, handsome men she can take advantage of. She is very good at getting men to do what she wants, which proves very useful in many of the team's missions.


Before joining Team Knight Rider, Erica was a very successful con-woman until her ex-husband betrayed her and left her to face the police while he ran off with the goods. Her only hope of escaping her life of imprisonment was to join FLAG, so she jumped at the chance.

Erica's past issues mainly involve her ex-husband, whom she still has to repay for what he did to her. This will not happen, however, until sometime after season 03.


Season 03 #8 Hunted
Season 04 #6 AI Power


"So how did you get brain-damaged again?"
-Everything to Fear

"I'm sorry, I left my nerd-to-English dictionary back home."
-Oil & Water

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