BASIC INFO: Liz is a student at Roswell High and a waitress at her parents' restaurant, the Crashdown Cafe. She casually dated the sheriff's son, Kyle, and dreamt of one day becoming a leading micro-biologist. She led a fairly normal life until she was shot and then rescued by one of the aliens, Max Evans. Ever since then, her life has been less than normal.

PERSONALITY: Liz is a very responsible, caring, intelligent person. Her ambitions keep her pointing toward success, as she is an excellent student and overall achiever. She also likes to help out when a friend is in need, and is very loyal and honest (except when it comes to Kyle Valenti, whom she's blown off several times now). Though she tries to keep her head out of the clouds and her mind focused, she can sometimes become overridden with the need to carry out her own agenda, sometimes temporarily alienating friends or family. But her heart is always in the right place, and she always makes up for it. As for what she thinks of herself, Liz is not very confident of her appearance, but is not lacking in self-esteem.

PERSONAL LIFE: Liz had been casually dating Kyle, Sheriff Valenti's son, over summer holidays, up until the shooting incident at the diner. Ever since then, her eyes have been only for Max, and her attentions completely focused on helping the aliens keep their secret hidden. Ever since they "connected", Liz has begun to grow feelings for Max, and looks at him in a whole new light. Unfortunately, that leaves poor Kyle in the background, wondering what went wrong.

*Actress's Name: Shiri Appleby Born: Dec.1978?
**Some of above info pertains to TV version only. In Book version, Liz's last name is Ortecho, and she is part Spanish (as opposed to Maria).