Kyle is not only a popular jock in Roswell High, but also the Sheriff's son. He lives with his law-enforcing father and drives a hot red sports car. He plays football in school, and perhaps other sports, and has many friends and allies.

Kyle is generally a very nice guy. When he was dating Liz, he was always kind, loyal, and considerate to her, and forgave her for being late for their dates numerous times. The only person Kyle is not friendly to is Max Evans. Ever since he got suspicious Max was trying to steal Liz away from him, Kyle has been on Max's case. Both young men are jealous of the other over Liz, and neither will back down. Kyle has advantages on his side, though, being the Sheriff's son, being Liz's ex-boyfriend and being human. It is obvious he cares about Liz a great deal, and will not give up trying to save her from Max.

Kyle could probably have his pick of most of the girls at Roswell High. He dated Liz "casually" the previous summer, and started caring about her enough to pursue her through the school year. That all ended when Max Evans saved her life, though. Ever since then, Kyle has had to fight for her. But he's not a quitter. On a less romantic note, in re to Kyle's home life, he and his father get along OK. They watch America's Most Wanted together and sometimes talk, usually about girls. Kyle's mother is no longer around, and it is unclear whether she died or left.

Actor's Name: Nick Wechsler Born: Sept.1978