Max is an alien. He is one of the offspring of the survivors of the 1947 crash back in 1947. Somehow he and the others ended up frozen in pods until 1989, when they emerged as 6-year-olds. He was since adopted by the Evans, and raised in the town of Roswell. He and the others live in constant fear of being discovered by Sheriff Valenti or other alien-hunters.

Max is very quiet and soft-spoken. He is also quite shy. He has a very kind heart, and a very calm, sensible disposition. He knows when to use logic and when to use gut feeling, and he is always trying to appease his friends and family. He is a hard-working student, and is also athletic, being a member of the Roswell High wrestling team.

Max has eyes only for one woman - Liz. From the moment he saw her, back in elementary school, Max has watched her every movement and grown a very strong attraction to her. And when he saw her dying from a fatal gunshot wound, Max had no choice but to save her life by risking his own. Ever since they "connected", Max has felt even closer to her, and is glad Liz finally knows who he is. Unfortunately, he is reluctant to pursue any further relationship with her, for various reasons. Aside from the fact he is very shy, there is the simple fact that he is alien and Liz is human, two different species altogether. He's not sure if they are compatible with one another. He is also afraid that he and the others may have to leave one day, leaving Liz behind forever.

Actor's Name: Jason Behr Born: Dec.30 1973