Gil the Mechanic

Gil is the somewhat slow, lazy TKR member whose job it is to keep the cars in A-1 condition. The cars, however, aren't too trustful of his abilities, as Beast refers to him as a "bozo". Gil is also always looking for ways to cut corners (remember the bad circuit in Bad Seed?). But besides all that, Gil is very trustworthy and loyal to the team, though you'll never see him racing a pinto across a runway while being attacked by an EMP. His involvement in the TKR program is relatively passive. He os not an oft-seen character in the new fanfics, however he does have some involvement.

Chef Clayton

Chef Clayton is the somewhat arrogant, stuffy SkyOne chef who is in charge of planning and preparing all meals on board the plane. He is constantly testing his cooking creativity on the other passengers, much to Kyle's dislike. The plates he "dishes out" are usually exotic or fancy - too fancy for people like Kyle and Gil who prefer old-fashioned hamburgers and hot dogs. Clayton is very self-conscious about his culinary creations and takes great note on how they are received. He is a very amiable character once you get to know him. His role in the new fanfics is small but present.

Captain J.P. Wyatt

J.P. is the pilot of SkyOne. He once worked on missions with Kyle in the CIA before they were both reassigned. J.P. is an excellent pilot and knows precisely how to get his passengers to their destinations ASAP. Aside from his aeronautical talents, J.P. is also a notorious flirt and has come on to Erica more than a few times. Though he is mentioned in the fanfics, he is not actively involved in many of the stories.

FLAG Official/TKR Supervisor

This nameless man is the person that Kyle must report to and take his orders from. He is a higher level FLAG official with a keen sense of duty, but who is not too severe as to stick to the book 100% of the time. He trusts Kyle's judgement, but also likes to keep a fairly tight reign on TKR missions. Little does he know he is only told half the things that actually take plae during the missions. He is only mentioned twice in fanfics Season 02, and even less after that. By Season 05 he is basically obsolete.

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