Kevin "Trek" Sanders

Born: October 30th, 1975

Height: 5'8" Weight:147

Present Age: 24


Father: Jonathan Sanders
Mother: Margaret Sanders
Siblings: None


1992-1997: Professional Millionaire Inventor
1997-Present: FLAG Agent - Team Knight Rider

Specialties: Computer/Hacking skills; Inventions
Success Rate: 90%


Trek has a very bizarre and unconventional way of handling each situation that arises and is constantly impressing his teammates with his amazing intellect and computer skills. His teammates often rely on him to perform certain functions of a mission, and he possesses capabilities that none of the others can hope to ever have. He is treated as the geeky little brother by the rest of the team, but they also have a strong affection for him, especially the two women.


Trek and his motorcycle, Plato, have a relationship none of the others on the team could possibly comprehend. Trek understands Plato's lingo, and Plato is always there to put a smile on Trek's face. Trek thinks of Plato as his best friend since he is the only one who thinks on his level. They are the closest connection between car and driver.


Romance-wise, Trek had very few prospects since his nerdy appearance tends to turn off most women. One woman, however, did see more in Trek than his unmatched IQ, but she was in and out of his life very quickly. Since then Trek hasn't had much luck with women. He doesn't want to stay single, though, and would be happy to find a nice girlfriend who shared at least some of his interests.


Trek was a brain-child. He graduated from MIT at age 10 and has since created many companies and earned many millions of dollars, most of which he has squandered. He is always looking for new challenges, and saw Team Knight Rider as a very interesting one.

Trek has few if any real issues from his past, besides all the inventions he created, some of which may be in the wrong hands. Trek is always on the lookout for someone abusing technology, and takes it personally when that technology is used for evil purposes - though he must sometimes admit the ingenuity of it.

Trek has always been a complete wimp when it came to physical fighting, most likely since he was so nurtured and protected when he was young. He gets a chance to fight back, though, in season 03 #4 Wild Goose Chase.


Season 03 #3 Eternal Youth
Season 03 #4 Wild Goose Chase


"Kyle, you know I'm not a morning person."
-Fallen Nation

"I think I got off on the wrong floor. Is this lady's apparels?"

"We all know how hard it is for a guy to break into Erica's quarters."
-Legion of Doom

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