Set in the city of Roswell, NM, this is the story of five teens brought together by one impossible secret - that three of them are aliens from another planet. Now Liz & Maria must help Max, Isabel and Michael to keep Sheriff Valenti from finding out their secret.

**WARNING!! - Episode descriptions contain spoilers!**


EPISODES 13-22 - Page Two

#13 The Convention
There is a UFO convention taking place in Roswell, centering around the UFO Centre, where Max works. Max dresses up as an alien (ironic, huh?) and must play host to Jonathan Frakes. Max is having a hard time getting over Liz. Michael gives him some advice (thinking of mud), but it doesn't seem to be working. Also, Maria's mom has an exhibit at the Convention, an alien-wrestling contest. But one of her wrestlers backs out, meaning bankruptcy if she doesn't find a replacement. Along comes Michael (who said he didn't care) to save the day. Meanwhile Isabel is trying to fend off Alex's advances, and tells him he is suffocating her. An old acquaintance of Valenti Sr's comes to town, a man named Hubble who is an alien-hunter. Valenti Jr. doesn't like him one bit, and we realize later it's because Hubble is responsible for Valenti Sr.'s obsession with aliens. Hubble talks to Larry (remember Larry and Jen from Episode #1?) and discovers that Max is an alien. We also discover that the fourth alien, Nasedo, killed Hubble's wife and unborn child, which is why he hates aliens so much. He goes after Max, but Valenti shoots him before he can do any harm.

#14 Blind Date
This was a classic episode, almost entirely about Max and Liz. Maria enters Liz in a dream date contest for Valentine's Day, and she wins!! Much to Liz's dismay, she is thrust into the starlight and set up with a cute college guy for a date. Both Max and Kyle watch in jealousy, actually banding together as the "ex-boyfriends". In the middle of Liz's date, she and the guy manage to escape the media. Then Max and Kyle go on a drunken spree, invading Liz's room. Liz and her date catch them, and Max kidnaps her. Meanwhile Michael and Isabel search for Nasedo, ending up at the library, and Maria does the singing for Alex's band. Isabel and Michael seem to have no luck, and Maria turns out to be a very good singer. As for Max and Liz, he tell her he wants to run away with her, and expresses his feelings to her. She is moved by his display of emotion. When they end up at the concert with Kyle, the "date" and the media, Liz is asked to choose which guy she really wants. Before she can, Max kisses her deeply, and she sees visions of herself. But right after the kiss, Max suddenly sobers up and runs off. Liz is heartbroken.

#15 Independence Day
Michael comes to school with a shiner, courtesy his foster father, Hank, and Max & Isabel get upset. They want to help Michael, but Michael won't let anyone help him. He stays at the Evans' for a while, but that soon turns aour, and Michael leaves. He goes back to his home, where Hank is waiting for them. They get into an argument, just as Max and Isabel arrive. When Hank bothers Isabel, Michael goes off and uses his powers on Hank. The three escape. Michael is upset, but still will not accept any aid. He runs off, ending up at Maria's. Maria, who has sworn never to let Michael close to her again, lets him stay the night in her room. Unfortunately, Maria's mother (who is romantically involved with Sheriff Valenti) comes into her room the next morning and flips out. Michael runs off, and Maria gets a lecture. Later, the police come after Michael in school, after Hank is reported missing. Valenti thinks Michael may have done something to his foster father, but Maria persuades her mother to tell Valenti that Michael was with them all night. Michael is off the hook, but he plans to leave Roswell. Max & Isabel try to disuade him. Michael goes so far as to hitch a ride out of town before he turns back. He asks Mr. Evans for help, and is shortly emancipated. In the very final scene, we see Nasedo in Hank's form, burying Michael's dead foster father.

#16 Sexual Healing
After she has daydreams about an intimate encounter with Max, Liz's wish for closeness with her alien-guy comes true, as Max visits the Crashdown and they start making out, very hot and heavy. This proceeds throughout the entire episode, much like between Michael & Maria in Heat Wave. But while they're making out, Liz starts getting these visions about a space ship crashing to earth - Max, Michael and Isabel's ship. She tells Max, who in turns tells Michael and Isabel, who both encourage him to continue his relationship with Liz. He needs little encouragement, as Max and Liz can't seem to keep their hands off each other. They are caught in the eraser room, and their parents are brought in. Liz's mom lectures her, but Liz is defensive. Michael gets his own apartment, and lets Liz and Max use it to do more "research". he and Maria also do a little experimenting of their own, and Maria lies to him, telling him she saw visions like Liz. But when he finds out, Michael is upset. But she tells him she just wanted to be close to him, and eventually he lightens up, and it actually sweet to her. Isabel and Alex do a little field work of their own, when she goes to his house and actually lets him kiss her. He doesn't object, of course. Meanwhile, Liz and Max are getting very close. They sneak out one night to look for something buried near the crash sight. They are about to consummate their relationship when Liz hears beeping, and they discover a glowing object buried in the ground with the alien symbol on it. They sleep out the night in the desert, and are awakened by a man who incidentally looks just like Nasedo. He just tells them to go home, though, and they do - with both sets of parents waiting for them.

#17 Crazy
Sorry, I missed this one.

#18 Tess, Lies and Videotape
Max starts to have weird feelings whenever he's around Tess, to the point he fantasizes about sexual interactions with her. He thinks there's something going on with her - that she's making him feel this way, but when he tries to explain to Michael, he receives little sympathy. Michael does check out Tess's place, and discovers military men there. When Isabel goes to visit, Tess explains her father works for the military. Isabel thinks she's being straight with her - until Tess freaks out when Isabel picks up a box in her home labelled "photos". Even so, Isabel does not want to believe that her new friend is the enemy. But Max does. He goes to Liz one night, prefessing his love, and then makes out with Tess right outside the Crashdown, with poor Liz looking on in disbelief. Max tries to explain to her his suspicions of Tess, but Liz knows what she saw and is reluctant to forgive him so easily. So she goes to Tess's house, intending to plant a mini surveillance camera they found in Michael's apartment. She plants the camera in a sculpture, but then accidentally breaks it. She also discovers what's in the box labelled "photos" - tons of pictures, all of Max. Tess and her father invite Liz to stay for dinner, and do not let Liz refuse. She calls Max, pretending he's her mother, and he and the others go to bail her out. Liz manages to replant the camera before Max rescues her. Later, as they're watching the video feed, they watch as Tess dumps the broken sculpture on the table and uses alien powers to fix it.

#19 Four Square
Max and the others start following Tess, thinking she is Nasedo, the evil shape-shifter. But Tess quickly catches on to them and acts innocent. Meanwhile both Isabel and Michael have strange dreams. They dream about themselves being together, kissing. Both are fairly disturbed by these dreams. Isabel decides to pursue a real relationship with Alex, and drags him into the janitor's closet at school to make-out. Michael tells Maria he wants to go steady, and she doesn't complain. But then Isabel dreams about having Michael's child, and she believes she is already somehow pregnant. As for Tess, she displays more and more her knowledge about their alien heritage, pulling an alien book out of the wall of the library. She goes to Max's room while he is asleep, then drags him out into the desert to the original crash site. There he learns the truth about her - that she is not Nasedo, and that she was in the crash just like them, and was also in an incubation pod, only hers didn't "hatch" until young Max, Isabel and Michael had already left.

#20 Max to the Max
Max, Isabel and Michael see the cave where they were hatched out of their pods. Isabel is a little overwhelmed. Tess tries to convince Michael to trust her, giving him the alien book she took from the library. When the three friends leave, Nasedo/Mr. Harding shows his face, and it turns out he's been taking care of Tess over the years. It also seems it's his job to protect the aliens, even if it means killing. Meanwhile Isabel admits to Max that she thinks she's pregnant with Michael's child. Maria finds out and is upset, but Michael is less than comforting. Max goes to talk to Tess, and she reveals that the four of them were not conceived but manufactured, and that they were meant to pair up - Max&Tess, Michael&Isabel - in order to procreate. She also reveals that Isabel is not pregnant, and that the dreams they've been having were meant to awaken them. Isabel is relieved to hear this. While all this is going on, though, Nasedo transforms into Max and kidnaps Liz, leaving a trail for an FBI alien hunter, Agent Pierce, to follow. Nasedo wants to kill Pierce, who has been after the aliens. They end up at a fair, with Pierce, Sheriff Valenti, and the four aliens hot on their heels. Nasedo/Max and Liz enter one of those warped mirror places, and Valenti, Max and Pierce (who happens to have been posing as a deputy) follow. Max and Liz seem to escape while the other Max, presumably Nasedo, is caught, but then it turns out it was the real Max that Pierce caught. Liz is upset, and Nasedo says he has to rescue Max. The last scene shows Max alone in a "white" room.

#21 The White Room
Max is taken to a secret FBI base where he is questioned and tortured by Agent Pierce. They conduct experiments, verifying that Max isn't human. But Max won't answer any of Pierce's questions - not that he could if he wanted to, since he knows less about himself than the FBI. Pierce himself verifies that they caught two aliens back in 1947 after the crash, and that one of them (Nasedo) escaped. Pierce has one of the alien orbs, and he wants the other one. He threatens Liz's life in order to get Max to tell him where it is. Meanwhile the others plan to rescue Max. Liz wants to enlist Valenti's help, but Michael refuses. Isabel dreamwalks in order to find out where Max is being held, and then Michael, Isabel and Tess go to rescue him. After they infiltrate the base, they run into Nasedo, who has a plan to get in. He needs Michael to pose as an agent to get them through security, and kills the agent whose handprint Michael assumes. They manage to get in. Tess reveals her powers of making people see things that aren't really happening (like she did with Max in previous episodes). She uses this to occupy Pierce, who wants Max to tell him how the orbs work. They manage to get Max out, but Nasedo stays behind. He is shot and captured. Pierce goes after Max and the others and shoots at them, but Valenti comes along and helps them escape. Liz had gone to him and asked for his help, ignoring Michael's warning.

#22 Season Finale
After saving Max, they flee into the desert - Valenti tells them to meet up at an abandoned mine. Michael, Isabel, Maria, Alex and Tess drive in the jeep to the mine, but Max & Liz split up from them and are chased & shot at. They leave the car and run off, eventually jumping off a bridge. They end up in a scrapyard, where they talk about Tess & Max being destined for one another. Max convinces her otherwise. They say "I love you" to each other, then start making out. The others meet Valenti at the mine, then he and Michael leave to go look for Max and Liz. In the morning, Liz & Max wake up to find agents after them and run. Michael uses his powers - in front of Valenti - to stop the FBI agents. They return to the mine, where Valenti realizes that Max, Michael and Isabel are all aliens. Max tells him that they don't know why they're here & that they mean no harm, but Valenti is still in shock. But then he discovers that Pierce sent a man to Kyle, so they all come up with a plan. Using Tess's powers, they make two of Pierce's men go to some abandoned gas station. Kyle starts to get suspicious after Max comes and takes out the agent in his house. Kyle thinks Max kidnapped his dad, so he grabs his father's gun and follows Max. Meanwhile Valenti tricks Pierce into a trap at the UFO Center. Max interrogates Pierce, and they discover where Nasedo is. When they leave Pierce for a moment, Kyle comes and frees him, giving him his dad's gun. When Max & the others return, there is a shootout. Valenti's gun jams, so Michael uses his powers and accidentally kills Pierce. He is very upset at it. They then discover that Kyle has been shot, so Max heals him. Then Isabel & Alex and Michael & Maria say goodbye - Michael tells Maria he loves her. The others go rescue Nasedo, and take him to the cave where they use the healing stones to revive him. He then assumes Pierce's identity to keep the FBI away from the aliens. After that, the four aliens activate the orbs. It turns out to be a message from Max & Isabel's mother. She tells them that Max is the leader of their race, and that Tess is his wife; Michael was Max's second in command, and also Isabel's fiance. The four were killed in a war on their planet, but were cloned and mixed with human genetic material in order to live again and someday return to free their people. Max tries to deny it, but Liz says she can't stand in between him & his destiny. They kiss once before she leaves. The Roswell theme music plays as they watch her go. Then there's some kind of beacon that's sent out over the earth, apparently calling out to other aliens, assumably Max's people.
The End.