Set in the city of Roswell, NM, this is the story of six teens brought together by one impossible secret - that three of them are aliens from another planet. Now Liz, Maria & Alex must help Max, Isabel and Michael to keep Sheriff Valenti from finding out their secret.

**WARNING!! Contains Spoilers!!**


#1 The Outsider:
While waitressing at her parents restaurant - Crashdown Cafe - Liz gets caught in the middle of a violent argument and is fatally shot. But then Max rushes to her rescue. He puts his hand over her wound and heals her, then makes her promise not to tell anyone. He & Michael escape, leaving Liz in wonder. Once Sheriff Valenti arrives on the scene, he is almost immediately suspicious. Later, Max admits to Liz that he, Isabel and Michael are all aliens, offspring of the aliens who crashed back in 1947. Liz tells her best friend Maria, who tells Alex, and the three of them help the aliens shake off the suspicions of Valenti.

#2 The Wild One
Max, Isabel and Michael start "feeling" someone using powers like their own, and soon discover there is another alien in Roswell too - Nick. But Nick is different - he detests humans, calling them "insects", and is not afraid to use his powers for whatever purpose. Max, Michael and the others warn him to be careful, but he refuses, and he and Isabel go on a crime spree in Roswell, breaking into stores, using their powers to knock out guards. But Nick steps over the line when he uses his powers on Liz and Michael, almost killing them. Unfortunately, Isabel can't see how wrong he is. Then, when she and Nick break into the mall, Valenti comes after them. With the help of her friends, Isabel escapes, but Nick is shot. And then they discover that there is another alien in Roswell - Max's boss.

#3 The Seeker
Maria found a strange ring at the mall back when they were saving Isabel from Valenti. Now it seems to be giving her alien powers, only she doesn't realize this until later. Max and Michael pay a visit to Max's boss, Ray, and discover he was with them in the 1947 crash. He saved their lives by hiding their incubation pods in the cave, but he is reluctant to talk about their home world, since he doesn't want them to know what they're missing. Liz is really ticked off at Max for wanting to be "just friends" after he kissed her, what, four times already? It gets worse when Max spies on her whole she's on a date with a guy from school. Meanwhile, Maria has been using the ring to try to find the aliens' lost ship, in hopes that it will impress Michael and he will think of her as more than a sister and friend. But the ring is starting to have seriously negative affects, like nose-bleeding and near-drowning. Then Maria goes into a coma, and the others discover she is being attacked mentally by bounty hunters from the aliens' home-planet who are looking for the ring. With Ray's help, they manage to save her. And then Max suddenly faints in Liz's arms.

#4 The Watcher
Max is starting to feel worse and worse. Besides fainting, he keeps getting intense headaches and ultra-sensory overload. Ray explains to him that he's going through akino, something all young aliens go through. He has to make a connection to the Collective Consciousness soon or else he'll die, but the communication crystals required are on board the lost ship. The six friends then embark on an all-out search for the ship, using tidbits of info Maria got from the ring, and even changing their physical appearance to sneak into a secret compound in the desert. Once they find the ship, Michael, Isabel and Ray go to get the crystals while Liz stays by Max's side. The others manage to get inside and find the crystals, but are then caught. While Isabel escapes, Ray is shot and killed and Michael is captured. Isabel manages to return just as Max is at death's door.

#5 The Intruder
In the underground facility, Michael befriends a naive teenage boy named Adam, who is also an alien. He also happens to think Sheriff Valenti is his kind, loving father. But Michael soon shows him the truth about the sheriff. He also meets a young woman named Cameron, who is being used by Valenti to perform tests of some sort. At least that's what Michael thinks. Meanwhile, Max is healed, and Michael's friends begin to work on a plan to bust him out. But Michael has his own plans. He tries to escape, but only Adam manages to get away. He runs to Max and Isabel's, and makes friends. He also takes a liking to Liz, much to Max's distaste. He helps them infiltrate the underground facility, but then goes and murders Sheriff Valenti. He tries to kill Max too, but he escapes. Max, Michael, and the others all get safely outside just as the entire facility erupts into flames. They don't think anyone survived - until Adam walks out, unscathed.

#6 The Stowaway