This character newly introduced may be young, but he's wise beyond his years. He first showed up in disguise on SkyOne, then later as the international criminal James Arthur, and even later as the phantom man called the Codebreaker. Besides the fact that he is albino and can break any code in the world, little is known about James except that he is the long-lost half-brother of TKR team leader Kyle Stewart. How he came to be, how he got his unnatural codebreaking abilities, and many other things about James are still a mystery, but his heritage and purpose will be uncovered as the stories progress.

James' life is rather private, and he doesn't let anyone see things about him he doesn't want. He does, however, have a wife (girlfriend in Season 01) named Annie, who was an ex-FBI agent and whom he adores. He has no real place he can call home, and so he moves about the world doing this and that.

Feature Chapters

Season 01 - #2 Vasquez Missile Incident
Season 01 - #9 Friend and Foe
Season 02 - #6 The Island of Dr. Lugae

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