Nickname: Dom
Make: 1997 Ford Mustang GT Convertible
Seating: 2
Top Speed: 180MPH


Six Front Missiles
One Front Laser
Two Front Tracking Darts
Two Front Knock-out Darts


Domino is an asset to the rest of the team. She is always a calm voice amidst confusion and never loses her temper, unlike the others. She is very compassionate to the feelings of others, and is also quite emotional. Like Erica, she can also use her sexy voice to gain many an audience, and even to startle some unsuspecting cuties. Kyle, Jenny and the others all enjoy having Domino around to add some spice to things, as well as to offer her expertise.


Domino is one of the very few members of the team who does not constantly bug or argue with her partner. She and Jenny share a bond quite unlike the others, in that they do not hold any negative feelings for the other, and they display their affection for each other in positive ways. Domino is always keeping an eye out for her driver in dangerous situations, and worries a great deal when Jenny is in trouble. On the outside, Domino and Jenny are a great match because they are both sexy and appealing. However, while Domino openly flaunts her stuff and does not hesitate to flirt with any handsome guy she sees, Jenny is much more reserved and instead channels her energies on the missions. Domino is slowly trying to break her of this.


When it comes to the other cars, Domino has different relationships with each. Besides the rapport she has with Dante, who playfully calls her the Bimbo-Mobile, Domino also exchanges friendly insults with Kat, since it is obvious the less-sexy motorcycle is a tad jealous of the sports car. Where Beast is concerned, Domino every so often displays signs of jealousy that Beast is more interested in Jenny than in her. Whether she actually "likes" Beast, she never really says. And, like the rest of the team, she merely puts up with Plato's rantings.


Season 04 #5-- Army of Darkness


"I just love trying new positions." -- EMP

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