This super-villain first appeared on TV episode "SkyOne" where he and his cohorts snuck on board and hi-jacked SkyOne, taking Kyle and Jenny prisoner. He speaks with a cool British accent and carries about him an air of superiority and confidence. Though he has quick wit, he is not a very good fighter without his gun.

Though he was defeated in "SkyOne", Max was resurrected in "Legion of Doom" and employed by Mobius. Here we learn he is not really one for revenge, since he was of two minds about joining in Mobius' plot. Greed finally overtakes him. Max's main goal seems to be to get rich and steal as much money as he can. Poor Max, however, got double-crossed by his employer at the end of this episode and was sent back to jail.

Max is a truly likeable bad-guy, and just cannot be repressed. Therefore, in the new series, Max - to no one's surprise - somehow breaks out of jail to continue his conquest of riches. We see him resurface and face TKR once again around season 03 and 04.

Feature Chapters

Season 03 #9 Untitled
Season 04 #1 Untitled

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