Adam is a seldom seen character in this TKR series. He is first introduced in the third episode of season 03, Superfuel, as a childhood buddy of Jenny's who may actually be showing signs of attraction toward her. His little cameo here is short-lived, however, and we don't see him again until season 04, where he reveals his feelings for Jenny, and helps TKR rescue her when she is kidnapped and brainwashed. He again appears later as Jenny's love interest, incensing Kyle to no end.

Adam is a very loyal, honest, and trustworthy gentleman and a good friend to have. He is good friends with Jenny's brother, Michael, and serves the US Air Force at Cape Canaveral. He is also a very determined man, and proves a challenge to Kyle to win Jenny's affections.

Feature Chapters

Season 01 - #3 Superfuel
Season 04 - #?

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