Team Knight Rider - Season Two

Chapter Eight: Impossible Target

Part Two

They waited out the night with nothing to go on. Storm called and informed them that the goons James and Olivier hired were not told the location of the next hideout. They also had no knowledge of the plan aside from what the CIA and TKR already knew. Kyle was getting more and more frustrated because he knew he was missing something and he couldn’t figure out what it was. It was almost noon the next day when Kyle, Annie and the others all gathered in the situation room to take a call from Storm.

"There’s been no sign of them since last night," Storm reported, "and there’s no sign of a bomb in the building. We’ve been through it half a dozen times. We’ve also checked that last hideout and every single building within six blocks and found nothing. It’s possible that Olivier and James decided to cancel the mission because they were discovered. They may be long gone by now."

Kyle shook his head.

"I don’t think so," he disagreed, "James and Olivier don’t strike me as the type to give up that easily. They also looked pretty sure of themselves. I don’t think this is over yet."

Annie spoke up.

"I agree with Kyle, sir," she said, "James wouldn’t be involved in this if he didn’t know it would succeed."

Storm looked at her, then nodded.

"All right," he assented, "We’ll keep a lookout."

Storm cut the transmission. Kyle balled his fists and leaned them against the console.

"We’re missing something," he said frustratedly, "I know it. It’s right there in front of me."

"Kyle," Dante spoke up, "I made another search of the area around the CIA building and I could come up with no more possible locations for James and Olivier’s hideout."

"It has to be around there somewhere," Jenny said, "Both of their last ones were."

Suddenly something occurred to Kyle. His expression cleared to one of realization and he stood up.

"Wait a minute," he said, "Both of those hideouts we found were near the CIA building, but one of them was a decoy and the other was only temporary."

"Yeah, so?" Erica asked.

"So, they’re being too obvious," he said, "Right from the start we knew they were targeting the CIA building. And like Trek said, it’s impossible for them to get inside with a bomb ever since they were warned."

"And your point would be?" Dante asked.

"They’re not targeting the CIA building," Kyle told them, "That’s just what they want us to believe. That’s why they had those decoy hideouts, not to mention the phony explosives. The real explosives are at his real hideout."

"So if they’re not targeting the CIA building," Jenny asked, "What’s their target?"

Kyle started to take on a dawning expression.

"It’s have to be some place that was totally unobvious," he told them, "Someplace no one would ever guess, that not even the most dangerous terrorist would ever dare target. The most important building in Washington DC."

"The Pentagon?" Duke suggested.

"The United Nations building?" Jenny said.

"The White House?" Trek suggested jokingly.

Kyle looked at him and nodded. Trek’s grin fell.

"I was just kidding," he said.

"Kyle, that’s impossible," Jenny said, "That place has more security than Fort Knox."

"They’re right, Kyle," Dante said, "I think the stress is starting to get to you."

"It makes sense," Kyle said, "Olivier and James set up the phony hideouts to get us to believe they were targeting the CIA when they were really after something much bigger."

They all stared at him in disbelief.

"Kyle," Dante spoke up, "I humored you just for fun and checked on the White House schedule. It turns out you might be right. At exactly 6:25 this evening the President is scheduled to give a speech at the White House concerning terrorist activity."

Kyle nodded and smiled.

"Whoa," Duke commented, "Looks like you were right, Kyle."

"That’s why he’s our leader," Domino spoke up.

Kyle turned to Annie. She looked back at him.

"It does sound like something James would do," she agreed.

"Even if they are targeting the White House," Jenny said, "It’s still highly doubtful that they could manage to get a bomb inside.

"She’s right too, Kyle," Duke said.

Kyle nodded.

"OK, I admit it’s a little far-fetched, but it’s all we got," Kyle said, "Let’s just assume they plan on blowing the White House. How many ways could they make it happen?"

"Well, they could beam the bomb in," Trek suggested.

"This is serious, Trek," Jenny told him, "We’re talking about the President here."

Trek looked down.

"I don’t see how they could get in," Duke said, "The only people allowed inside are White House personnel."

Kyle’s face lit up.

"Kat," he said quickly, "look into White House personnel. Check for any new recruits in the past few days."

"All right, Kyle."

Jenny looked at him.

"You think they’re just going to walk right in posing as White House personnel?" Jenny asked him skeptically.

Kyle shrugged.

"It wouldn’t surprise me," he said, "Both James and Olivier are pretty cocky."

"Kyle," Kat spoke up, "There have only been three new additions to the personnel in the past few days. One is a chef named Russel Warden. The next is a gardener named Paul Black. And the last is a security guard named Jacob Moniker."

Kyle sighed and shook his head.

"Looks like that’s a dead end," Duke said.

"Wait!" Trek spoke up, "The word moniker. It’s a synonym. It means nickname."

Kyle looked at him.

"That’s it," he said, "It must be James."

Kyle turned to Annie.

"Annie," he told her, "Contact Director Storm. Tell him what we’ve discovered and get him to take care of the President and get him out of danger."

Annie nodded and immediately took out her cell. Kyle turned to the others.

"Let’s go pay the White House a visit," he said.

* * *

Within an hour the entire White House was evacuated, including the President. TKR and Storm’s men hurried the evacuation and kept a lookout for James. He was not there, however. Kyle went to Dante, who was sitting just outside the front entrance to the large white building.

"Dante," he said, "Can your sensors pick up any signs of a bomb inside?"

"I’ve located a radio signal coming from inside," Dante reported, "It’s coming from one of the first floor bathrooms."

Kyle took Trek inside the building and hurried to the bathroom under Dante’s guidance. As soon as they reached it they went in cautiously. The bathroom was huge and very extravagant.

"Pretty fancy digs for a bathroom," Trek commented.

"Just look for the bomb," Kyle said.

They found the device underneath the sink. Kyle and Trek knelt down beside it and peered in. The radio beacon was connected to a set of wires and a container holding a set of six glass vials containing a clear liquid. Trek took a scanner out of his jacket pocket and aimed it at the vials. Then he whistled.

"We’re looking at one and a half pounds of liquid nitrogen, folks," he said.

"Liquid nitrogen?" Kyle asked.

Trek nodded.

"It’s ingenius actually," he said, "The liquid nitrogen doesn’t show up on regular scanning equipment. And the rest of this equipment could fit into your pocket. I’ve never seen anything like it. It must be homemade, and whoever made it is a genius. It’s small and compact, yet it packs just enough of a punch to take out half the building."

"Can you disarm it?" Kyle asked.

Trek inspected it, being careful not to touch anything.

"No," he said a moment later, "It’s touch sensitive. It’s also tamperproof. If I so much as nudged it the whole thing would blow."

They both backed away from it and stood up.

"So that means we can’t save the White House?" Kyle asked.

Trek thought for a moment.

"Well," he said, "We can’t move it or disarm it."

Trek then snapped his fingers.

"Plato," he said, "Can you find a radio signal transmitting to the bomb?"

"One moment please," Plato replied in a congenial voice.

Trek turned to Kyle.

"There’s no countdown on the device," he told his boss, "That means this thing is working on remote control. If we can find where the radio signal is coming from, then we find out where James and Olivier are."

Kyle nodded. The two of them left the bathroom and went out to join the others. They walked over to Plato just as he spoke up.

"And we have a winner!" he announced.

Trek sat down on his bike and looked at the monitor. It was displaying a computerized map of the area. On one part of the map was a blinking light.

"He found it," Trek told them all, "There’s a very weak signal coming from a storehouse about three blocks away."

"We got ‘em," Kyle said triumphantly, "Let’s go get them. Domino, you go back to SkyOne and pick up Annie. We may need her. Jenny, you’re with me."

"You planned it that way, didn’t you?" Domino accused good-naturedly.

* * *

Storm and his men remained at the White House while Team Knight Rider drove to the storehouse. They parked out front. The storehouse was about sixty feet away from the curb and was surrounded by a steel fence. Four inconspicuous-looking men were milling about, surrounding the building.

"All four of those men are armed," Kat reported.

"You want me to blow them up, Kyle?" Beast asked.

Kyle shook his head.

"I want to take care of this with as little disturbance as possible," Kyle decided, "I don’t want James or Olivier knowing we’re out here. Let’s take these guys out quietly."

"You’re going to leave us sitting out here again, aren’t you?" Dante accused.

"Keep watch," Kyle told him, then climbed out.

The five teammates snuck around the fence and around the back. There was only one man back there. When the man had his back to them, Duke boosted Kyle up over the fence. The team leader landed softly on the other side, then snuck up behind the man. As soon as he reached him, Kyle tapped him on the shoulder. The man spun around, reaching for his gun. Before he could whip it out, Kyle decked him. The man fell back and stumbled to the ground. As the others climbed over the fence to join them, Kyle punched the guy in the head again, then reached in and grabbed his gun away so he couldn’t get it.

"Trek, Erica," Kyle told them, "Tie this guy up."

He turned to the others.

"Let’s grab the rest of those guys before we go," he said.

Kyle, Jenny and Duke then made their way around the side. Then one by one they got the drop on the remaining three men. Each of them took a man and dragged him behind the building where Trek and Erica had tied up the first man with a roll of wire they had found nearby. They then tied up the other three men and put them out of the way so they wouldn’t be seen.

"Kyle," Dante spoke up, "I’ve detected activity inside the building. They’re on the main floor. There’s only one room. The radio signal is coming from there."

"Thanks Dante," Kyle said.

He turned to the others.

"Duke, Trek, Erica, you go in through the back entrance," he told them, "Jenny and I will take the front."

They all nodded and split up. Kyle and Jenny jogged to the front of the building and went to the door. It was unlocked, and was not wired to any security. Kyle and Jenny entered quietly, trying not to make any noise. Fortunately the whole room was surrounded by heavy boxes and crates. Kyle and Jenny ducked behind some of those. They peered past them to get a look at the interior.

Both Olivier and James were inside, along with about four men like they’d seen in the last hideout. They were moving metal containers from one end of the room to the other, where a garage door stood open revealing a heavy moving truck on the other side. Its rear door was open. It stood right up to the door, blocking the entrance. Olivier was leaning against a bench, holding a small device in his hand that appeared to be a mini TV. James was standing nearby, dressed in all black like the rest of the White House security personnel.

"Things are still going according to plan," Olivier said, "We need only wait two more hours until it’s time to say toodle-oo to our country’s favorite tourist attraction."

Olivier then put the small hand-size TV away and turned to his men.

"Hurry up gentlemen," he told them, "We don’t want to miss the show."

"They’re moving again," Jenny said to Kyle, "We have to stop them."

Kyle peered over the box they were hiding behind. Two of the men approached them, most likely going out to get their buddies who were supposed to be outside. Kyle and Jenny exchanged glances and nodded to each other. As soon as the men passed the box, Kyle and Jenny pounced on them, each taking a man. They managed to overpower them within seconds. Olivier, James and their men noticed the noise and turned their way just as Kyle and Jenny grabbed up their victims’ weapons and lifted them up to aim at the criminals. Then Kyle and Jenny walked towards them. Kyle looked at James and Olivier with s grin on his face.

"Looks like your party’s over," he told them, "Drop your weapons and put your hands in the air."

James looked at Kyle with an annoyed expression on his face. He didn’t seem at all happy to see them. Olivier, however, appeared unconcerned. None of them raised their hands or dropped their weapons.

"Sorry, Kyle," Olivier told him, "You lose."

Kyle frowned and narrowed his eyes.

The reason for Olivier’s unconcern was clear when Kyle and Jenny saw their three teammates being herded into the middle of the room at gunpoint by two more armed men. Olivier smiled smugly.

"Well, well, what an intriguing case of deja-vu," Olivier said pleasedly, "Looks like this just isn’t your day, Kyle."

Kyle and Jenny exchanged glances, then reluctantly gave up their guns and allowed themselves to be caught. Two more men came to cover them with their rifles. The remaining goons continued to load the strange metal boxes into the awaiting truck.

"I have a glorious idea!" Olivier suddenly exclaimed, "Why don’t we kill Chaser’s chosen TKR member. Shall we?"

Kyle gritted his teeth, and the others glanced at him anxiously. They all knew who that chosen TKR member would be.

"And in case your cars are listening," Olivier added, "I’d like to point out it would not be a good idea to try anything. As you already know, my partner here has override codes for all of them."

Olivier began pacing again, his hands behind his back, regarding them all each in turn.

"James," he spoke up, "Why don’t you do the honors?"

Kyle and the others turned to James, who looked up from his study of the floor.

"Gladly," he replied, shooting Kyle a glance.

James reached into his jacket and pulled out his gun as he walked towards Kyle and Jenny. He reached the men who were covering them and stopped, about ten feet away. He didn’t so much as glance at them and instead kept his eyes on his weapon as he spoke.

"Kyle?" he said, "Kindly step away from Jenny. You wouldn’t want me firing and shooting the wrong person, now, would you?"

Olivier smiled smugly as Kyle and Jenny glanced at each other. Jenny looked up at him helplessly. He gave her a reassuring smile, squeezed her hand, then took a few steps away from her. He then turned his head and faced James, a look of determination on his face. He squared his shoulders and waited. Jenny and the others looked at him and James with fear in their eyes. But they were all helpless to do anything.

James drew out the moment and made sure his gun was ready before he fired. Olivier crossed his arms, enjoying every minute. James then sighed and let his gun hand drop to his side.

"Sorry, Jenny," he muttered.

Then without any warning James brought his gun up and aimed. But his target wasn’t Kyle. He made eye contact with Jenny for a split second before he fired, hitting her squarely in the chest.

"No!!" Kyle yelled as Jenny fell back against one of the crates. She lay on the floor, eyes closed, unmoving.

Kyle tried to run over to her, but two of the men grabbed him and held him back. Kyle’s eyes were moist as he looked at his fallen comrade.

They could all hear Beast growl over Duke’s com-link.

"You are going to die for that," he threatened.

"Beast," James said, "Override Sierra Delta 28416. Stay where you are."

Kyle kept his eyes on her as the men dragged him and the others away and shoved them into the truck. As soon as they were inside, the door was closed and locked. A single light illuminated the small area. Moments later the van started moving.

Erica let herself slip down onto one of the crates, wiping the tear from her cheek. Trek sat next to her, equally distraught. He clenched his teeth and stared down at his hands. Duke faced one of the inner walls and pounded his head against it both in anger and in grief. And Kyle sat down opposite Erica, his eyes also threatening to bleed. He leaned over and covered his face with his hands. Trek glanced at him once soberly, then looked back down again.

None of them could think of a word to say.

* * *

Back inside the storehouse, only James, Olivier and two of their men remained. A car was brought around to the garage door. Olivier went over to it and opened the passenger side.

"Coming?" he asked James, who was lingering inside the room.

James turned to him.

"I’ll be along shortly," he told him, "I still have something to take care of."

Olivier shrugged and got in, along with the other two goons. James watched as the car drove away. Then, once he was sure they were gone, James turned his gaze to Jenny’s fallen form. He then walked over to her and knelt beside her.

James propped Jenny up against the crate into a slouched sitting position. He then put a hand around her wrist to check for a pulse. It was there. Satisfied, James then grabbed her jacket collar with one hand and unzipped it with the other. Underneath she wore a bullet-proof vest. James smiled.

"Good girl," he said aloud.

James then reached over for her watched and pressed a button, activating the signal beacon. James then took one last look at her and stood up. He strode back to the garage entrance and outside to his awaiting car. Without even a glance back at the building, James drove the car through the back alley to join his friends.

* * *

Kyle and the others were taken to a warehouse that was obviously their final destination. The main room of the warehouse was huge. The whole rear wall was taken up by computer equipment that was already up and running. A large flat screen hung on the wall above the equipment, showing the video image of the White House and a clock display. It read 04:48PM.

The four remaining members of TKR were led to the left wall and shoved against it with their backs to it. Then the two men used small rainbow-shaped devices to attach their wrists to the wall above their heads. Once they were secured, the men moved to monitor the equipment.

"Look at that screen," Olivier told them, "I promise you front row seats to the best show in the world."

"Sorry to burst your bubble," Duke spoke up, "but the President isn’t gonna be there."

Olivier shrugged.

"No matter," he said, "He would’ve just been an extra anyway. Chaser just wanted to blow up the building himself. It was his idea, by the way, all this moving around. In fact it’s also his bomb in there. He tells me he made it himself. I was impressed myself when I saw it."

Just then James walked into the room. He went over to the equipment and leaned against a metal table. Kyle glared at him the whole time.

"Why Jenny?" he finally spoke up in something close to a growl, "Why her instead of me?"

James ignored him and kept his eyes on the screen. Olivier laughed and walked over to them.

"Because, Kyle," Olivier told them, "Chaser made sure to choose the one member of TKR that would totally deflate the whole team. He picked the one, Kyle, whose death would hurt you the most."

Kyle stared daggers at him.

"So, Mr. Olivier," Trek spoke up, "Were you the one who helped James with that Quad-Missile Bombing?"

Olivier furrowed his brow and shook his head.

"Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to take part in that fabulous scheme," Olivier admitted. He turned to James. "That was you James? Fine, fine work. I commend you."

James glanced over at him and shrugged modestly. His usually smug look was gone, replaced by a blank one.

"It’s no wonder you had no trouble shooting Jenny," Olivier continued, sending a mocking grin at Kyle.

Kyle’s nostrils flared. Olivier then chuckled and turned to his equipment to monitor it. As both criminals were busy with their work, the TKR members had time to lament over Jenny’s death.

Kyle looked down and closed his eyes.

"It’s my fault," he said quietly a moment later.

"What?" Duke asked.

"I should have protected her," Kyle continued.

Duke shook his head.

"There was nothing you could do, Kyle."

Erica, who’s eyes had once again moistened, turned to her leader.

"Kyle, it’s not your fault," she told him, "We all knew it was dangerous."

Trek just looked at him. Kyle kept his head down and started shaking his head.

* * *

Back at the storehouse, Jenny’s eyes blinked open and she started coughing. She winced as she moved to sit up onto one of the boxes. She put a hand over her stomach on the vest where the bullet had hit. She was going to have one mighty bruise in an hour or so.

Suddenly Beast rammed into the side of the building. Jenny jerked off her seat and stood. Behind Beast was Domino. Annie was inside. James’ former partner hopped out of the car and ran over to her.

"Jenny, are you all right?" Domino asked her driver, "I picked up your distress signal and came as quickly as you could. When Beast told me you’d been shot, I expected the worst."

"It’s OK, Dom," Jenny said, "I was wearing a vest."

"Are you sure you’re all right, Jenny?" Beast asked in a gentle voice.

Jenny walked over and leaned on Beast’s hood.

"I’m fine," she said, "Where are Kyle and the others?"

"Olivier and James took them to another hideout," Dante spoke up.

"What happened?" Annie asked her.

Jenny turned to her.

"Olivier and James captured the others," she told her, then added in a softer voice, "Annie, it was James who shot me."

Annie stared at her, a wetness forming in her eyes which she quickly blinked away. Annie breathed in deeply and pushed her hair back.

"Let’s go get them," she said determinedly.

Jenny nodded to her and went over to Domino. Annie watched her go, then looked sadly down at her engagement ring. She twisted it around her finger for a moment before she finally pulled it off. Then, with one last reluctant look, Annie drew back her hand and threw her ring across the room.

* * *

The display on the screen was reading 06:07, which meant there was only 18 minutes left before the bomb would go off and destroy the White House. The team could tell Olivier was getting excited. James kept checking his watch every two minutes. Olivier stepped away from his equipment and turned to face the team.

"Only 16 minutes left," he told them, "And as soon as this is over, I’ll be taking Team Knight Rider, or I should say what’s left of you, to see Chaser. He’s just dying to see you."

"I’d like to see him too," Kyle said in an angry voice.

James looked up at him and smiled a humorless smile. In fact to Erica it looked almost sad. She watched as James stared at Kyle, an unreadable expression on his face.

Olivier then turned back to his work just as a little red light on James’ watch started blinking. Kyle and the others noticed. James looked at it a moment, then stood and walked over to Kyle. Kyle watched him the whole time. James went right up to Kyle and stood only inches from his face.

"Well, Kyle," he said, "I guess this is good-bye."

"Don’t count on it," Kyle threatened in a low voice, "I’m going to hunt you down and make you pay for what you did if it takes the rest of my life."

James just looked at him, no emotions playing on his face. He seemed interested in Kyle.

"Well," James finally said, "you know what they say. You always end up hurting the ones you love the most."

Kyle and the others frowned. James then let a grin appear on his lips. He then turned and left the building without so much as a word to his partner.

"Damn," Kyle muttered, "He’s getting away."

"We’ll catch him," Duke said assuredly.

A few minutes later, as the clock display read 06:21, the windows to the warehouse suddenly burst and men wearing dark clothing and protective gear and carrying weapons stormed inside. Annie was among them. As soon as they entered and started overpowering Olivier’s goons, the metal restraints holding the TKR team’s wrists to the wall de-activated and fell to the floor with a loud clanking.

"You’re free to go," Dante spoke up over com-link.

As soon as they were free they moved to help the CIA agents with the criminals. Trek ran for the control console. Kyle went after Olivier, who was trying to escape.

Trek reached the console and started punching buttons. He soon discovered it was no use, however. He shook his head and started to panic as the clock readout turned to 06:23.

Kyle caught up to Olivier and tackled him. The two men fell to the hard floor and wrassled. Olivier managed to elbow Kyle in the stomach. Kyle grunted as the air was knocked out of his stomach. But then he ignored it and grabbed hold of Olivier, not letting him get away. He shot out a leg and tripped the man, sending him to crash nose-first into the floor. Kyle then hauled him up and punched him hard in the face. Olivier’s nose started to bleed. Urged by hatred, Kyle dragged the criminal to his feet once again and held him by his collar. Olivier was wobbly, and his eyes were half-closed. Kyle drew back for another punch.


Kyle froze as soon as he heard the familiar voice. He jerked his head around to see Jenny, safe and sound and running towards him. His heart leapt with relief. He then turned back to Olivier and let his arm fall to his side. He then dragged Olivier over to the control console where Trek and Annie were.

"Can you stop it?" he asked.

Trek shook his head.

"Not without the proper codes," he said.

The clock read 06:24.

Kyle turned to Olivier.

"Tell us the de-activation codes," he demanded.

Olivier shook his battered head.

"I don’t know them I swear," he told them, "Only Chaser knows. He—"

Olivier was cut off when he suddenly started convulsing violently, being wrenched out of Kyle’s grasp and thrown to the floor. Small electrical currents covered his body, and Olivier screamed as he was electrocuted. After only a short moment he became still. His eyes and mouth were still wide open, but he was dead. They all stared down at him in shock.

"Uh-oh," Trek said, looking at the screen.

The clock changed to 06:25. They all looked up to the screen, waiting for the explosion.

It never came. The White House remained intact.

"What happened, Trek?" Erica asked, "Why didn’t it blow up?"

Trek shook his head.

"Someone must have de-activated it from somewhere else," he replied.

"But who?" Duke asked.

Trek shrugged.

"It’s virtually impossible," he said, "I mean, if I couldn’t do it…" He left it hanging.

Jenny then joined them, and the others turned to her. All of them were happy to see her.

"We thought you were dead," Duke said, smiling and clapping her on the back.

Jenny smiled. Erica hesitated for a moment, then finally threw up her hands and went to hug Jenny, her face emotional. Jenny smiled.

"It’s a good thing you were all right," Erica told her, sniffling, "The guys were starting to get worried."

Kyle walked up to Jenny. He actually almost hugged her before he hesitated and thought better of it. Instead he smiled at her.

"I’m glad you’re OK," he told her.

"Thanks," she replied.

Kyle then turned to Annie.

"And thanks for helping us," he told her.

Annie shrugged, not looking happy.

"I decided that I’m not willing to just stand back anymore and let James hurt anyone else," she told him decisively, "I promise from now on I’ll help you catch him."

Kyle nodded approvingly. He then looked down at Olivier.

"What do you think happened to him?" Duke asked.

"He was electrocuted," Trek informed them.

"Must have been Chaser," Kyle guessed, "He didn’t want us capturing Olivier and getting him to spill any information."

"He sounds kinda paranoid," Erica commented.

* * *

Hours later the TKR members were back on SkyOne. Olivier’s men had been taken to jail, including the men Dante and the other cars had caught outside of the warehouse trying to escape. Also, the bomb inside the White House had been taken care of. Kyle and Jenny were both busy writing up their reports on the mission when they all got a mysterious message. They all gathered in the situation room to read it.

"Your backs are covered," Trek read, "The White House is safe. It’s signed CB."

"Codebreaker," Kyle said aloud. That name had a lot of meaning to him ever since he found out that Codebreaker was really his younger brother.

"Looks like little brother pulled through again," Erica said.

"Glad he’s on our side," Duke said.

Kyle nodded.

"I wish there was a way to contact him," he said, "We could use his help."

"Not to mention you and him have a lot of catching up to do," Dante spoke up.

Kyle sighed.

"He’s already shown he’s willing to go at length to help us," Kyle said, "My hope is that if we do end up finding James and, ultimately, Chaser, then he’ll be there to lend his help. I have a feeling we’ll be needing it."

* * *

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