Chapter Summaries

01 Day of Doom 01

The continuation of Season 02's finale where Mobius uses James to re-activate KITT and send him on a crime-spree. Kyle and the others, with the help of two FBI agents, must track his father and brother across the country in order to stop Mobius and retrieve their two friends. But KITT proves to be a very formidable foe, and combined with James, seems impossible to stop. Not only that, but Mobius finally admits to TKR and the world his plans of global domination - and he has the power to succeed!

02 Day of Doom 02

Part two and the climatic conclusion to Mobius' evil scheme. The US government is pressing TKR to find and capture Mobius before his plans can succeed - and they only have a few days to do it. After a message from Mobius to TKR, Kyle all of a sudden realizes Mobius' true plan, and they must hurry before millions meet their doom. It seems they are stuck, but they then get a surprising clue that leads them to Mobius' final base - and a showdown between good and evil.

03 Eternal Youth

A spree of bizarre crimes erupts that TKR is called upon to solve. Only thing is, all the suspects deny ever committing the crimes. It seems they may have been hypnotized into committing the crimes. Now TKR must find both the hypnotist and the man behind the plot. And when they do find their suspect, they also discover that he may be a lot older than he appears.

04 Wild Goose Chase

TKR is after a renowned hitman named Raoul Goulé who is supposed to make a very important hit. A anonymous tip leads them to a small, private tropical island that contains a very large, lush estate. Kyle and the others sneak in - only to find themselves in James' backyard. They then realize they were led astray, and after a short visit to Kyle's brother, the team goes after the real target. But once they arrive, they still have to find Goulé, not to mention figure out who his target will be - a Canadian diplomat or the leader of the country. But when the leader is killed and the Canadian is blamed, TKR clear his name by catching their man.

05 Y2K

The title is straightforward. It's getting that time of year, and the US government is confidant that the Y2K bug is only myth. But then an anonymous hacker warns them of a computer virus called Y2K that will slowly infect all systems in the US and shut them down simultaneously at exactly midnight on January 1st, 2000. The government calls in TKR to find the hacker and retrieve the cure before the entire country is left in the dark.

06 The Island of Dr. Lugae

Definitely my favorite chapter, this story was inspired by "The Island of Dr. Moreau". SkyOne lands on a cozy island way out in the middle of nowhere inhabited by only a lonely millionaire and his staff. Kyle and the others discovered that Dr. Lugae used to have a laboratory on this island, and they hope to discover more about his experiments. But they find a lot more than they bargain for as mysterious, gruesome deaths haunt the island and a horrific secret comes alive. James joins the team on this assignment, and we see the darker side of Dr. Lugae's twisted world.

07 Revenge

This chapter focuses on Duke and his days as a cop back in Chicago. Duke hears one of his arch-nemesis is on the loose and causing trouble again, and he secretly goes back to his old neighborhood to do what he should have done years ago. Kyle and the others worry after not hearing from him or Beast in days, so they send Jenny and Domino after them. The snazzy sports car and her driver find themselves in the thick of drive-by shootings and personal vendettas. But Duke is a man on a mission and won't let them nor Beast get in his way of taking down his bad guy.

08 Hunted

TKR hikes up to the Canadian Rockies to catch a crook, this time a man heading an illegal hunting business deep into the wilderness. The leader, Ed Warton, is a very gruff, suspicious man who sends TKR away when they come to investigate. But on their way back to the others, Kyle, Erica and Dante are attacked by armed men in jeeps. Kyle is hit, and then Dante is sent flying over a cliff with the two humans still inside. It's up to Erica to care for the injured Kyle and call for help while the others work hard to find evidence against Warton. One of Jenny's big brothers comes to help, and he and Jenny must find and rescue their lost comrades before they become the hunted.

09 Season 03 Finale - Untitled

So far, no real plot to this story. All I know is that it will involve Max Amendes back as the bad guy, and the three spy girls Emma, Josie and April will be helping TKR - much to the delight of the three male human members, and Beast. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for this story, please feel free to Email Me or write them down in my Guestbook.


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