Detailed Fanfic Summaries
for Season 05


#01 Neo-Team Knight Rider
Six months after TKR was decommissioned, the five human members have gone their separate ways. Few of them have stayed in touch. The vehicles were kept by FLAG, to be put in storage. Kyle ends up in a small bachelor apartment, having decided to stay away from the government and become a private detective. Unfortunately, business has been slow. Then he receives an anonymous message asking him to be at a certain place at a certain time. Intrigued, he goes, and ends up in a remote field. He is surprised to see Duke, Erica and Trek there as well. Before they can converse, a V-TOL, much like SkyOne, suddenly lands in the field. The loading bay doors open and none other than Dante, Beast, Plato, Kat and Domino drive out to greet them. Kyle and the others are shocked, but then James emerges from Dante with a big grin on his face.
James explains to them that he is responsible to re-activating Team Knight Rider, which will no longer be under the control of FLAG but will be independently run. Kyle will be in charge, period. The vehicles have also been enhanced with new technology, weaponry and surveillance equipment and are better than ever. Domino teases that she knows what kind of underwear the men are wearing. Kyle, Duke, Trek and Erica are all relieved to see their cars again. They wonder where Jenny is, though. Domino then tells them that Jenny is rejoining the military and is also engaged to Adam. Kyle is upset, but tries not to show it. James assures them he's taking care of it. Kyle wonders how his little brother managed to do everything, but James won't reveal his secrets. Nonetheless, they are happy with the new situation, and board the new SkyOne. SkyOne is also new and improved.
Down to business. James already has a mission for them, but first they must retrieve Jenny. It seems that she is already involved in the mission and started without them. James tells them that he managed to convince her to leave the military for a second time and rejoin TKR (he won't tell her how) but he hasn't yet been able to convince her not to marry Adam (Sorry, Kyle). So the reunited team proceed with their mission. (I'm not sure what the mission will be yet, but it's not hugely important anyway. I'll tell you how this episode ends, instead). After the mission, Jenny reveals to Kyle that she doesn't want to make the same mistake she made with her last boyfriend (TV episode Ixtafa Affair). Kyle tries to persuade her that she's making a mistake, but won't reveal his own feelings. Finally it is Domino and Jenny's own mind that makes her put off her engagement with Adam. Adam, whom she contacts, is upset, not wanting her to join TKR again. He takes her rejection of the military as a rejection of him, and calls off the engagement completely. Jenny is saddened, and funnily enough it is James who comforts her. On the other hand, Kyle is quite satisfied. The End.

#02 Untitled

#03 Payback
Find out what really happened to Kyle before he joined TKR, as his past comes back to haunt him. Kyle's old CIA buddy, Wil Clark, pays him a visit and they talk about old times. Wil them brings Kyle in on a mission, and Kyle involves TKR so he can help his friend. After a while, though, the other members of TKR smell something fishy, but Kyle won't listen. Before long, though, they discover that they are actually helping Wil commit a heinous crime, one in which they have become the unwitting accomplices. Kyle faces his friend, and Wil admits to being a rogue agent. He also reveals to Kyle that he was the one who betrayed him back in Hong Kong and was responsible for his near death. Kyle is enraged and goes after Wil while the others try to stop his operation. Kyle and Wil have a fight to the finish, in which Wil dies by his own doing. Kyle laments his death, but is glad he finally has answers.

#04 Berserk
Kyle's brother goes haywire.

#05 Blood Ties
In the middle of a mission, Jenny gets word that her father has died. She is devastated. Kyle hates to see her in pain, so he decides to accompany to her family's home for the funeral, taking Domino and leaving Duke in charge of the mission. Kyle meets her whole family - all five brothers are in the military. He comforts Jenny as much as he can, with help from Domino. He talks to her brothers, who tell Kyle how Jenny was adopted after their parents had five boys with no hope of a girl. Their father had always wanted a girl, and he and Jenny were very close. They also say how Jenny speaks very highly of Kyle and respects him greatly.
The night before the funeral, Kyle finds Jenny alone outside and joins her. They talk a little, mostly about her father. Then Jenny finally confesses to him why she joined TKR in the first place, admitting it was to find her father, whom she suspects is Michael Knight. Kyle is shocked and intrigued. He promises her he'll help her find what she's looking for. She tells him that James said the same thing, and that's why she rejoined TKR the second time. She also tells him that her adopted father knew all along that Jenny was looking for her real father, and encouraged it. Kyle and Jenny then embrace as he holds her, and Kyle mentally realizes how in love with Jenny he really is. But he doesn't say it.
The funeral proceeds, with General Andrews' six children carrying his casket. Afterwards, Kyle tells Jenny he understands if she wants to stay home for a while, but she tell him that she'll come back with him, since that's what her dad would want her to do. So they return to find the others resting from their mission. Dante smugly reports all the screw-ups his teammates made, but to his dismay, Kyle pays them no heed and tells them they did a great job. Later, Jenny visits Kyle at his quarters and thanks him for all his help and support. She tells him her father admired him. Kyle is moved. They stand gazing at one another, about to speak up about their feelings, when Dante opens his big mouth and interupts. Domino promptly yells at him to shut-up, but the mood is broken, and Jenny leaves. The End.

#06 Untitled

**I'm sorry, but I cannot reveal what happens in the next three chapters just yet since they are only mere concepts inside my head. I'd rather not tell you what they are until I'm sure I'll be using them. Sorry.***

#07 Return of the Dynamic Duo

#08 Knight Rider Legacy

#09 Forever Knight Rider

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