Detailed Fanfic Summaries
for Season 04


#01 Still About Gold

#02 Untitled

#03 Venus
More or less about some vamp named Venus who uses this chemical perfume to seduce men and basically make them obey her while she pulls off some crime. Unfortunately this perfume of hers works on Kyle, Duke and Trek, whom she manages to foil. So it's up to Jenny, Erica and the cars to take care of this villainess.

#04 1975
TKR must travel back in time to 1975 where one of Kyle's ex-nemesis, Kreon, is out kill an 11-year-old Kyle. The team finds Kyle jr. and guards him. Kyle jr. befriends the strangers and seems to be comfortable talking to them. That evening they go to a fourth of July carnival. There Kreon makes his move to kill Kyle jr., who escapes and runs away from the man. TKR go after them and manage to stop Kreon from killing little Kyle. Kyle jr. then bids them a farewell, and the TKR team goes back to their own time and takes Kreon back to jail. They also destroy the time machine so it can't be used again.

#05 Army of Darkness
(This is fairly long...)
James, Kyle's brother, invites him to a party celebrating the birth of his daughter, Czarina, and Kyle invites Jenny to attend with him. They are having a good time, but then Jenny goes to her room to freshen up and doesn't return. Domino then reports to Kyle that her Jenny's communicator suddenly died, and they discover she has been kidnapped. James' people search the area with no luck. They check in with the others, and find out that several other young top-ranked military and ex-military men and women have also been snagged. Kyle and Dante then go to talk to Jenny's father, General Andrews, who tells him one of Jenny's brothers, Mike, an Air Force Colonel, has also been taken. General Andrews agrees to cooperate with TKR to help get them back. The military is doing their own investigation, which is being kept hush-hush.
Kyle and Dante return to SkyOne with the others, where they find Adam waiting. He insists upon helping them, and Kyle reluctantly agrees. After coming up with no leads in their investigation, Kyle gets an anonymous email about something called the Avatar Project. James tells him that the Avatar Project was initiated by Dr. Lugae before he became a criminal. It involved something like mind-control that involved planting people with microchips that controlled their brain functions. It was a military project meant to eliminate emotions in soldiers and turn them into perfect killing machines. Before the project was finished, however, new government came into power. Lugae was fired and banished and the project was cancelled. James believes someone else must have continued where it left off. TKR thinks whoever masterminded the kidnappings plans on building their own super-army, and need to hurry to find them before the chips are implanted.
Too late. There is a report of a bank robbery involving unmasked, uniformed soldiers, all of them identified as being among those kidnapped. They got clean away. More crimes are committed by similar groups, mostly thefts of money and weapons. At one crime, one of the soldiers says "Beware Armegeddon", making Trek suggest that the person behind the whole plot not only wants to take over the world, but is also quite crazy. He tracks down a genius scientist named Dr. Igor Ivann who was a member of the Avatar Project, testing the chip on animals. After trying to find him, they discover he disappeared 6 months earlier. Duke & Erica then make a list of who had access to all of the kidnappee's military records and narrow it down to 24 people, including General Andrews. Kyle thinks a high-ranking military member is involved, but Adam is skeptical. They then discover a Colonel named Tiger Lewis, who was dishonorably discharged. Apparently he was always preaching about the coming Armegeddon and was trying to gather followers to unite into one strong elite army to fight the evil of the future. He too disappeared months ago. TKR thinks the mastermind is Lewis.
TKR manages to intercept one of the crimes. 12 soldiers are holding 3 security guards hostage at a weapons storage compound. One of them is Jenny. She actually fires at TKR. The super-soldiers' body armor protect them from the cars' knockout darts. Kyle and Adam leave Dante to approach Jenny, but she doesn't seem to recognize them. She fires a warning shot at them, and also shoots out Dante's tires (much to his chagrin). When Kyle and Adam refuse to back down, she takes out a dart gun and shoots them, knocking them out cold. Before the super-soldiers escape, Dante manages to fire a tracking beacon at Jenny so they can follow her - once Kyle and Adam wake up.
At Lewis' hidden jungle base, his super-soldiers, which he calls Storm, return. Dr. Ivann is also there. Lewis has made both Jenny and her brother Mike commanders over Storm squadrons. He is able to verbally control the Storm soldiers through small ear-phones. He finds the tracking beacon on Jenny and prepares for company. Meanwhile TKR and Adam locate the hidden base and make plans to go in after contacting General Andrews. Donning body armor of their own before they go with the cars, leaving Domino behind because she is too emotional. Kyle agrees to let Adam lead them since he has more military experience. They all enter the base, leaving Trek, Erica and their cars just outside. Kyle, Duke and Adam come to a large chamber and are suddenly surrounded by Storm, including Jenny, Mike and Lewis. Lewis tells them his plans to build a super-army to fight the upcoming battle between good and evil. Kyle and Duke call him insane.
Lewis plans to kill them, but Adam suggests they fight for their freedom. Lewis agrees, saying they each must choose their own warrior. Kyle decides to fight, then Lewis chooses Jenny to fight for him, saying it's a fight to the death. Kyle is reluctant, but Jenny jumps right in and attacks full-force. Kyle must be quick to defend himself. Outside, Trek is playing around when he detects a radio signal and guesses Lewis is using radio waves to control the soldiers. He and Plato work to interrupt the signal, which will not wake up the soldiers, only confuse them. Inside, Jenny & Kyle still fight. Adam, having sparred with Jenny before, gives Kyle tips. Kyle barely manages to not get knocked out. Then she knocks the wind out of him and he drops. She is about to inflict a mortal blow when she suddenly stops. Trek managed to disrupt the signal. Storm is confused. So Jenny and the other soldiers go haywire, attacking everyone. Lewis, Adam, Kyle and Duke take cover. Realizing what happened, Trek decides to go after Dr. Ivann. He & Plato go in. Trek is shot, but the armor protects him. They find Ivann and make him deactivate the chips. Ivann says he can only deactivate them one at a time, so Trek helps.
Back inside, a few of the soldiers regain control of themselves and help Kyle and the others. Mike revives and joins them. They see Lewis trying to escape, so Mike goes after him. Some of the still-haywire Storm shoot rocket launchers at them, knocking Mike out. Jenny then grabs a launcher and fires it at Kyle and the others. They manages to jump out of the way, but are then cornered. Beast and Dante come to help, but are held off by the rockets. Kyle and Adam try to talk to Jenny to keep her from shooting them. Jenny aims at them, then fires. The rocket whistles past them and hits the truck that Lewis was trying to get to. She then tells them she's OK and runs to Mike while Kyle, Duke and Adam catch Lewis. Soon all of the Storm soldiers regain control, all of them retaining memories of everything that happened.
Mike is OK, just bruised. He & Jenny hug. Kyle is about to go hug Jenny too, but Adam beats him to it. Trek & Eric come along with Dr. Ivann. The military then arrive to take care of things, taking Lewis and Ivann into custody. Ivann agrees to help remove the chips. Days later Jenny has her chip removed and is OK. They discover Lewis has been involved in dealing illegal weapons since he got discharged, which is where he got the money to fund his operation. Jenny and Adam communicate visually and talk. Adam tells her he was worried about her. He also tells her he loves her. She says she cares about him, too. Kyle informs James, who is glad Jenny is OK. After talking to his brother, James sits back in his chair in his office, knowing very well that Lewis never got the money from any illegal weapons dealing. He knows it was a cover-up, and he knows who was really behind it. He reveals the name to himself only as "MAX", and implies that he'll be seeing MAX, and MAX's father, soon. The End.

#06 AI Power
All about the human members being out of action and the cars being in charge for a change. The cars must complete a mission on their own, and try to get along while they're at it.

#07 The Return of KRO
Remember the episode KRO? Well, the driver(I forget his name at the moment) may be dead, but KRO is still on the go. This time around, the driver's little brother, Jack, seeks revenge against TKR and goes searching for KRO. He finds the evil car and manages to put him back into working order. Once he's good as new, it turns out that KRO himself wants revenge againt his driver's death. They go after TKR, and terrorize the team, committing random acts of terrorism to draw them out. KRO is as powerful as ever, and TKR must put their skills to the test the fight him off again.

#08 Showdown 1
Meet James' alter ego - MAX.
TKR just finishes their last mission before vacation when Annie contacts them and tells them that James has disappeared. She has no idea where he is, and is afraid for him. TKR then gets a message from someone named MAX who tells them James is now in South America, and that he went to face what he was most afraid of facing. They cannot trace the message. Annie tells them that James was only afraid of one person - Dr. Lugae. Someone then breaks into the Pentagon and steals paper files, none of them very significant. TKR discover is was MAX, whoever he was. Then Kyle gets an anonymous email concerning MAX, giving him map coordinates. They discover that the coordinates are located in a remote mountain range in Europe. Before they decide what to so, one of Lugae's former mutants, Sean, whom TKR saved back at Lugae's Lab (see Island of Dr. Lugae episode), comes to offer his help, since he knew both Lugae and James. Kyle decides to take him, Annie and Duke to South America after James while the others follow the map coordinates.
Jenny leads the others to the mountain range, where they find Dr. Lugae's very first laboratory. They discover that Lugae worked in cloning people, and find partially-developed clones of Lugae himself. They then wonder if the Lugae they killed (Day of Doom pt.1) before was a clone, whoch would explain why James wasn't afraid of him. Meanwhile Kyle and the others delve deep into the jungle and find some old ruins, in which James is hiding, along with about 15 other mutants. He seems to be acting like one of them, and ignores them, even Annie. Kyle and the others then see Dr. Lugae, alive and well, living with James and the mutants.
Back in Europe, Jenny and the others gather up all the info they can at the lab to bring back to SkyOne to study. Trek and Plato do a cram session on all of Lugae's notes to find weaknesses on James and MAX. He discovers that when James was turned into Codebreaker by Lugae, the mad doctor also developped a backup - MAX. In SA, Kyle and the others are camping out a safe distance from the mutants' hideout when James comes to visit them alone. He tells them he came to face Lugae and find out what MAX is up to. He assures them he is still on their side, and has not lost his mind. He also tells them they are in danger and to leave immediately. Annie is reluctant, as is Kyle. James and Sean also speak, and Sean expresses desire to join James at the ruins. James agrees. The two leave to go back to the ruins. The next morning Kyle and the others prepare to leave, when suddenly they are attacked by crazed mutants. Dante and Beast are there to help defend the humans, but Annie is seriously injured. James and Sean come along to help fight against the mutants and defend their friends. After the mutants are beaten, James goes to Annie and carries her to Dante. They drive to the hospital. The others go back to the ruins to find Lugae dead.

#09 Showdown 2
Annie is airlifted to a hospital in the US. James stays with her every moment. Kyle and the others join him at the hospital, where Annie is in a coma. James then tells them that MAX is Lugae's son, that Lugae used his own DNA to conceive MAX. He also tells tham that he cannot help them defeat MAX, since the two of them are so much alike and can guess each others' moves. So it is up to TKR. After Duke and Sean leave, James warns Kyle not to wait for another chance (meaning Jenny). Once TKR is reunited and get each other up-to-date, MAX contacts them and leads them on a chase. They end up at a huge building that is big enough for the cars to travel through and is set up with riddles and puzzles and traps, kind of like a maze. MAX challanges them, that if they can get through the maze, they win and are free. If not, they die. At one point in the maze, Kyle & Erica & Kat are separated from the others, as are Dante and Domino, who bicker constantly. The two teams cannot communicate either. MAX monitors them and speaks to them one-way. Eventually the 5 humans and 5 cars reunite and make it through the maze. At the end they meet MAX himself, who even appears very similar to James. He gives them a final test, which they must all work together to complete. TKR works as a team and defeat MAX. Kyle and Jeny end up kissing very briefly, more out of impulse. Both are embarrassed afterward. Then, to their surprise, MAX kills himself with no explanation.
As soon as they defeat MAX, TKR go to visit James at the hospital, and discover that Annie has come out of her coma and will be all right. James and Annie's daughter, Czarina, is also there. After revealing that MAX's intentions were never clear, James tells TKR that MAX was merely testing himself and trying to prove himself better than James. James also tells them is has employed Sean to work for him. He congratulates TKR and thanks them for taking care of MAX for him. TKR then return to SkyOne. As soon as they are back, FLAG contacts them and informs them that, due to budgeting and other factors, Team Knight Rider is being decommissioned. The End.

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