Detailed Fanfic Summaries
for Season 03


#03 Eternal Youth
Two seemingly upstanding citizens start committing crimes for no reason, stealing things from their own jobs such as weapons, various police equipment and a harmless sleeping gas. None of the suspects remember stealing. Then they find out that someone "hypnotized" them using a newspaper called Same Day Story. TKR investigate this and talk to the president, a man named Paul Sagel. Then a bank is robbed. Jenny attempts to stop it, but is caught and used as a hostage. The criminals let her go right before they escape. They later discover that Sagel is really 82 years old and developed a way to regenerate the body to make it look younger and live longer that he used on himself so he only looks 30. They confront him with this and Sagel admits to it. Then he captures Kyle, Trek and Erica and takes them to his machine to show them how it works. He needs a treatment that day or else he'll revert back permanently. He commits crimes to help pay for his procedures. Erica "accidentally" wrecks some of his equipment, causing Sagel to go ape. Jenny and Duke then come to rescue them. Domino and Beast stop Sagel's escape. The device, labeled Fountain of Youth, is destroyed and Sagel ages to his normal age. He is put in a mental ward.

#04 Wild Goose Chase
TKR gets a tip that an assassin named Raoul Goule is living on a small private island in the tropics. So they go to take him down. Only it turns out to be James instead. He has an estate there. He tells them Goule purposefully sent them on a wild goose chase to divert them from his real activities. Before they leave, TKR gets to meet James and Annie's baby daughter, Czarina. They then go to a Spanish country, where there happens to be a Canadian official visiting. Soon one of the country's leading officials is murdered and they think the Canadian did it. TKR must clear his name and find Goule. Trek meets one of the man's daughters, Susa, who takes a liking to him. Kyle, Erica and Dante manage to find and capture Goule. Meanwhile Jenny and the others uncover leads making them believe the murdered man's eldest son, Paulo, conspired to have him killed. They confront Paulo with this, who then takes Susa hostage to escape. Trek himself manages to sneak up on him and take him out before he escapes. So Paulo is jailed and the Canadian is set free.

#05 Y2K
Coming Soon.

#06 The Island of Dr. Lugae
TKR travel to a creepy island where Dr. Lugae supposedly ran his experiments. They encounter a man named Carone who lives there on the other side of the island in a large mansion. He and Jenny take to one another because of their similar military experiences. TKR visit the old labs and find some leftover files, revealing testing done on young boys ages 10-12 that altered their DNA and mutated them. One patient was James. After they return to the mansion, they contact him and he comes. They also hear from Carone's servants that there have been mysterious deaths on the island for the past two years. One night, after one of those deaths, Jenny follows Carone and his men to a secret laboratory where about a dozen or so of the mutants are being kept in suspended animation. It's some mutants who escaped who are doing the killing. TKR and James go after them. They find the mutants and decide to save two of them who may have a chance before Carone blows the rest up. Then Jenny is kidnapped and Kyle, James and Carone go after her. They find Carone's dead wife, Dawn, who was also mutated by Lugae and who has acted as a mother to the mutant boys since Lugae left. She remembers James as one of her 'sons'. Dawn escapes as a few mutants come to defend her. James holds them off while Kyle and Carone save Jenny. They manage to do so before the lab is blown up. James decides to spend some time helping scientists cure the two young men they saved. Also, Lugae's labs were destroyed after all info was squeezed from them. Right before TKR leaves, Carone and Dawn are found dead side-by-side in the woods. Apparently Carone decided to end the madness permanently.

#07 Revenge
Coming Soon.

#08 Hunted
There is a group deep inside the forest areas of northern Canada that FLAG suspect is hunting illegal game (ie.humans). They sent an agent up there over a week ago, but he was never heard from. FLAG suspects foul play. Team Knight Rider goes up there to find out. An operative named Serena joins them when they land. Kyle, Erica and Serena take Dante to the group's HQ where they meet the boss named Ed Warton. Jenny takes the others to check out their facilities located a few miles away. Ed is very impolite and sends them away almost immediately. On their way back, Kyle and the others encounter the missing agent, who stumbles in front of Dante, drops to the ground and dies after giving them a strange warning. Then armed men in jeeps attack them. Kyle is shot. Serena disappears. In their getaway, Dante is damaged and careens over a cliff. Later Jenny and the others hear of this. Jenny goes to help while the others and Serena go to confront Ed. They begin to suspect she is not on their side. Jenny parachutes down the ravine Dante landed in and helps take care of Kyle's wounds. Duke, Trek and Beast manage to expose Serena and capture her, but not before Ed and his hunting pals go on a hunt for Kyle and the others. They warn them. Then Jenny's brother, Brad, comes to help. He and four others drop in on the threesome in the forest and help carry Kyle and protect them. They must defend themselves against Ed and his men. Jenny, Brad, and two other army guys manage to get the drop on his men, but Ed takes Erica hostage. Jenny and Brad work together to overpower him and free Erica. They catch Ed and turn him over to authorities. Kyle will be all right.

#09 All About Gold

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