Team Knight Rider - Season Two

Chapter One: Hi-Jacked

Part Two

"Are we there yet?" Demetrius asked the pilot.

"We're landing now," Petey replied.

Demetrius smiled.


He turned to Larry.

"Round up Kyle and Duke. Bring them to the garage," Demetrius ordered.

"Yes, sir!" Larry replied.

Larry then left the cockpit, leaving Demetrius with the two tied-up pilots and his two remaining men, Petey and Sam.

* * *

Kyle and the others jumped when the door to the room they were locked in suddenly opened. Larry stood on the other side, grinning smugly.

"Kyle and Duke, you're with me," Larry told them.

Kyle glanced at Duke, then at the others. Kyle and Jenny exchanged nods, then he and Duke left to join the man, leaving Jenny and the others locked up in the room.

"Where are we going?" Kyle asked.

"To the garage," Larry replied.

They reached the garage minutes later. Most of the mechanics, including Gil, were still under the affects of the funny gas. One of them had knocked himself out and was lying across a workbench. Another was sitting in Domino and making loud car noises.

"Please get him out of me?" Domino pleaded.

Demetrius entered then by himself. He greeted them with a smile as he approached.

"I hope you two are up for a little ride," he told them.

"Where are you taking us?" Kyle asked.

Demetrius wagged his finger at him and shook his head.

"You'll see," he told them, "We'll be taking Dante and Attack Beast. I want you two to drive. I also want to make sure there's no funny business. I don't have to remind you your friends' lives are at stake.

Kyle and Duke exchanged glances.

Demetrius waved his arm out to the vehicles.

"After you," he offered.

Kyle and Beast slowly climbed into their vehicles. Demetrius took the passenger seat in Dante, while Larry climbed in with Duke inside Beast. Moments later they were driving down the ramp out of SkyOne.

"So where to?" Kyle asked as they got onto the road.

"Just keep going," Demetrius told him.

"You know, we could get there a lot faster if you just told me where to go," Dante spoke up.

"Quiet, Dante," Demetrius told the SUV, "Don't worry. You won't be kept in suspense for much longer."

Inside Beast, Duke glanced coolly at his extra passenger.

"So," he asked, "Do you know what Demetrius' plan is, or are you just blindly following orders?"

"Shut-up!" Larry told him, then added, "The boss tells us what we need to know."

"So that means you don't know what he's up to," Duke said.

"I never said that," Larry told him, "I know what's going on."

"I'm sure you do," Duke said, feigning disbelief.

Larry gave him a smile of superiority.

"Hey, I'm not that dumb," he told Duke.

"Darn!" Duke snapped his fingers.

"Very subtle, Duke," Beast commented.

"Just shut-up and drive," Larry snapped.

* * *

It took them only twenty minutes to reach their destination. Kyle looked upon the tall marble building with little surprise. The flashy sign out front read "J-Simon Intel Corp." It was a high-tech international trade organization, the most prominent in the world. It was owned and operated by the J-Simon family, John and his son Jonah. They were both among the richest people in the world.

"Let me guess," Kyle said, "We're here to steal data files."

"Very good!" Demetrius praised as they drove up.

Duke's voice came over the com-link to Dante.

"Why do you need us to help?" Duke asked.

"I need you to help me break in," Demetrius said, "And especially, to break out."

They approached the front gates, where two guards stood waiting for them to stop. Kyle began to slow down.

"Don't bother," Demetrius said, "We go at full speed."

"And ruin my new wax job?" Dante asked indignantly.

"Do it!" Demetrius ordered.

Dante sighed, then complied. He and Beast ran full force into the heavy gate. The guards, realizing the danger, jumped out of the way before the vehicles crashed through noisily.

"You know the alarms are going off," Kyle told his captor, "Security will be after us. You won't get very far."

"O ye of little faith," Demetrius scorned, then said, "Duke? Beast? Would you kindly make us an entrance into the building?"

Inside Beast, Duke shook his head.

"You up for it, Beast?" he asked.

"Am I a supertruck or what?" the truck retorted.

"Let's do it, then," Duke said, then addressed his passenger, "Better hold onto something."

The two people in the truck braced for the impact as Beast rammed right through the front of the building. Beast kept going, panicking the people inside who scrambled to escape. Dante and the others followed him in.

"Now what?" Duke asked.

"See that air vent over there?" Demetrius asked, pointing, "Drop me off there."

Realizing what he was doing, Kyle's face dropped as Dante complied. They watched as Demetrius climbed out and released the remaining two vials of DO into the air duct. Then he hurried back inside of Dante.

"It should be a piece of cake from here on in," he predicted.

Kyle clenched his teeth and gripped the steering wheel, trying unsuccessfully to come up with a counter-plan.

* * *

"Almost done," Trek announced as he fiddled with the controls of the widescreen computer monitor fitted into the wall, "Once I have this working we'll be able to see what Demetrius is up to."

"A lot of good that will do, with us stuck in here," Erica mumbled.

They both gave her a look. She backed away, hands up in defeat, and shrunk into a chair.

"Jenny," Kat reported, "Demetrius' three men are in the cockpit, but I'm detecting activity in the situation room."

"Can you patch us in there?" Jenny asked.

Trek nodded.

"Just a sec," he promised.

Only a moment later the screen came alive and focused on the feedback coming from the camera watching over the SR. All three TKR members looked and saw Jimmie punching at the computer controls.

"What's he doing?" Jenny asked.

"Whatever he's doing," Trek said, his eyes never leaving the screen, "He seems to know what he's doing."

"I thought he was impaired by the gas," Erica said.

"Apparently not," Trek said.

"But isn't that impossible?" Jenny persisted.

Trek nodded.

"Pretty much," he said, "Unless of course he had an invisible gas mask on the whole time."

"Speaking of gas," Kat spoke up, "The deuteronitrous oxide has dissipated. It's safe to take the gas masks off now."

The three of them complied and removed the masks.

"What is he doing?" Jenny asked Trek.

Trek stared at the screen, trying to follow Jimmie's movements.

"I'm not sure," he said, "I don't recognize the commands..."

His voice trailed off as he kept his eyes locked on Jimmie's fingers.

"Domino," Jenny asked, "Do you know what he's doing?"

"I'm kind of busy here," Domino replied in a harried voice, "This guy is inside me and he thinks he's in the grand prix or something. From what I can tell, though, it looks like some sort of override command. But I don't recognize it either."

Jenny turned to Trek.

"What's that mean?" she asked.

Trek shook his head in wonder.

"I think he's trying to gain control of SkyOne's systems," he told them.

"I thought he was just a mechanic," Erica said aloud.

Just then Trek's eyes lit up.

"That's it!" he exclaimed, "The commands are strange but I think I know what he's up to. He's attempting to lock out the controls so Demetrius and his men can't use them. He's programming them to contact FLAG using a coded signal so they won't detect it. He's also re-activated communications between us and the other two cars."

"Can he do that?" Erica asked.

Trek nodded, obviously impressed.

Just then, on-screen, Jimmie finished typing in some commands and moved to another terminal. As Trek watched, his face instantly fell.

"No," he said, shaking his head, "No, no, no. Come back! It's not...!"

"Trek, what's wrong?" Jenny asked.

"I can't believe this!" Trek cried, taking a fit, "There's no way I can tell him either since the feed is one-way!"

"Tell him what?" Jenny persisted.

"Plato!" Trek spoke quickly into his com-link, "Tell him!"

"You got it, boss!" Plato replied.

"Trek, what's going on?" Jenny asked for the third time.

Trek calmed down a bit and looked at Jenny and Erica.

"Jimmie finished programming in the commands," Trek told them, "but he forgot to press 'ENTER'."

They all then turned to the screen.

Only a short moment later, they saw Jimmie's head pop up as Plato, in his own special way, informed Jimmie if his mistake. Jimmie, understanding Plato, slapped his forehead and reached across the terminal to press 'ENTER'. Trek immediately relaxed. Jimmie punched in a few more commands, then, as the others watched, he faced into the camera, smiled, tipped his hat, and left the room.

"Who is that guy anyway?" Erica asked.

"One thing's for sure," Trek said, "He's not a mechanic."

"Where do you think he's going?" Erica wondered.

"Maybe he's going back to the garage to do a victory song with Domino," Trek suggested.

"Ha, ha," Domino said over com-link, "It just so happens that Jimmie is on his way to you right now."

"Do you think he's coming to free us?" Erica asked.

"He better not be coming to sing to us," Jenny said.

A moment later there was a noise outside their door, and within seconds it was opened. Jimmie stood on the other side. Jenny and the others immediately hurried out of their 'cell'.

"OK, what's going on?" Jenny demanded as they approached Jimmie, "Who are you and how did you do all this?"

"I'd love to fill all you guys in on my personal history and many talents," Jimmie told them, "But right now there's a bad guy in the cockpit who will, at any time, come to check on you, find you not there and start taking counter measures. I think that's your priority right now."

Jenny looked at him for a moment, then nodded slowly.

"You're right," she agreed, "But as soon as this is over, you have a lot of explaining to do."

Jimmie shrugged.

Jenny went up to him.

"You know that what you've done has put two men in danger, don't you?" she asked, "Demetrius said that if we tried anything, he'd kill them."

Jimmie gave her an assuring smile.

"That's only if they know something's going on," he told them.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

Jimmie told them, "I've programmed the computer so that it's back under our control, but all the screens and readouts in the cockpit show no change in the program. As far as they can tell, they're still in charge."

"So that means they don't know we've taken over?" Trek asked, "How is that possible?"

Jimmie gave him a wink.

"I can't give away all my secrets," he told him.

"All right," Jenny said, getting to business, "Trek, you take Jimmie and head to the situation room. I want you to monitor everything that's going on, and call FLAG to let them know our situation. Erica and I are going after Demetrius’ men. Let's go."

So they split up into two groups of two and headed off in different directions.

Jenny led the way to the aircraft's cockpit. She made her way carefully, so as not to run into any of Demetrius' men who might be making rounds.

"Jenny," Domino warned, "One of the men is leaving the cockpit and is heading right for you."

"Thanks, Domino," Jenny said, then motioned Erica to hide.

The two women ducked around the corner and stood with their backs against the wall, waiting for the man to round the corner and pass by so they could ambush him. Moments later they heard the man's heavy boots walking down the corridor. Jenny nodded to Erica, who nodded back. Both tensed up for the approaching attack.

As soon as the man was in view, the two TKR members pounced. Jenny led the frontal assault and kicked the man in the stomach, then in the face. It was obvious from his surprised reaction that the man hadn't been prepared for a retaliation. The two good guys managed to take out the bad guy with little difficulty.

"One down, one to go," Erica said once the man was out of commission.

"The other two won't be so easy," Jenny said, "Not unless we can get thm away from the two pilots."

Erica started moving away from the cockpit and motioned Jenny to follow.

"I have an idea," she told her.

* * *

Back at the J-Simon building, Duke waited with Larry and the two cars as Kyle and Demetrius, both wearing gas masks, headed for the computer room, passing affected personnel. Demetrius still had his gun, and had Kyle go ahead of him. Once they reached the door, Demetrius stepped up to the number lock and dug a piece of crumpled paper out of his pocket. As Kyle watched, he read off the paper and began punching numbers.

"You got the codes?" Kyle asked him in surprise, "How?"

Demetrius chuckled.

"Like I told Jenny and Duke," he replied, "Someone sold them to me. And don't think I'm going to tell you who. I may need his services again in the future."

"Well," Kyle replied, "At least now I know it's a man."

Demetrius grinned.

"Cute," he said.

The door clicked open as Demetrius punched in the last number. He pushed Kyle inside, then used his free hand to insert a disk into the main computer's hard drive. He also had the passwords to the protected files belonging to J-Simon Intel Corp. Kyle was surprised Demetrius had managed to get all these codes, and wondered if it must have been from someone on the inside.

"Almost done," Demetrius said aloud as files were being transferred from the hard drive onto his disk.

"How do you plan on escaping?" Kyle asked him, "There's bound to be at least a dozen police cruisers waiting for us outside."

"And none of them can even begin to compare with the power of Team Knight Rider," Demetrius replied, unworried.

"You want us to just drive through them?" Kyle asked.

"Now you're getting it!" Demetrius exclaimed.

Minutes later they were on their way back to rejoin the vehicles. Once they climbed back inside Dante, they removed the gas masks.

"Let's blow this joint, boys," Demetrius told them gaily.

Beast led the way out of the building. They went back out the same way they'd come. Outside, like Kyle had predicted, were several squad cars with dozens of policemen taking positions behind them, guns aimed at the intruders.

"Exit the vehicles immediately, and put your hands in the air!" one officer commanded through the blowhorn.

"I don't think we'll listen to him," Demetrius said, "Beast, clear a path for us. We're going back to SkyOne."

"The one chance I finally get to run things over," Beast complained, "And they're on our side."

Duke shook his head distastefully as Beast obeyed and crashed through the squad car barricade. Dante followed. Policemen fired their weapons on the vehicles, but with no effect. They got clean away. Moments after their escape, they could all see red and blue flashing lights in their rearview mirrors.

"I don't like being followed," Demetrius stated, then pointed, "Do you see that tractor trailer over there, Dante?"

"What am I, blind?" the car replied.

"What a comical group we have here," Demetrius replied, then ordered, "I want you to shoot out his tires as we're passing."

"If I do that," Dante warned, "People might get hurt."

"Does it look like I care?" Demetrius asked.

"Kyle?" Dante asked.

Kyle pressed his lips together tightly, considering. He glanced at Demetrius. Demetrius took a small walkie-talkie out of his pocket and turned it on.

"Only two words and I can have Petey go and fire a bullet through your friends' heads," he warned.

Kyle glared at him, then turned away.

"Do it, Dante," he told his vehicle, "But be careful."

"All right," Dante said reluctantly.

Beast first passed the tractor-trailer. They could hear the sirens getting closer. As Dante was passing the large transport, he fired his side rockets at the rear wheels, then sped up to get by safely as the transport lost control. Kyle and the others watched in their mirrors as the huge vehicle swerved out of control and turned perpendicular to the highway so it was blocking all lanes. It hit a car that bounced off the truck into the guardrail and came to a jerky stop. The crippled truck totally blocked off all traffic, including the police cruisers that had been chasing them.

"Well, then," Demetrius said happily, "that's done. Nice work, Dante."

"I won't take that as a compliment," Dante retorted haughtily.

Demetrius just laughed out loud jovially.

* * *

Inside the cockpit, Sam had his weapon trained on Captain Wyatt and his co-pilot, Henry Benningsworth. The captain looked annoyed, while the young co-pilot looked more than a bit nervous. Petey sat in the pilot's seat, monitoring the controls.

There was a sudden cackle coming from Petey's pocket. He reached in, bringing out a radio.

"Is that you, boss?" he asked.

"The mission has been successful," Demetrius told him, "We're on our way back now. We should be arriving in ten minutes.

Petey and Sam exchanged wide smiles as he put the radio away.

Petey, smiling at his captives, told them smugly, "It won't be too long before we can drop off our load and get our paycheck."

Captain glared at him.

Suddenly red lights started flashing on the monitor. Petey frowned and scanned the instruments.

"Damn," he said aloud, "There's a fire in one of the corridors one floor down. The anti-fire controls are malfunctioning, so the sprinklers haven't been activated."

"How did it happen?" Sam asked.

Petey didn't even glance at him.

"One of those people on funny gas must've set it accidentally," he told him, then said, "Why don't you go check it out."

Sam complied and left the cockpit and started down the nearby staircase. As soon as he reached the lower corridor he could see smoke coming from around the corner. Sam then put his gun away and grabbed a nearby fire distinguisher to put out the fire. But as soon as he rounded the corner, he could see something was wrong. Instead of a fire, a flare lay on the floor emitting the smoke. Sam stopped in midstep, then dropped the extinguisher and reached for his gun.

Unfortunately for him, Jenny tackled Sam before he could reach his gun. The mini pistol scattered across the hallway, next to the flare. Jenny tried to punch Sam in the head, but the bad guy ducked and elbowed Jenny in the ear. While Jenny recoiled in pain, Sam, on hands and knees, scrambled across the floor for the gun. Jenny, seeing his attempt, made a leap for his legs to hold him back.

But Sam managed to stretch out his hand and curve it around his weapon. With an evil grin on his face, he immediately turned around and pointed the gun at Jenny, who backed off. But only a moment later, Sam's grin fell and his face bunched in pain. Crying out, Sam dropped the gun on the floor and clutched his burned hand. Obviously the gun had been heated by the fire and sparks coming from the flare and had been too hot for the bad guy to handle.

Jenny, after kicking the hot gun away, grabbed Sam by his collar and yanked him to his feet.

"Nice try," she told the man, who was still cradling his hand.

* * *

Back in the cockpit, Demetrius' last man monitored the screen before him, paying no attention to the two captives. The red warning lights, which had been flashing since Sam left, suddenly stopped. The man smiled, thinking his cohort put out the fire.

Behind him, Henry had his head against the wall, eyes closed, face sweating profusely. Beside him the Captain Wyatt sighed, glancing from the door to the controls and shaking his head. Then a movement caught his eye as he glanced at the door. It began to open, very slowly so as not to make noise. Moments later, Erica's face came into view. She made eye contact with the captain and put a finger to her lips. Wyatt nodded and glanced at the man piloting SkyOne, who still had his eyes on the control panel.

Soon the door was open all the way and Erica stepped in slowly. As soon as she did, Henry opened his eyes. His face was both relieved and surprised when he saw her and his mouth opened to speak. However only a short grunt came out after the captain elbowed him in the ribs.

As soon as Erica was inside and close to Petey, she reached back with one hand, then opened and closed the door soundly. The man in the pilot's seat didn't even turn around.

"That was quick, Sam," he commented.

"I'm not Sam," Erica spoke up.

Immediately the man did a double take and shot up in his chair. Erica, however, had the jump on him and hit him over the head with the cockpit's fire extinguisher before he could turn around. As soon as she put him out of commission, she freed the two pilots from their bonds.

"Thanks, Erica," Wyatt told them as soon as they were free. Petey lay on the floor, unconscious. The captain and Henry immediately returned to their seats.

"Everything OK up there, Erica?" Jenny asked through the com-link.

"Under control, Jenny," Erica reported, "JP and Henry are OK, too."

"Good job," Jenny told them, "Get Henry to help you bring that man down to put with the others."

"OK, Jenny."

Erica and Henry dragged the remaining bad guy to the room they'd stashed the first two men they'd captured. Jenny was already there with Sam, who was slumped in a chair, glaring at them, a bandage around his right hand.

"Good work, you two," Jenny told them, locking the door once they had the last bad guy deposited inside.

"Jenny," Trek reported over com-link from the SR, "FLAG's been notified about Demetrius. It seems he used Kyle and the others to break into J-Simon Intel Corp. They stole a bunch of high-security files. They also managed to escape."

"Are they coming back here?" she asked.

"ETA four minutes," Trek replied.

"Thanks, Trek," Jenny said.

"Uh, there's something else, Jenny."

Jenny frowned and glanced at the Erica before replying.

"What is it?" she asked.

"It's Jimmie," Trek told them, "He got away."

"How could he get away?" Jenny asked, "I thought he was with you."

"So did I," Trek told her, "That is, until I turned around and saw he wasn't there anymore."

"Well, he couldn't have gone far," Jenny said, "We have Demetrius to worry about now. Domino, can you warn Kyle and Duke that everything here is OK?"

"I could," Domino said, "But not without warning Demetrius too. If I say something, they might kill Kyle and Duke."

Jenny nodded.

"We'll just have to wait for them to come to us," she decided.

* * *

The ramp to SkyOne was open and waiting for them when Demetrius and the others returned. Dante and Beast parked in their spaces in the garage. Kyle, Demetrius, and the others all climbed out of the vehicles.

"A job well done," Demetrius congratulated them all. He took out his radio and spoke into it.

"Petey?" he asked, "Have SkyOne lift off and head to the meeting point."

"Aye aye, boss," Petey’s voice replied in a gruff voice.

Demetrius glanced smugly at Kyle as Duke and Larry joined them.

"In about two hours, I'm going to be a very rich man," he told them, "This little baby is worth millions." He patted his breast pocket were the disk was.

"Worth millions to who?" Kyle asked.

Demetrius shook his head.

"Sorry," he apologized, "I'm not supposed to tell."

Kyle and Duke exchanged frustrated glances.

"Now," Demetrius said, "Let's go see how your friends are doing, shall we?"

Demetrius and Larry prodded their two captives by gunpoint out of the garage, past sleeping personnel. The funny gas had worn off, causing them to go into a deep sleep. They felt SkyOne lift off into the air.

They reached the room moments later. Demetrius punched in the keypad to open the door. Once it was open, Larry pushed them in. Demetrius then moved to follow, when suddenly a fist shot out and hit him in the nose.

"Boss?" Larry asked as his boss stumbled back into him, sending them both crashing into the far wall.

Jenny immediately attacked, along with Kyle and Duke. They managed to knock the guns out of the bad guys' hands into the floor. While the others grappled, Erica and Trek both went over to the fallen weapons and picked them up. Erica then aimed one uncertainly at the bad guys while Trek tried twirling one on his finger.

"Um, I'm not exactly sure how these things work," Erica told them in her blond-voice.

Demetrius and Larry took one look at her and stopped. They both held up their hands resignedly. Jenny went to relieve Erica and Trek of the weapons while Kyle grabbed the disk out of Demetrius' pocket. While Demetrius watched in anguish, Kyle took the disk in two hands and broke it in two right in front of the criminal's face. Demetrius closed his eyes in frustration.

"Looks like you won't be rich after all," Kyle said smugly.

He and Duke then shoved the two men into the room where the other three were. Kyle then closed the door and locked it behind him.

"Nice work, guys," Kyle said to Jenny and the others.

"We couldn't have done it without Jimmie," Trek told him.

Both Kyle and Duke frowned.

"Jimmie?" Kyle asked.

Trek nodded.

"Yeah," he said, "He's the one who freed us from that room. He also single-handedly regained control of SkyOne."

Kyle looked at Jenny, his face revealing disbelief.

"It's true," Jenny admitted, "Without Jimmie, we'd probably still be locked in there."

"How did he do it?" Duke asked.

Trek shook his head.

"We don't know," he told them, "Somehow he escaped the effects of the funny gas. He also seems to be as good if not better with computers than I am. Few people could have gained back SkyOne like that."

"So that means he really is even more of a geek than you?" Erica asked skeptically.

"Where is he now?" Kyle asked, looking around.

Trek and Jenny exchanged glances.

"We're not sure," Trek admitted.

"He was supposed go with Trek to the situation room," Jenny told them, "But he snuck away."

"Dante?" Kyle asked, "Can you find him?"

"No need," Domino spoke up, "I have him, Kyle. He's heading for the airlock."

"He must be trying to escape," Jenny said, "But what for?"

"I hope he's got a parachute, if he's planning on using the air lock," Duke said.

"Let's go," Kyle said, starting at a fast jog for the air lock. The others followed.

As they neared the air lock, Dante spoke up.

"He's inside the air lock now, Kyle," Dante told them, "And he's already activated it."

Kyle and the others picked up their speed.

As soon as they reached the airlock, the first thing they saw were the lights inside flashing red, a warning that the air lock would open within seconds. The three TKR members peered through the window looking into the airlock to see Jimmie. He had on a parachute and was just strapping it to his back. As soon as he saw them he smiled, took off his cap and bowed. Then suddenly the doors beneath him opened, and he disappeared into the air below.

* * *

Hours later Demetrius and his men had been taken away by FLAG agents. After some interrogation, Demetrius would give away no information about who hired him and why. They did find out, however, that they had been planning on landing SkyOne at an abandoned airstrip in New Mexico. FLAG sent agents to try to nab any possible conspirators, but they didn't expect much. They also couldn't get Demetrius to reveal who had sold him the codes. Demetrius kept adamantly insisting he did not know the man's name, or how to contact him.

Also, between TKR and FLAG, they managed to figure out that both Jimmie and Alex had never worked for FLAG and had both managed to sneak aboard with false identification for an unknown reason. At first, when Jimmie Webb and Alex Forrest were looked into, they both appeared to be ordinary people. But after Trek did some digging, he found something conflicting that.

"Both Jimmie and Alex have perfect records," Trek told them, "Almost undetectable. But after I dug deeper I found out that neither of them ever existed. Someone somehow created these people and their life history in a very short amount of time."

"Any idea who they really were?" Kyle asked. He, Trek and the others were all gathered in the SR.

Trek shook his head.

"There's no leads in any direction as to their real identities," Trek told them, "There's not even a visual match in any records. Either these two people don't exist, or they were wearing some pretty good disguises."

"So there's no way of finding out who they are?" Kyle asked.

"Not unless we had a good DNA sample," Trek said, "Even then, the way these two cover their tracks, I'm not sure we could get a match. They're professionals. Professional what, I don't know."

"Why would they sneak onto SkyOne as personnel?" Jenny asked, "I mean, as far as we know they didn't steal any intelligence, and didn't commit any crime while they were on board aside from posing as phony FLAG agents."

Kyle nodded.

"It doesn't make any sense," he agreed, "They didn't seem to accomplish anything by coming aboard."

"Except maybe saving our lives," Trek spoke up.

"That makes even less sense," Duke said.

"I somehow doubt they came aboard just to help us capture Demetrius," Erica said.

"They must be criminals," Kyle said, "But what was their motive? Dante? Any ideas?"

"I'd say they came aboard just to give me a headache, but I suppose that's stretching it," Dante replied.

"So in other words, you have no ideas?"

"Neither Jimmie nor Alex did anything criminal or out of the ordinary while they were on board," Dante told them, "Aside from the occasional solo."

Kyle paused, leaning his fists against the table in front of him.

"So basically we have nothing," he said.

"Basically," Trek agreed.

Kyle breathed out deeply, then stood up and faced them.

"So that's it," he said, "FLAG knows about our two fakes and they're looking into it. Since they obviously don't seem dangerous at the moment, we put Jimmie and Alex on the backburner and concentrate on our next mission. OK?"

The other four TKR members nodded in agreement.

"It's too bad he could be a criminal," Domino spoke up, "I kind of liked Jimmie."

"Don't worry," Kyle assured her, "He's still out there, and I'm sure we'll be seeing him again."

"What do you mean?" Erica asked.

Kyle told them, "He and Alex came here for a reason. And for whatever reason that was, it involved Team Knight Rider. They're not finished with us yet." TE.

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