Team Knight Rider - Season Two

Chapter One: Hi-Jacked

On SkyOne in the city of Sacramento, CA.

In the garage, Kyle was conferring with Gil over paperwork while Trek and Duke were over by Beast, talking. As soon as Kyle finished up with Gil, he went over to them.

"I thought we were supposed to leave for Detroit this morning," Duke asked him.

Kyle nodded.

"There's been a bit of a delay," Kyle told them, "Steve, our assistant mechanic, has suddenly been called away on family business. FLAG's sending us a replacement. He's supposed to be here sometime this afternoon."

"Ah," Trek nodded, "So that's why Jenny and Erica got up early this morning and took Domino to do some last minute shopping."

"Of course," Kat spoke up, "They always take Domino. No one would ever think to take ME shopping."

"Did you want to buy something?" Duke asked.

"Well, no," she admitted, "It's just that, Domino always gets to go with them. Meanwhile I have to stay here in a stuffy garage."

"So you're jealous of Domino?" Trek asked.

"Of course not," Kat spoke up indignantly, "I just, well...Oh, never mind."

"They should be back by now, shouldn't they?" Duke asked, "I mean they've been gone all morning and half the afternoon. What's taking them so long?"

"Duke," Dante told him, "You have no idea just how long two women can shop, especially downtown LA"

"Well, maybe Erica found a good lingerie store," Trek offered, "She could just be stocking up."

Kyle and Duke exchanged knowing glances.

"So who is this new assistant mechanic, Kyle," Beast asked, "He's not a dud like Gil, is he?"

"I'm, uh, sure he's qualified for the job," Kyle told him.

"I see," Beast said, "So that's you're way of saying he's a dud."

"I didn't say that," Kyle said to the supertruck, "I haven't even met him yet."

"Well, here's your chance," Dante spoke up, "And from what I can tell at first glance, he looks like a geek."

"Now Dante..." Kyle warned.

They watched as two people in bright orange overalls approached them. One was a young man who appeared to be in his twenties. He was about Kyle's height, with short red hair and extra-thick horn-rimmed glasses. He walked with a strange, slightly goofy gait. It appeared Dante's first impression might have been correct. His companion was slightly less geeky-looking. She also wore glasses and had long dirty-blond hair up in a loose bun.

"You must be our new assistant mechanic," Kyle greeted.

"Jimmie Webb," the man said, shaking Kyle's hand. Even his handshake was goofy. His voice sounded a bit rough and cracked, like he had a cold or sore throat.

"I'm very honored to be here," Jimmie continued, not letting go of Kyle's hand, "I've always wanted to work with Team Knight Rider. I heard it's really exciting."

"Uh, yeah," Kyle said, finally retrieving his hand back, "We have our moments."

"You must be the leader, Kyle Stewart," Jimmie said.

Kyle nodded.

"That's right."

Duke stepped forward.

"Name's Duke DePalma," he said, also shaking his hand.

Trek did the same.

"And you are?" Kyle asked the woman, who had been standing behind Jimmie silently.

"I'm Alex Forrest," she told him, "FLAG sent me to work here temporarily."

Kyle frowned.

"I don't remember being sent a message about that."

"That's because the message arrived this afternoon and you haven't checked your email since this morning," Dante told him.

"Oh," Kyle said, "Well, welcome aboard."

"Thank-you," Alex said shyly. She seemed to be hiding behind Jimmie.

"Gil, our chief mechanic, has your assignments," Kyle told them, "He's right over there next to Dante."

"Great!" Jimmie said enthusiastically, "I can't wait to get started. It was great meeting you guys."

"Uh, yeah, you too," Kyle said with a ghost of a smile on his face.

Jimmie waved at them before he and Alex went over to Gil. The others watched them go.

"Dante was right," Beast said, "He is a geek."

"Well, so is Trek," Kat told him, "and he does a good job."

"I don't know whether to take that as a compliment or an insult," Trek said.

"I'm not capable of insulting anyone," Kat said, then added, "Except for Erica."

"Don't be too sure," Dante said, "You've managed to insult me on a number of occasions."

"Well, you probably deserved it."

"I don't have to take this abuse from you," Dante told her, "I already get enough of it from Kyle."

"Excuse-me?" Kyle asked, "Who abuses who?"

"Oh, and you're Mr. Wonderful, I suppose."

"Speaking of wonderful," Beast interrupted, "Here comes my Jenny."

They turned to see Domino driving up the ramp into the garage and parking at her regular spot between Dante and Plato. Jenny and Erica got out, each carrying boutique bags - Erica considerably more.

"Did you have a good time, Jenny?" Beast asked her.

"We had a great time, Beast," she told him, smiling.

"Of course you did," Kat mumbled.

"So," Trek asked eagerly, "What'd you get me?"

Erica gave him a look.

"Like we'd get you anything," she told him.

Trek lowered his head and pretended to sulk.

"Actually," Jenny spoke up, "We did get you something."

Trek's head popped up expectantly.

Jenny reached into one of the bags labeled 'Sci-Tech' and pulled out a T-shirt. It was white, with the words 'Man Is Robot' on it, a weird half robot, half man picture just below that, and a scribbled signature over it. She also held a book in her hand with the same designs on the cover.

"That new science-fiction writer, Wilton Englebert, was at the science store signing his new book," Jenny explained, "Erica managed to get him to sign the T-shirt, too. That's why we took so long. We had to wait in line for over two hours."

Trek's mouth dropped as he took the gifts. Then he went over and hugged Jenny.

"Actually," Jenny told him, laughing, "It was all Erica's idea. She's the one who knew you'd want the book, and she's the one who insisted on waiting in line."

Trek turned to Erica, who immediately put her hands up.

"A simple thank-you will do," she assured him.

"I don't know what to say," Trek said, "I'm speechless."

Erica's face lit up.

"Really?" she asked, "Maybe I should do this more often, then."

Trek's face dropped as he looked at her. Then he turned away and went to show his new gifts to Plato.

"Hey, how come you guys never get us anything?" Duke suddenly asked.

"Yeah," Kyle joined him, "Where's our presents?"

Jenny and Erica looked at one another.

"Give them a break," Beast told them, "Maybe you two don't deserve presents."

"That's not it," Jenny spoke up, "It's just that, we just happened to see something Trek would really like, and it was just convenient. It's not like we planned it or anything."

"Relax, Jenny," Erica said, then turned to the two men; "You get presents when we feel like getting you presents, OK?"

"It's not like you guys would ever think to get Jenny or Erica anything, anyway," Domino spoke up.

Duke held his hands up in defeat.

"OK," he said, "I give up."

"Good choice, Duke," Beast approved.

Duke gave him a look.

Kyle smiled, then spoke into his communicator.

"Captain," he said, "everyone's accounted for. You can take off for Detroit anytime."

"OK, Kyle," the captain of SkyOne replied.

Erica went over to Kyle and nodded towards Jimmie and Alex, who were still with Gil and who seemed to be talking with Dante.

"Who're they?" she asked.

Kyle turned to the newcomers.

"They're the new mechanics FLAG sent while Steve's away," Kyle told her.

"That guy looks like even more of a geek than Trek," Erica said in mock wonder, "What are their names?"

"Jimmie Webb and Alex Forrest," Kyle replied.

"Oh," she said, then looked at him, "So, which one's which?"

They were halfway to Detroit when Kyle walked through the hallways of SkyOne, trying to round up his team. So far he had Jenny and Duke with him. He went to Erica's door and pressed the buzzer.

"Just a minute!" she called.

Kyle glanced at the others briefly as they waited.

Her door opened a moment later and they saw Erica wearing a brand-new blue velvet slip-dress. She posed for them.

"What do you think?" she asked.

"I think you have to come with us to the situation room for a briefing," Kyle told her.

Erica frowned and trudged out of her room to join them.

"You never want to have any fun," she complained.

They went to knock on Trek's door, but there was no answer.

"Where's Trek?" he asked.

"I think he was on his way to the garage," Duke spoke up, "He and Plato were gonna read that book together."

Kyle sighed.

"Let's go," he said resignedly.

So they all headed for the garage area. As soon as they entered, the first thing they all noticed was the loud reggae music "Hands-Up'. It seemed to be playing on Domino's radio. But that wasn't all they heard. Someone else seemed to be singing along with the music.

"I hope that's not Trek singing," Duke said.

"Trek doesn't sing," Erica assured him.

They soon discovered just who was singing along when they got closer to Jenny's sports car. Jimmie had Domino's hood up, and he was singing and bopping up and down to the music. His back was to them. The foursome joined Trek, who was just standing there, book in hand, watching Jimmie. Alex was also nearby, and was staring at Jimmie and shaking her head, smiling.

"What's he doing?" Kyle asked.

"He's singing and dancing," Dante told him in an annoyed voice, "badly. Or couldn't you tell?"

Just then Jimmie broke off his solo for a moment to speak to the car he was working on.

"Come on, Domino," he told her, "Let's hear that sexy voice of yours!" He then continued his singing.

"I really would," she told him, "But I think Jenny and the others would really think I'm crazy."

Jimmie looked up, then turned around. As soon as he saw Team Knight Rider standing there, he stopped singing and stood still. Domino turned off the music.

"Oh, hey, guys!" Jimmie greeted them with a big smile; "Domino and I were just practicing." He didn't seem the least bit embarrassed.

"It sounds like you need a lot of practice," Dante said.

"Lighten up, Dante," Jimmie told him, "I'm sure you're just a little envious that Domino has a better singing voice than you do."

"Please," Dante said, "That's the last thing I'd be envious about."

"You should really take him out more often, Kyle," Jimmie told him.

"Kyle, if you want to do me a favor," Dante asked him, "Please, order Jimmie and Domino never to sing again."

"I'll second that motion," Beast spoke up.

"Come on, guys," Jimmie appealed to them, "Just because you don't like to sing, doesn't mean you have to ruin it for Domino and Plato."

"You were singing with Plato?" Erica asked skeptically.

"He's really rather good," Jimmie said, "Only problem is, he just does theme songs. He won't do reggae."

"Domino," Jenny spoke to her car, "I've never heard you sing before."

"And please don't ask for an encore," Dante pleaded.

"I never sang before, until Jimmie insisted," Domino said, "He thinks I have potential. Kyle, you really have to see about keeping Jimmie here permanently."

"Uh, right," Kyle said, a bewildered look on his face.

"I don't know," Jimmie mused, "I should really be spreading my talents around."

"I can't believe I'm listening to this conversation," Duke said.

"Uh, Kyle," Gil called over from beside Kat, "I need you to sign something."

Kyle nodded. "I'll be right there."

He then turned to the others.

"We'll have our briefing in ten minutes," he told them, then left.

While Trek and Duke went over to talk to Jimmie, Erica and Jenny went over to Alex.

"Do you know Jimmie that well?" Erica asked her, "I mean, is he always this eccentric?"

Alex smiled, her eyes still on the geeky-looking mechanic.

"Usually," she said, "He sings mostly when he's working."

"Well, that should really tick Dante and Beast off," Erica said.

Alex smiled knowingly. Erica caught her looking at Jimmie and exchanged glances with Jenny.

"So," she drawled, leaning against Dante's hood, "How long have you and Jimmie known each other?"

Alex spared her only a short glance.

"Oh, a year, I think," she replied.

"And you're just friends?"

Alex gave her a weird look and nodded. "Yeah."

"But you like him, right?" Erica pressed. Jenny also looked at the slight blonde for a response.

This time Alex seemed perturbed.

"Where would you get that idea?" she asked.

"Oh come on," Domino chimed in, "I've seen the way you look at him, honey. You've got it bad."

Alex frowned and appeared extremely troubled at this.

"There's nothing between us, OK?" she insisted, "We're just friends."

"Sure you are," Erica said, gazing at her underneath mascara-clad eyelashes.

Alex returned her gaze for a moment, then sighed and turned resignedly.

"Even if I were attracted to him," she said, "and even on the remote chance he liked me back, there's absolutely no way it would work out."

"Hey," Erica said, "I know that he's a major geek, not to mention very weird, but if he's what you want, you have to do something about it. Go up and tell him. It's not like he's gonna turn you down. I mean, how many offers like that can this guy possibly have anyway?"

"Erica!" Jenny whispered harshly.

Erica ignored her and waited for Alex to respond.

"You wouldn't understand," she told them, "It just won't work."

Erica began to argue. "But--"

Jenny cut her off.

"Erica," she told her, "If Alex doesn't want to say anything, that's her decision. I mean, maybe she's not ready for something like this. Maybe she's right and it wouldn't work. Plus it's a really bad idea for two people who work together to get romantically involved. Things like that just don't work out."

"Oh really?" Erica asked, eyebrows arched, "And you would know about something like that?"

"You know, Jenny, this really sounds familiar," Domino said, "It reminds me about two people I know very well who are both very attracted to each other, only they're both too shy and too insecure to say anything."

Erica smiled knowingly. Jenny glanced quickly at Kyle before responding in a low voice.

"That's not true," she told her car, "And it has nothing to do with this anyway."

"I hate to interrupt this stimulating conversation," Dante spoke up dryly, "But would you ladies care to do your gossiping somewhere else?"

"Oh, come on, Dante," Domino told him, "You know you love it."

"I beg to differ," he mumbled.

Erica looked around for a moment, then turned to Jenny.

"Looks like Alex escaped," she said after noticing the young mechanic had disappeared.

"She has the right idea," Dante said.

"We should be getting to the situation room, anyway," Jenny said, all business now.

"Of course," Erica said, "We wouldn't want to keep Kyle waiting."

Jenny watched her as she left, then shook her head and followed her friend out of the garage.

"FLAG wants us to bust a guy named Demetrius," Kyle was telling them in the situation room minutes later, "He's a high-tech industrial spy. He's recently been seen gathering information on a place called Simtech Labs in Detroit. Simtech has recently been developing a chemical called deuteronitrous oxide."

"Funny Gas," Trek interrupted, "It's kind of like nitrous oxide - laughing gas - except its effects are heavier and closer to those of drunkenness. It's supposed to eventually wear down the victim's energy until they pass out from exhaustion. Deuteronitrous oxide was supposed to be just an experiment and wasn't supposed to be mass produced."

Kyle waited a moment, making sure the young genius was finished, before continuing.

"Right," he said, "Simtech Labs only made a small amount of the gas, but apparently it's enough for whoever hired Demetrius to be interested in it. FLAG believes Demetrius plans on stealing the gas and selling it to his present employer. They want us to stop him."

"So what's the plan?" Duke asked.

Kyle sat down at his chair.

"First Jenny, Trek and Erica will check out the lab and make sure Simtech have taken the necessary security precautions," he told them, "They'll also be on the lookout for Demetrius and his men. Duke and I will stay on the street. Demetrius should be making his move very soon, probably sometime tomorrow, and I want to be ready when he does."

It was early morning when Team Knight Rider left SkyOne and headed for Simtech Labs. The compound was on high alert after having been warned about an imminent break-in, and security was tight. Kyle, Duke and their vehicles roamed the streets nearby while the other three went inside and spoke to Simtech's head of security, Keith O'Brien.

"The vault the deuteronitrous oxide is being kept in is magnetically sealed and protected by a security code only three people know, including myself," O'Brien was telling them as he led them to the vault, "Security guards have also been placed nearby. Also, there are security cameras monitoring the door leading in. There's no way anybody could get inside without us knowing."

"Sounds like it's almost airtight," Jenny commented.

O'Brien, a good-looking man in his thirties, gave her a smile.

"I do the best I can," he told her.

They reached the vault. O'Brien punched in some keys, and the steel door opened with a deep click. O'Brien pushed open the door and allowed the others to file in before him.

"Pretty big room for just four tiny little vials," Erica commented on the inside of the large vault.

"The deuteronitrous oxide isn't the only thing we keep in here," O'Brien informed them, leading them to the far wall.

"We keep the vials in there," he said, pointing to a tiny steel door located at chest-height.

"May I?" Trek asked.

"Be my guest," O'Brien told him, "Just don't spill it."

Trek gave a half-hearted laugh, then opened up the door while O'Brien continued talking with Jenny.

"I've been head of security here for six years now," he was telling her, "In that time, there have been no break-ins, no thefts, and no threats whatsoever to the compound."

"Wow," she replied, "That's impressive."

He smiled back at her.

"Um, hey, Mr. Head of Security," Trek broke in, holding up one of the vials, "Aren't these containers supposed to be full?"

O'Brien glanced at Trek, then at the vial that was supposed to contain 1/4 of the funny gas. It was completely empty. O'Brien quickly checked the other three vials, but they were empty also. He immediately went into high gear and grabbed a walkie-talkie from his belt.

"Attention!" he said, "Level one alert! There has been a security breach, code B, level 3 in the number 2 vault. Suspects are unidentified but may be in the area. Make sure no one gets in or out of the compound without being thoroughly examined..."

Meanwhile, Jenny made her own call.

"Kyle," she spoke into her com-link, "Demetrius managed to steal the vials. He's probably trying to escape right now."

"I got you, Jenny," Kyle responded, "Duke and I are on the look-out."

"Come on," Jenny told the others. She led Trek and Erica outside to the cars while O'Brien dealt with his own problems.

"Dante," Kyle told him, "Scan any vehicle coming away from Simtech for Demetrius."

"I have him, Kyle," Dante said, "He's with three men driving a red van with Rowan Electronics on the side. He's only one block away from us."

"Then let's go after him," Kyle said, steering the SUV, "You too, Duke and Beast."

"We're on our way, Kyle," Duke replied.

The two vehicles made their way down busy streets, eyes and sensors peeled for the red van. They finally caught up with it a few minutes later.

"There it is!" Kyle spoke up as soon as he saw the van.

"Kyle," Dante said, "He's turning off the street into an alley that leads to an old industrial road."

"Good," Kyle said, "That means less people and less cars in the way. Let's follow him."

Dante, then Beast followed the red get-a-way van into the alley, then out onto the old, nearly barren street at the other end. By then they had shortened the distance between them considerably.

"As soon as you have a good lock on him, fire," Kyle ordered.

"That shouldn't be too hard," Beast said, "On this road, they're an easy target, even for Domino."

"I heard that, Beast," she responded over com-link.

"I have them, Kyle," Dante spoke up.

"Fire!" he ordered.

Dante fired his laser-weapon, knocking out the rear tires. The van then lost control and started to spin uncontrollably. It swerved and crashed into a hydro pole near the road. Steam poured out from the engine. Two men kicked open the rear doors and jumped out, coughing and groaning. Beast and Dante pulled up to the wreck, and their drivers hopped out and went to the van. While Duke took care of the two men on the ground, Kyle went to the driver's door and swung it open. Inside were two men, one of them Demetrius. They both slowly and resignedly put their hands in the air.

TKR brought Demetrius and his men back to SkyOne, along with the DO, which was kept for evidence. While his men were locked up in a cell, Demetrius was brought to the interrogation room where Jenny and Duke proceeded to interrogate him. Kyle, Erica and Trek watched on the other side of the glass. Jenny and Duke seemed to be getting few answers. At one point, Duke glanced at the glass and shrugged helplessly.

"Looks like he's not talking," Erica said.

"Yeah, maybe we should start torturing him now," Trek suggested.

Kyle just started shaking his head as he stared through the pane of glass.

"I don't like it," he said.

"OK, we don't have to torture him," Trek acceded.

"No," Kyle said, "I mean the situation. I don't like it."

"What do you mean?" Erica asked, "We caught the bad guys and got back that funny gas before he sold it. What's not to like?"

"It was just too easy," Kyle said, "Demetrius is a pro. There's no way he would let himself be caught that easy. It's like he wanted us to catch him."

Erica and Trek both frowned.

"But, why would he want to do that?" she asked.

Kyle shook his head.

"I don't know," he said, "But I have a bad feeling we'll be finding out very soon."

"He wouldn't tell us who he was working for," Jenny reported later when they were all gathered in the garage, "When we asked him how he got in, he said someone sold him the codes. Only he says he doesn't know who."

"You think he's lying?" Kyle asked her.

"I don't think someone like that is capable of telling the truth," she said.

"So what do we do?" Erica asked.

"We take him to FLAG headquarters and let them deal with him," Kyle said, "We're heading there right now."

"Oh, good," Dante said, "When we get there, maybe you can talk to them about transferring Jimmie, too. His obnoxious sense of fun is starting to drive me bonkers."

Kyle looked at his car and frowned.

"What do you mean, transfer him too?" he asked.

"His friend Alex left this morning while we were off catching criminals," Dante told him.

"Alex left already?" Jenny asked, "She was only here a day."

"How come I wasn't told about this?" Kyle asked.

"You were," Dante told him, "about an hour after we left this morning."

"That's strange," Kyle said.

"I wonder what the hurry was," Erica mused.

"She probably got tired of listening to Jimmie, wised up, and asked to leave," Dante said, "If only I could do the same."

"What's that about me?" Jimmie asked, walking up and joining them.

"We just thought it was strange that Alex wasn't here for very long," Trek explained.

"Oh," Jimmie shrugged, "Maybe she was needed elsewhere." With that he walked away and resumed his work.

"He doesn't seem to miss her that much," Erica commented.

"Poor Alex," Domino said.

"She can do better, anyway," Erica said.

Kyle looked from Domino to Erica.

"Um, what are we talking about?" he asked.

Erica and Jenny looked at one another and exchanged smiles.

"Better not ask, Kyle," Trek advised, "I'm sure we wouldn't want to know."

Meanwhile, back in the interrogation room where their prisoner was left, Demetrius approached the locked doorway. He then reached into his left shoe and pulled out a small wad of clay-like material. After attaching it to the locking mechanism on the door, he then reached into his other shoe and pulled out a long, thin needle and stuck it into the wad. He then backed away a few feet to let the metal-melting compound do its work.

Back down in the garage, the team was just about to split up when alarms suddenly started going off. Surprised, all those in the garage looked around in confusion.

"What's going on, Dante?" Kyle asked.

"Demetrius escaped from his cell," Dante reported, "So have his men. They've broken into the ordinance holding area."

"They're after the funny gas," Trek said.

"How did they manage to bypass security so fast?" Jenny questioned.

"Let's go!" Kyle ordered, heading the garage exit and intent on stopping them.

Just then Plato spoke up.

"Danger! Danger, Wil Robinson!"

"What's that mean?" Duke asked.

"Plato's right," Dante said, "Demetrius is using the DO and has let it loose into one of the air ducts."

"Kyle, that means in a matter of minutes all the air on board SkyOne will be contaminated with funny gas," Trek told him.

They stopped in their tracks, aware of the danger.

"Gas masks," Kyle said, turning around and heading for a utility locker. The others followed.

As Kyle rummaged around for the gas masks, Trek glanced at a nearby air vent and noticed a yellow gas seeping out.

"Hurry, Kyle!" he urged.

"Found them," Kyle said triumphantly, pulling out five gas masks. They all fitted one on over their faces and began breathing filtered air.

"What about the others?" Jenny asked.

"DO isn't fatal or harmful," Kyle said, "They'll be fine. Right now we have to worry about catching Demetrius and his men before they escape."

"Well, you won't have to worry about chasing them," Domino spoke up, "They're on their way here right now."

The five TKR members turned around to see Demetrius and two of his men walking through the doorway into the garage. They all wore gas masks as well. Kyle, Duke and Jenny moved to intercept them.

"Watch out," Kat warned them, "They have guns."

Just then Demetrius raised his arm, and they could see the miniature pistol in his hand pointed straight at them. Kyle and the others stopped in surprised. Demetrius just laughed.

"You think you're so smart, don't you?" Demetrius told them, his voice muffled by the mask, "You thought you'd outsmarted me and saved the day. And you fell right into my trap."

"What are you up to?" Kyle asked, "And how did you sneak a gun onto SkyOne?"

"I hid them in the case the vials were stored in," Demetrius told them, "I didn't think you'd be checking it, and the material is well insulated so your sensor equipment couldn't pick them up. As for what I'm up to, I think I'll keep you in suspense a little longer."

"And who ordered you to do all this?"

Demetrius chuckled.

"My boss made it very clear not to tell you that," he told them, "By the way, I would advise you and your vehicles not to try anything funny. Two of my men are in the cockpit with your pilot and co-pilot, and they are both armed. They will both be killed if any of you make a move against me or my men."

Kyle and Duke both relaxed their tense muscles, aware that they were helpless for the time being. They also noticed that the workers in the garage had by now started to act funny, as if they were intoxicated. One worker began trying to do a handstand, and would fall on his rear every time. Another started dancing with a broom.

Jimmie, who also seemed affected by the gas, stumbled over to them, bumped into Dante and fell to the floor. Duke and Erica helped him up.

"Great party!" he slurred, "Where's the music?"

Jimmie then began singing a broken, toneless rendition of Elvis Presley's Jailhouse Rock, meanwhile struggling to stay on his feet.

"Now that is just awful," Dante lamented.

"Larry here will escort you to your cell," Demetrius informed them, ignoring Jimmie, "I have a phone call to make."

Demetrius then waved and left, leaving TKR with his remaining two goons. Larry with a broken nose gave them a smug smiled and started herding them out of the room. His big ugly pal did the same.

"Hey, where're ya goin'?" Jimmie asked, interrupting his own solo. He moved to follow, then tripped over a toolbox and hit the floor face-first.

"Take care of him, will ya?" Duke told the vehicles.

"Oh sure," Dante said, "But if he starts singing again, I'm not making any promises."

Larry and the other goon led TKR to one of the meeting rooms since all the locks on the cell doors had been melted. They then closed and locked the door behind them.

"Can you get us out?" Kyle asked Trek.

Trek inspected the door, then sighed and shook his head.

"Not from the inside," he said.

"Dante?" Kyle asked.

"Demetrius has locked out all SkyOne computer controls," Dante reported, "I can't unlock it."

Kyle then leaned against the table, his hands clenched into fists.

"I'm open to suggestions," he said.

Meanwhile, back in the garage, Jimmie had managed to right himself and continued stumbling towards the door.

"Jimmie," Domino spoke to him in her sexy tone, "why don't you stay here with us, where it's safe. We can have a party here."

"Please don't get him started," Dante begged.

"Well we can't let him leave," Domino insisted, "He could get hurt, or get shot. Don't be so heartless."

"In case you hadn't noticed," Dante told her, "none of us have been installed with a heart. But, I suppose if we must. I can't believe I'm doing this."

Dante then spoke to the escaping impaired young mechanic.

"Jimmie!" he told him, "Why don't you stay here and sing us another song. It's too dangerous for you out there."

But Jimmie just continued to ignore him. He was mumbling incoherently as he disappeared from view.

"Well, we tried," Dante said once he was gone.

"I hope he'll be OK," Domino said, genuinely concerned, "I liked singing with him."

"Forget Jimmie," Kat said, "We should be trying to help Kyle and the others to capture Demetrius."

"You're right," Domino agreed, "Jimmie will just have to fend for himself."

* * *

In the hallway outside the garage, Jimmie stumbled into a corner and fell down in a heap. Then he struggled to sit up. He lifted his head and started looking around, peering from behind his thick glasses. The hall was completely empty. Satisfied, Jimmie stood up and began walking down the hallway with ease, the effects of the DO having suddenly disappeared.

* * *

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