Team Knight Rider - Season Two

Chapter Four - Valley Of Eden

Jenny closed the door behind her and leaned against it, making sure it was closed tightly. Kyle had the lights on in their pink abode and brought his watch up closer to his mouth.

"Trek, you there?" Kyle asked.

"Still here," Trek replied, "Nice going on that three-legged race, by the way."

Kyle and Jenny exchanged glances and smiled.

"Thanks, Trek," Kyle said, "Are Duke and Erica back?"

"They're right here," Trek said.

"Did you two find anything?" Kyle asked.

"Just a couple of people who need to get their hormones under control," Erica told them, "Let's just say, their free time is spent doing a lot of extra-curricular activities."

Jenny rolled her eyes and joined Kyle.

"So what does that mean?" Kyle asked.

"It means that these people were beyond cured," Duke told them, "They were all over each other. I don't think a bulldozer could tear them apart. It was unreal."

"No one's that cushy," Beast agreed.

"You are if you're subconscious is programmed to be," Trek said.

"You think Fritsch is up to his old tricks?" Kyle asked.

"Like Beast said," Trek said, "No one's that lovey-dovey. Fritsch is probably using his old hypnotizing treatment to make them get along and be affectionate with one another. My bet is he’s using the same treatment to get them to commit crimes. Only they were caught before they could send him the money."

"Any idea how's he's doing it?"

"He'd have to have a lot of equipment," Trek said, "This kind of thing isn't your regular hypnosis. He actually has to get inside your brain."

"So this equipment wouldn't be easy to hide," Jenny said.

"Well, you can't fit it under your bed, if that's what you mean," Trek supplied.

"All right," Kyle decided, "Jenny and I will sneak out once everyone's in bed and search the grounds for any sign of Fritsch's equipment."

"Uh, Kyle," Trek spoke up.

"What is it, Trek?"

"This may have to wait," he told them, "They're turning the cameras on."

"Trek's right," Dante said, "I've detected two people in the observation room. One of them is Fritsch."

"Shouldn't you two be getting ready for bed?" Domino asked suggestively.

Kyle and Jenny looked at each other.

"She's right," Jenny finally agreed, "We don't want to call attention to ourselves."

Kyle nodded.

"All right," he said, then nodded towards the bathroom, "After you."

Jenny grinned at him, then grabbed her duffel bag and disappeared into the bathroom. Kyle sat down on the bed.

"Now listen to me, Kyle," Beast spoke up on the com-link, "I'm going to be watching your every move all night."

"Ah, Beast," Kyle interrupted, making sure to talk away from the camera, "Don't worry, OK?"

Beast growled.

"All right," he said, "But I still don't like this."

Kyle smiled.

Jenny came out a minute later wearing sweats and a tank. Her hair was up in a ponytail.

"Your turn," she said.

Kyle took his turn. Jenny began doing the stretches she always did before going to bed.

"So," Domino spoke up, "alone at last, huh Jenny?"

Jenny smiled as she turned to do her stretches away from the camera.

"I don't know what you mean," she replied.

"Come on," Domino prodded, "When was the last time you slept in the same room as a man?"

"Three years ago, at the Marine base in San Diego," Jenny replied automatically, "I slept in one of the bunks. There were about 50 other guys there."

"You know that's not what I meant," Domino told her.

"Come on, Jenny," Dante spoke up, "You know you've been after Kyle for ages now."

"Excuse-me?" Domino broke in before Jenny could reply, "Who's been after whom? It was Kyle who kissed her on SkyOne, and it's been Kyle all along who's been after Jenny."

"I beg your pardon!" Dante said, "But Kyle wouldn't be the least bit interested in Jenny if she didn't prance around luring him with her provocative outfits and perfume."

"Haven't we already had this conversation before?" Domino asked, "Jenny can't adjust her whole wardrobe so Kyle, let alone any other man, won't get the wrong idea. And if Kyle can't handle it, well that's tough."

"What's tough?" Kyle asked, stepping in. He wore sweats, like Jenny, and a T-shirt. He stopped when he saw Jenny in mid-stretch, then looked away slightly nervous.

Jenny stood up and turned to him.

"Nothing," she said, "Domino and Dante were just fighting again."

"Ah," Kyle nodded.

They stood there, awkwardly.

"Um, I'll take the floor," Kyle offered.

"Are you sure you want to do that?" Trek asked.

"Right," Dante said, "Why should Kyle sleep on the floor?"

"Because he's just trying to be a gentleman," Domino told him, "It wouldn't hurt you if you tried it once in a while."

"Give me a lady to be gentlemanly to, and I will," Dante retorted.

"Well, I never."

"It's all right, Dante," Kyle assured his car, "I don't mind."

"Whether or not you want to sleep on the floor," Trek spoke up, "It may not be a good idea."

"What do you mean?" Jenny asked.

"Well," Trek said reasonably, "You two are posing as a married couple. It might look strange if hubby slept on the floor."

Kyle and Jenny looked at each other.

"Better decide soon," Trek warned them, "They're watching you."

"OK," Kyle decided, "We'll both sleep in the same bed, until the cameras go off. Then we'll sneak out."

Jenny nodded.

"Trek, Dante," Kyle said, "I'm counting on you two to keep us posted."

"You can count on us, boss," Trek said.

Kyle began turning the light off until only a single lamp remained on by the bedside. He and Jenny glanced at each other nervously before climbing into bed. Each of them stayed as far apart as possible, almost hanging over the edge.

"What about a good-night kiss, Jenny?" Dante asked.

Jenny smiled.

"Come here and I'll give you one," she said.

Kyle smiled.

"Very funny," Dante replied.

"I thought it was," Domino commented.

* * *

It was fifteen minutes before Dante announced the camera was shut off. Kyle and Jenny each turned on their lamps, then got up to change. Jenny went into the bathroom and Kyle changed quickly in the bedroom. They were ready to go six minutes later.

"We'll split up," Kyle decided, "I'll go check out the offices. You search the rest of the grounds."

Jenny nodded, going to the door. She opened it a crack and peeked out, then opened it all the way.

"All clear," she said.

"Dante, Trek," Kyle told them, "Watch over us. Let us know about any more cameras."

"Will do," Trek said.

Kyle and Jenny nodded to one another, then quietly left their room and split up.

* * *

Kyle made it to the office building with no other person in sight. He reached the entrance and tried the door. It was unlocked. Kyle first made sure no one was looking, then slipped into the darkened building.

"Which way to Fritsch's office?" Kyle asked.

"Down the hall to the left," Dante directed him, "It's the third door down."

Kyle followed Dante's directions and came to Fritsch's office. The door was closed and, when he tried it, Kyle discovered it was locked.

"Any ideas?" Kyle asked.

"Oh, did you forget your lockpick in your other pants?" Dante asked.

Kyle waited.

"Fristch's window is open," Dante told him, "You can get inside that way."

"Why didn’t you tell me before?" Kyle asked impatiently.

"You never asked."

Kyle turned around and left the building. He was just about to go around to the window, when he heard a noise behind him.

"Mr. Stewart?"

Kyle turned and saw Betty standing not far away, squinting at him in the dim light of a nearby outdoor lamp. He froze.

"What are you doing out here at this hour?" she asked him.

"Uh..." Kyle stalled.

Suddenly Betty frowned disappointedly and shook her head.

"You and Jenny got into a fight, didn't you?" she said, walking up to him, "Did she kick you out of the room?"

Kyle just shrugged. Betty grabbed his arm and began to lead him away.

"Come on," she said, "Let's go make everything right."

Kyle helplessly allowed her to lead him away.

* * *

Jenny looked around the main complex, but found little out of the ordinary. She decided to expand her search to the outer edges of the complex.

"Jenny," Trek told her, "Dante's scan picked up a small structure about a hundred feet ahead. It's hidden behind some underbrush."

"I'll check it out," Jenny told him.

She approached the small building cautiously. Fortunately there were no security cameras. Fritsch was very confident that no one would try to break in. As she came closer, Jenny could see the small white building through the bushes, surrounded by a shoulder-tall steel fence. She went closer to it.

"Dante," she said, "Can you scan inside this building?"

"Of course I can," Dante replied.

Jenny scaled the fence smoothly and looked around for any windows, but there were none. She did find a door, but there was a heavy-duty security lock on it.

"Looks like Fritsch doesn't want anyone in here," Jenny observed, "What's inside?"

"It looks like a lot of high-tech equipment," Trek said, "I'll have a better idea in a minute."

"Jenny!" Dante spoke up urgently, "Kyle has just been discovered."

"Is our cover blown?" she asked.

"No," he said, "Betty found him. She thinks you two had a fight and that you kicked him out. They're both heading back to the room right now. You had better get there first."

Without another word, Jenny abandoned the building and ran as fast as she could back to the room.

* * *

Kyle and Betty reached the door to their Tranquillity room. Kyle hesitated when they reached the door.

"You can do this, Kyle," Betty encouraged him, "I'll help you and Jenny through this little argument so you don't have to spend the night outside."

She gave him an encouraging smile. Kyle smiled back at her reluctantly, then slowly put his hand on the knob and turned it. It was unlocked, like they'd left it. Betty waited patiently while Kyle turned the knob and pushed open the door. Holding his breath, Kyle walked in.

Jenny looked up as soon as they entered, and she and Kyle made eye contact. Jenny was sitting up in bed wearing her bedclothes. She held a magazine in her hands and was reading it by the lamp next to her side of the bed. She appeared to be in a bad mood.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

Kyle stopped himself from making a sigh of relief, and went along with the role.

"It wasn't my idea," he said as Betty entered behind him.

"Now I know you two are angry with one another," Betty conceded, "But I'm sure we can work everything out."

"Sure we can," Jenny said, then added, "Just as soon as he apologizes."

Kyle frowned and glanced from Jenny to Betty and back again.

"Why should I apologize?" he asked.

"Because it's all your fault," Jenny replied, looking back down to her magazine.

Betty's smile wavered for a short moment, then returned.

"Why don't you two call a truce?" she asked, "I'll schedule a meeting with Dr. Leo first thing in the morning."

Kyle and Jenny exchanged glances.

"Fine," Jenny replied lightly, eyes glued to her magazine.

"Fine," Kyle repeated, crossing his arms.

Betty smiled.

"Good!" she said, "Well, have a good night!"

Kyle closed and locked the door after Betty left, then turned to Jenny. They both made eye contact and breathed out heavily with relief.

"Well, that was a close one," Jenny commented.

Kyle nodded.

"Could you get in?" jenny asked.

Kyle shook his head.

"Betty caught me before I could," he said, "What about you?"

"I found a hidden shed just outside the complex," she told him, "It has some equipment in it, and it's locked. Trek and Dante are trying to figure out what it is."

Kyle nodded.

"We'll have to check it out tomorrow night," he decided.

Kyle then grabbed a couple pillows and a blanket and threw them on the floor.

"Have a nice sleep," Jenny told him, a smile on her face.

Kyle gave her a look and a grin.


* * *

Thanks to last night's episode, Kyle and Jenny got an appointment with Dr. Leo early that morning, right after breakfast. While the other couple reported to their sessions, Kyle and Jenny went to Dr. Leo's office and knocked.

"Come in!" Dr. Leo called.

Kyle opened the door and opened it. He let Jenny enter first before stepping in and closing the door behind him. Dr. Leo was sitting behind his desk, pen and notebook in front of him at the ready. He greeted them both warmly as they sat down.

"Good morning, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart," he told them, "Betty tells me you two had a rough night."

Kyle and Jenny exchanged glances.

"You could say that," Kyle agreed.

Dr. Leo folded his hands in front of him.

"Before we tackle that problem," he told them, "I would like to get to know you both better. Your file says that you both work for the government, in the same company. I suspect that fact is the cause of much of your stress. It is my opinion that is it hard for two people to carry on a healthy, romantic relationship when they both work at the same job."

"That's my theory too," Jenny spoke up.

Kyle threw her a sideways glance.

"Now I understand that you are both very busy people," Leo continued, "and a lot of stress comes from long hours of work. Might I suggest a nice vacation every few months? Perhaps in some warm climate?"

"Well, we're really busy..." Kyle began.

"Nonsense," Dr. Leo interrupted, "There's always time for a little romantic vacation, especially if it will help make you relax. Perhaps your problem is you spend too much time working and not enough time alone together. What is your sexual relationship like?"

Kyle and Jenny looked at each other.

* * *

Back on board SkyOne, in the situation room, Trek smiled slyly.

"Now we're getting' to the good part," he said aloud.

"Welcome, Doktor Freud!" Plato said in a German accent.

* * *

Inside Dr. Leo's office, Kyle and Jenny both shifted uncomfortably.

"Now don't be shy, you two," Dr. Leo told them, "Tell me, when was the last time the two of you were intimate?"

As Dr. Leo lowered his eyes to mark something down on his notebook, Kyle and Jenny looked at one another. Kyle nodded down to his watch. Jenny nodded. The two of them then, at the same time, clicked their com-links off.

* * *

"Aww!" Trek complained as soon as the listen-mode on the com-link was shut off.

"Don't you have work to do?" Kat asked him.

Trek sulked.

* * *

"The equipment in that shed is used to stimulate certain memory centers in the brain," Trek reported, "With it he can insert false memories and inhibit old ones. The patient doesn't exactly get brainwashed, the old memory is just blocked so they won't remember. Same goes with his hypnotizing them to commit crimes. After they do it, they don’t remember a minute of it."

It was later that day, and Kyle and Jenny were just coming away from lunch. They'd managed to lose the ever-present Betty and contact Trek so he could fill them in on what he and Dante found out.

"So that means Fritsch is using it to manipulate his patients," Kyle said.

"That's right," Trek said, "It's an over-night cure to a failing marriage. Guaranteed success. Fritsch fills their head with only feelings of love and affection for their partner, taking away all the negative feelings, and on the side gets them to do a little dirty work in return. That's why his patients end up so lovey-dovey."

"And none of them remember the treatment?" Jenny asked.

"No," Trek said, "Fritsch is probably able to block out the memory of that, too."

Jenny turned to Kyle.

"So we have what we need," she said.

Kyle shook his head.

"We need more proof," he said, "We have get into that shed and see the equipment for ourselves."

"Another nocturnal outing?" Trek suggested.

Kyle nodded.

"We'll sneak out again tonight," he decided.

"Hopefully this time you don't get caught by the meandering busy-body," Dante spoke up, referring to Betty.

* * *

Like the night before, Kyle and Jenny waited until the cameras were off and everyone was asleep before sneaking out into the darkness. Jenny led the way to the hidden shed. As soon as they reached it and climbed over the fence they went around to the door. Again it was locked. Kyle dug one of Trek's mini inventions out of his pocket. It looked like a knife handle with a long thin metal strip attached to it. He inserted the strip into the locking mechanism and pressed a button on the handle. Seconds later there was a faint click. Kyle tried the door, and it opened easily.

"Cover us, Dante," Kyle told him as they entered.

"I always do," Dante replied.

Kyle and Jenny, both of whom carried flashlights, played the lights around the room. There was what looked like a dentist's chair in the middle of the room, with all the equipment attached to it. The equipment all looked alien to the two intruders.

* * *

Inside the situation room, Trek watched the visual feedback closely. Duke was also present, squinting at the monitor showing the inside of the shed.

"What is that contraption?" he asked.

"It's what Fritsch uses to brainwash his patients," Trek replied.

Duke wrinkled his face.

"Looks pretty painful to me," he commented, noting the long needles next to the chair.

"They're probably asleep during the procedure," Trek told him, then added, "Probably."

"You seeing all this, Trek?" Kyle's voice asked through the com-link.

"I got it," Trek said, "It's just what I thought. Man, this guy's a genius!"

Duke rolled his eyes at him.

"Hey, Kyle," Trek spoke up, "Can you point it a bit to your right?"

On the viewscreen, the visual of the shed changed to reveal a monitor that looked almost like a sonar detector, except with vastly different readout. Trek shook his head in awe.

"He can actually read his patients' memories," Trek said, "They show up on that monitor. It's almost like a CAT scan, except much more intense."

"Impressed enough?" Erica asked.

"Almost," Trek told him.

* * *

Suddenly, inside the shed, alarms started going off noisily. Kyle and Jenny froze.

"Must be a delayed reaction alarm system," Kyle said.

He motioned her out. The two of them then shut off their flashlights and hurried back to their room before they were discovered. As soon as they were inside, they both breathed heavily.

"You're not out of the woods yet," Dante warned them, "They're turning the cameras on. If they see you two are not safely asleep, they'll know it was you."

Kyle thought quickly.

"Take off your jacket," he told her, removing his own shirt.

Jenny complied and removed her jacket. Underneath she wore only a tank top.

"Climb in," he told her, motioning to the bed.

Jenny climbed into bed while Kyle removed his undershirt, revealing bare skin. He then shut off the lamp on his side of the bed, leaving the one on Jenny's side left on. He then climbed into bed after her.

"How much time?" he asked.

"About three seconds," Dante reported.

"Let us know the second those cameras are off," Kyle ordered.

Then, without another word, Kyle moved very close to Jenny and, to her surprise, started kissing her. His bare back hid her from view of the camera, which was now activated. After a few moments, Jenny started to relax.

* * *

Inside the situation room, both Trek and Duke stared at the view screen in surprise. Since their monitor was patched in with the Valley of Eden security camera, they had the same view of Kyle and Jenny's room as the personnel at the retreat. They watched their two teammates making out with keen interest.

"That was quick thinking," Trek commented.

"Uh-huh," Duke agreed, a heavy smirk on his face.

The door to the situation room opened just then, and Clayton walked in carrying a glass bowl of fresh popcorn. He brought it over to Trek.

"Here's your popcorn," Clayton told him haughtily, "I hope you realize that making this stuff is demeaning to someone with such culinary talents as myself."

Trek wordlessly took the popcorn and began eating, eyes still glued to the screen. Duke reached over and grabbed a handful without looking. It was then that Clayton glanced at the screen and noticed what was going on. His mouth popped open.

"Is that Kyle and Jenny?" he asked in disbelief.

"Yup," Duke replied.

Clayton, like the other two, watched as Kyle and Jenny made out on the bed. He took a step closer to get a better view.

"You know that what you three are doing is despicable," Kat spoke up.

They ignored her.

"You can at least give them a little privacy," Domino told them.

Again, the three men kept their attention focused on the monitor.

Erica walked in just then. She saw the monitor and what was taking place on it right away.

"Whoa!" she commented, "Are they doing what I think they're doing?"

Trek, Duke, and Clayton all nodded in unison. Erica shook her head and gave them a look of disappointment.

"I can't believe you guys!" she told them, "Invading on their privacy like this."

She hesitated a moment, then came closer to Trek.

"You're taping this, right?" she asked.

Trek nodded, then held the bowl of popcorn up to her. Erica took some, then watched the show along with them.

* * *

Kyle and Jenny's kissing started to grow more passionate and involved as they became more and more relaxed. Jenny had her arms around Kyle's back, and he was practically covering her. Then, suddenly, Kyle realized something. He reluctantly broke their liplock and started slowly kissing her neck. In between kisses he spoke.

"Uh, Dante?" he asked, "The cameras?"

"Oh," Dante suddenly spoke up as if his mind had been somewhere else, "I'm sorry. You wanted me to tell you as soon as the cameras were turned off?"

Kyle and Jenny both froze.

"They were shut off over a minute ago," Dante admitted lightly.

After a split second, Kyle and Jenny quickly disentangled themselves and moved away from each other. Kyle got off the bed and stood up on one side, Jenny on the other. Both were a bit mussed and haggard.

"Dante," Kyle said irritably, "Why didn't you say anything?"

"Oh, please," Dante told him, "I know very well that neither of you really wanted me to say anything."

Kyle and Jenny exchanged glances. Kyle shook his head.

"I didn't mean any harm," Dante added in his most innocent voice.

"Never mind, Dante," Kyle told him.

Kyle most definitely slept on the floor that night, as far away from the bed as possible.

* * *

They made plans the next morning for Trek and Erica to sneak into Fritsch's office and look at his files for evidence of his illegal activity. It was up to Kyle and Jenny to stage a diversion so Trek and Erica could sneak onto the grounds unseen. So after breakfast that morning, Kyle and Jenny ducked out of the dining hall early and made their way to a utility shed on the other end of the complex, far away from the offices.

They worked together quickly. Jenny opened the door to the shed, and Kyle went in and lit a match to some old rags. They caught fire immediately. Kyle and Jenny then hurried away from the shed before the fire reached the flammable paint and gasoline inside the shed. They had only gotten thirty feet away or so before the whole shed blew up noisily, sending charred pieces of wood in all directions.

Kyle and Jenny ducked behind some bushes while they waited for the others to arrive. Sure enough, all the couples, Welcomers, and the rest of the Valley of Eden personnel rushed to the burning shed. Some of the personnel carried fire extinguishers that they used on the flaming structure. Fritsch was also present, his aged face frowning at the fire.

"Trek and Erica," Kyle spoke into his watch, "You're on."

With that, Kyle and Jenny ran out to join the others.

* * *

Trek and Erica parked their motorcycles outside of the office building and hurried inside. As soon as they reached Dr. Leo's office, Trek used the same device Kyle had used the night before on the lock. They were inside within moments. Working quickly, Trek took the computer while Erica searched through the filing cabinet.

"I found Mr. and Mrs. Spiel's file," Erica announced, pulling it out, "It says they were each given the Leo Re-Habilitation Treatment."

"Bingo!" Trek exclaimed, staring at the screen, "Proof Fritsch used that treatment illegally on his patients to get them to steal money for him. All we have to do is take these files..."

"You won't be taking them anywhere."

Trek and Erica both looked up to see three men standing at the door. They all wore Valley of Eden polo shirts and khaki pants. The man in front held a gun pointed at the two young agents.

"Oops," Trek said weakly. He and Erica both raised their arms.

* * *

Valley of Eden personnel soon put out the fire. As soon as the flames died down, the Welcomers started rounding up the couples. Dr. Leo had left the scene a few minutes earlier.

"It's all right, everything's OK," Betty told the excited group, "It was just an accident, nothing to be worried out. The fire is under control. It's time to move on to our assignments, everyone."

Betty and the others worked to herd the seven couples away from the destroyed shed and back to the main building. Kyle and Jenny were about to join them when Plato interrupted.

"The gig is up!" Plato announced.

Kyle and Jenny frowned and looked at one another.

"He means Trek and Erica have been captured," Kat informed them, "Fritsch and his men are taking them to the building with the brainwashing equipment. You have to help them!"

Kyle and Jenny stopped in their tracks. Jenny suddenly then put a hand to her forehead and pretended to faint. Kyle immediately caught her and lowered her down to the ground. Betty noticed this right away and hurried over.

"What's wrong?" she asked with concern, "Is she OK?"

Kyle nodded.

"She's fine," he told her, "She just fainted. I think it's from all the excitement. I'm going to take her to our room so she can lay down."

Betty nodded, forehead creased as she watched Kyle help Jenny to her feet and lead her away.

* * *

Inside the shed, Trek watched helplessly as Dr. Leo and one of his assistants strapped Erica onto the chair in the middle of the room. Dr. Leo then started attaching electrodes to her head. The man with the gun had the weapon trained on Trek.

"Don't be nervous," Fritsch told Erica calmly, "In a matter of minutes, you won't remember that any of this ever happened."

"How very comforting," Erica said sarcastically, eyeing the instruments with distaste. She struggled vainly to escape her bonds, but they were too tight. Fritsch just chuckled as he activated his equipment.

"Don't you dare!" Trek warned him.

"Don't be jealous," Fritsch told him, "Your turn is next."

At that, Fritsch flicked on the switch.

* * *

As soon as they were out of view, Kyle let go of Jenny and they started running towards the hidden shed. As soon as they reached it, Kyle tried the door, but it was locked.

"Dante!" Kyle called him over com-link; "I need your help. I need you to break through this door."

"I'm not Beast, you know," Dante told him.

"Now, Dante!" Kyle said.

Moments later Dante sped up to the shed, crunching through underbrush. Kyle and Jenny stood back as he failed to stop but crashed through the fence and into the door.

"I hope you know all this rough driving has given me a headache," Dante complained as he backed out of the hole he'd made, "Not to mention I’ll be needing a new paint job."

Both Kyle and Jenny ignored him as they hurried into the building.

Inside, Fritsch and his men were surprised at the sudden intrusion. Kyle went for Fritsch as Jenny attacked the man with the gun. She knocked it out of his hand, then punched him out. While she took care of him, Trek hurried over and yanked the electrodes off Erica's head. The attractive blond had a hazy look on her face.

Meanwhile, Fritsch was trying to escape while his second assistant tried to fend Kyle off. Kyle proved to be a much more skilled fighter, however, and had the man on the ground in seconds. He then went after Fritsch, who was running towards his compound. It took only seconds for Kyle to catch up with the doctor, Fritsch being hugely overweight and very slow on his feet. Kyle reached him and put a hand on his shoulder, stopping him.

"It's over for you, Fritsch," Kyle told him.

Fritsch, who was by this time sweating profusely from the exertion, gave up without a fight. He allowed Kyle to lead him back to the shed. Once they reached it, they could see Trek and Jenny helping Erica out of the chair. As soon as Erica was standing, she grabbed her head. Trek and Jenny held onto her to give her support.

"Erica," Jenny asked, "Are you OK?"

Erica frowned and looked up at Jenny.

"Erica?" she asked.

She looked around at the others, a look of confusion on her face.

"Who are you people?" she asked.

Kyle, Jenny and Trek's faces all dropped as they concluded what had happened.

At the look on their faces, Erica's face cleared and she suddenly burst out laughing. The other three stared at her for a moment, then relaxed.

"Oh!" she exclaimed in between breaths, "You guys should've seen the looks on your faces!"

The others all exchanged amused glances, all relieved she was OK. Trek smiled widely.

"That was great," he agreed.

Kyle shook his head and started leading Fritsch out.

* * *

"Dr. Leo Fritsch is being deported back to Germany as we speak," Kyle told them later that day in the situation room, "Once there, he'll be serving a lot of time in prison. His operation has been officially shut down, and all of his patients are being contacted and will be given therapy to help them regain their memories. Mr. and Mrs. Spiel have also been released and are being treated."

"It's too bad," Duke spoke up, "Those couples looked happy together."

"It's better that they know the truth instead of living a lie," Jenny spoke up.

Kyle nodded.

Suddenly Erica got a sly smile on her face.

"Speaking of looking happy together," she said, "You and Kyle sure put on a good show."

Trek and Duke both smiled knowingly as Jenny and Kyle looked at each other nervously.

"Yeah," Duke added, "We all found it quite interesting."

"Indeed we did," Dante agreed.

Kyle looked at them all, trying to find an excuse.

"Well," he told them haltingly, "if we hadn't done something, we would've been discovered."

"Sure, Kyle," Domino told him, "And you just happened to decide to make out with Jenny to cover your tracks."

The others in the room snickered as they watched their leader and second-in-command squirm.

"I don't see why any of you think this is funny," Beast mumbled.

Trek, Duke and Erica all broke out laughing.

"All right," Kyle spoke up, "That's it. Meeting over. You can all leave now."

No one moved.

"Dismissed," Kyle told them a bit more firmly.

One by one they all stood up and started to leave.

"Jenny?" Kyle stopped her, "Just a minute."

Erica gave Jenny a suggestive look right before she left. Soon Kyle and Jenny were left alone in the room. They looked at each other hesitantly.

"That's the second time you've done that," Jenny finally told him.

Kyle grinned and nodded.

"I, uh, think we can agree that what happened back there was just business," he told her.

Jenny nodded.

"Of course," she replied, as if there were no other explanation.

Kyle nodded, satisfied.


"Oh, give it up, you two," Dante spoke up.

"This time, I agree with Dante," Domino added, "No way that was just business."

"No one asked you, Dante," Kyle said.

"You too, Domino," Jenny agreed.

"Fine," Domino said, "Go ahead and keep telling yourselves otherwise. But deep down inside, you both know the truth."

Jenny shook her head, then left the room without a word.

"Wimp," Dante commented to his driver.

Kyle just shook his head, then smiled and left as well.

* * *

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