Chapter One - Day of Doom One

Part Two:

It took Beast and Dante until very early the following morning to drive their weary passengers back to SkyOne. By that time they were both low on gas and power. They were all relieved to return. Gil was waiting in the garage when they returned.

"What happened to you guys?" Gil asked, surveying the damage to the cars in shock.

"KITT is what happened," Dante said distastefully.

Gil walked around Dante, then looked from him to Beast, shaking his head.

"This is gonna take a while," he said.

"Just fix us fast," Beast told him.

"Domino, Kat, Plato," Kyle said, "Did you guys track that STOL?"

"Why, indubitably my dear Watson," Plato replied.

"We tracked the STOL as far as Kentucky," Domino told him, "but then we lost it."

"His course was a steady east by northeast until he blocked our tracking equipment," Kat reported.

"Just like last time," Duke said, "He let us track him only so far, then he cut us off."

Kyle nodded.

"But where does that mean he’s headed?" Scott wondered.

"We’ll find that out soon enough, I’m sure," Kyle replied.

Just then Clayton appeared in the garage with another cart.

"Breakfast for all!" he announced.

"You’re a lifesaver, Clayton," Trek told him, attacking the food.

"I figured you guys would be hungry," Clayton said, smiling proudly, "I made poached eggs, French toast, glazed fruit and freshly squeezed orange juice."

"Looks great!" Jenny told him, popping a glazed strawberry into her mouth.

Clayton watched them eat proudly, then just happened to glance at the cars. He frowned when he saw the two damaged ones.

"Dante, Beast," he said, "you look like crap."

"So would you if you took two missiles dead-on," Beast retorted.

Kyle took a huge gulp of OJ before he spoke.

"So what was it that James and KITT were up to?" Kyle wondered aloud, "Stewart said he sent them on some sort of mission."

"I just got a report in, Kyle," Kat told him, "A military laboratory was broken into yesterday afternoon. Security tapes revealed James and KITT."

"What did they steal?" Jenny asked.

"It was the Proteus device," Kat replied ominously

Kyle and the others frowned.

"Proteus device?" Duke asked, "I thought that was destroyed?"

"It was," Trek told him, "At least, that’s the official story. Since Codebreaker, or James, made it useless by changing the codes so no one but him knew it, the military knew they couldn’t use it anymore. It was supposed to go to scrap. But at the last minute they decided to make a new chip to replace the old one. So they kept the old Proteus device locked up until they could finish it."

"And how did you come across this information?" Kyle asked.

Trek looked at him hesitantly and shrugged.

"I just happened to be at the right place at the right time," he answered slowly, his reward being a look from Kyle.

"Don’t those guys ever learn?" Erica asked.

"That’s just great," Jenny said, "Now Stewart has power not only over people, but machines as well."

"With that, along with KITT and James," Duke said, "that’s quite an arsenal. He can do pretty much anything now."

"Can that Proteus thing work on our cars?" Erica asked curiously.

They all turned to Trek.

"I’m not sure," he admitted, "I mean, the Proteus can most likely take control of the cars’ systems, but it can’t touch the AI chips."

"I need you to find out for sure," Kyle told him, "and if the cars are at risk, find a way to protect them from being controlled by that thing."

"Is that all?" Trek asked sarcastically.

"Kyle," Gil said, walking up to him after his inspection of the damaged vehicles, "These repairs are gonna take at least four or five days. I need to order in a couple parts."

Kyle nodded.

"Anything to get them back online again," he replied.

"I’m so glad you’re concerned for our welfare," Dante told him.

"I just need you in case we have to face KITT again," Kyle said.

"And here I thought you really cared."

"Kyle," Domino spoke up, "there’s a phone call for you in the situation room. It’s your father."

Kyle’s face dropped as the others glanced at each other, surprised. Kyle immediately started to leave the garage. The others followed.

* * *

"I’m so glad you could come so soon," Charles Stewart said, "I thought maybe I would have to call back later."

"Cut the small talk," Kyle said abruptly, "and tell us what you want."

Jenny glanced at her leader, then exchanged glances with Duke and the others. She stood next to Scott, having allowed Annie to take her chair.

"Now that was downright rude," Charles admonished him, "Didn’t I ever teach you any manners when you were a boy?"

"Don’t lecture me," Kyle told him, "What are you up to?"

"Ah, straight to the point once again," his father replied, "Fortunately for you, I’m in a bit of a hurry. I have some packing to do, you know."

"What are you doing to James?" Annie demanded.

"Oh, Annie," Charles spoke up, "You’re there too? I thought you might be. Don’t worry, your boyfriend is in perfectly good health. In fact, he and KITT are out getting some fresh air right now."

Immediately Kyle knew what he meant.

"Where are they going?" he asked.

"Just for a little drive in the city, Kyle, nothing to worry about," Charles assured him, "I know you care about your little brother, but I assure you he’ll be quite safe."

"Tell me what you’re having him do," Kyle demanded.

"Even if I told you," Charles told him, "you wouldn’t be able to stop him."

"Then why not tell us?" Duke asked reasonably.

Charles laughed.

"Well if you’re all so curious about it, why not?" he said.

They all leaned in close to hear. All they heard, however, was silence.

"Well?" Erica asked, "Aren’t you going to tell us?"

"Oh, I will," Charles replied, "I’ve sent James along our 28th president to pay a visit to our world’s finest. And then, maybe later on he can catch a show if he has any spare time."

"What’s that supposed to mean?" Scott asked.

"You’re all clever people," Charles said gaily, "You figure it out."

With that he cut the connection. Kyle gritted his teeth and clenched his fists tightly. The others all looked at him.

"It’s just like before," Trek said, "He’s giving us another clue."

"And he wants us to figure it out," Jenny finished.

Kyle nodded.

"Any ideas?" he asked, his voice calm, his fists unclenching. He looked up at them all.

"He said something about the 28th president," Duke said, "Who was that?"

"President Franklin Delano Roosevelt," Jenny replied right away.

"You mean FDR," Trek said.

"He said he sent him along FDR?" Erica said, "What does that mean."

"My guess is he means a road," Kat said, "Since James is probably driving KITT."

"How many roads are there in the US named after FDR?" Duke asked.

"A lot," Beast replied.

"598 to be exact," Dante spoke up.

"So we have to narrow it down some more," Kyle said.

"He said James would go see a show if he had time," Jenny said, "Where is the best place to go see a show?"

"See an operetta degraded, hear a Rodgers standard re-vamped, watch the Merton’s love life invaded, hear Mozart berated, updated and camped…" Plato responded.

"Broadway!" Trek exclaimed.

They all stared at him with puzzled expressions. Trek returned their looks, then shook his head.

"Forbidden Broadway?" he asked them.

They looked at each other, their faces blank. Trek gave up.

"That’s in New York," he said, consulting his monitor, "Plato found an FDR drive in Manhattan."

"So wherever it is, it’s in New York somewhere along that street," Scott said.

Kyle had JP set a course for New York right away.

"So what’s along that street that Stewart would want?" Duke wondered aloud.

"The world’s finest," Annie spoke up, "That’s what he said."

Kyle stood up and walked behind his chair, crossing his arms.

"That can only mean one thing," he said.

Trek nodded, and Kyle could tell that Jenny was thinking the same thing he was.

"Would you all mind filling those in that are still in the dark?" Erica asked.

"James and KITT are going to the United Nations Headquarters," Kat told her driver.

"What could he want there?" Duke asked.

Kyle shook his head.

"I don’t know yet," he admitted, "but I’m starting to get an idea."

"What if he’s going in for an assassination?" Scott asked, "We have to stop him."

Again, Kyle shook his head.

"He’s not going to kill anyone," he said firmly.

"How do you know that?" Scott asked.

"Because I know him," Kyle said, "He’s got something else planned."

"So what’s our plan?" Jenny asked.

"Dante and Beast are down," Kyle said, "So we’ll have to take the other cars. Jenny, Erica, Trek and myself will go to UN headquarters to stop James."

"What about us?" Scott asked.

Kyle turned to Scott and Annie.

"You’ll stay here," he told them, "There’s only room for four."

"Why send them?" Scott asked, indicating Trek and Erica, "Annie and I are much more experienced at…"

"Because," Kyle cut him off firmly, "this is my team and my show, and I’m calling the shots. I’m not going to usurp two of my team just so you can get some action."

Scott glared at him this time, and Kyle returned the look.

"Why don’t you boys cool down," Domino suggested gently.

"Yeah," Beast agreed, "You two tense up anymore your veins are gonna pop."

Kyle calmed down first. He nodded and turned away from Scott, who hesitated a moment, then quickly left the room.

"You know you boys are going to have to learn how to get along sometime," Domino said.

Kyle turned to Annie.

"I know you’d like to go with us to see James—"

Annie shook her head.

"That’s all right," she assured him, "I understand."

Kyle nodded to her. He then sat back down in his chair and scratched his chin thoughtfully.

"He wanted us to know," he finally said.

"Say what?" Duke asked.

"Stewart," Kyle said, "He wanted us to know where James was going. His clues were way too easy."

He looked at the others.

"He wants us to face James and KITT."

The others frowned.

"Why?" Jenny asked.

"Maybe he wants them to try to kill us," Trek suggested.

"Or maybe he wants the other three cars out of action," Duke proposed.

"O ye of little faith," Domino told him.

* * *

They landed in New York less than an hour later. Domino, Kat and Plato were driving down the ramp toward the UN building within seconds. Kyle sat beside Jenny in Domino’s passenger seat.

"No matter what happens," Kyle said to them all, "If things get too dangerous, don’t hesitate to pull out. If his plan is to take us out, we can’t let him."

"Gotcha boss," Trek replied.

"I’m not in this to get knocked around," Erica said.

"That goes for you cars too," Kyle said.

"Don’t worry, Kyle," Domino told him, "I’m not about to let myself get all scratched up."

Jenny smiled.

They arrived and parked right in front of the UN building. All appeared calm and quiet. Kyle and the others exited the vehicles.

"Anything going on inside?" Kyle asked.

"Everything is normal inside the building," Kat replied, "and there’s no sign of KITT."

Kyle shook his head.

"I still don’t like it," he said, then turned to Jenny, "Jenny, you’re with me. Trek, Erica, you two stay out here with the cars and watch out for KITT."

Kyle and Jenny then walked up to the front entrance and went inside. Erica watched them go as she leaned back against Domino’s hood. She then proceeded to examine her nails. Trek went to sit next to her and watched her closely.

"It’s amazing how you can fool around with those things for hours on end and yet they always stay exactly the same," he said in wonder.

Erica took the time to swat his arm.

"At least I don’t spend half my time playing pointless video games," she retorted.

"Pointless?" he asked her offendedly, "I’ll have you know those games require a lot of skill!"

"Skill at what?" she asked, "Using your thumb to press two little buttons?"

Trek frowned at her, then raised his index and began to speak. Kat cut him off.

"Don’t look now," she said, "but here comes James. And he has company."

Erica and Trek immediately started looking around and spotted James coming out of the UN building from a side entrance. He had an indignant-looking portly middle-aged man in tow. James held a gun on his hostage and walked right towards the street where the cars were parked. He didn’t even waste a glance at Trek, Erica and the cars.

"Well," Trek said, "Now we know why he came here."

* * *

Kyle and Jenny ran through the hallway to the meeting room. Seconds earlier the building had gone on alert. On alert for what, they didn’t know. When they reached the room the doors were open and security personnel were standing nearby speaking with the distraught UN members. Kyle and Jenny approached the nearest one.

"What happened?" Kyle asked.

"A man barged into the meeting and kidnapped the French Prime Minister," one of the guards told them.

Kyle and Jenny exchanged puzzled glances.

"Hey guys?" Trek’s voice came though com-link, "The party’s out here."

After only a second’s hesitation, Kyle and Jenny ran back the way they came.

* * *

Outside, Trek and Erica ran around to their vehicle and climbed in.

"We can’t let him get away," Kat warned them.

"No, really?" Erica asked.

James reached the curb with his hostage and stopped. He then spared a glance at the TKR members and narrowed his eyes at them.

"Why’s he just standing there?" Erica asked.

"Now’s our chance," Domino said, "I’ll hit him with one of my knock-out darts."

Domino turned herself around and aimed at James. James watched her calmly. Domino then shot one of her darts at him, aiming for his arm. Instantly James lifted his forearm to shield himself, and the dart punctured it.

"Bulls-eye!" Plato announced.

James frowned at the dart, then used his mouth to yank it out while he kept his grip on the French PM with the other. He spit the dart out on the ground, then grinned humorlessly at the cars.

"I don’t understand," Domino said in surprise, "That should have knocked him out."

"I have more bad news," Kat told them, "KITT is almost on top of us."

Seconds later the black Trans Am whizzed by them and came to a screeching halt in front of James and his hostage. The passenger door opened. James shoved the man inside.

"If James gets in KITT, we won’t be able to stop him," Kat warned.

"Plato," Trek said, "Fire a warning shot."

"You got it, boss!"

Plato fired a laser shot that struck KITT’s driver’s side door just as James reached to open the door. James retracted his hand immediately, then glanced over at them with a frown. KITT then revved his engines almost angrily.

"Uh-oh," Kat told them, "KITT’s got a lock on us."

"Well then let’s get outta here!" Erica said.

The combo car squealed its tires to evade the missile KITT sent at them. It barely missed the vehicle and hit a group of newspaper boxes. There was an explosion, and shredded, charred paper littered the street. At the distraction, James climbed into KITT, and seconds later they were making their escape.

"Let’s go after them," Trek said.

The combo car took off after KITT, just as Kyle and Jenny burst out of the UN building.

"Hurry guys," Domino told them, "Trek and Erica went after James and KITT."

Kyle and Jenny hopped into Domino, and then the flashy red and white sports car sped off in pursuit of their comrades.

* * *

"Can you get a lock on them?" Trek asked.

"They keep weaving in and out of traffic," Kat said, "We can’t get a lock on them with all these other cars."

They kept up with KITT as the super-car passed all the other traffic and ran red lights. Traffic accidents erupted in their wake. It was all they could do for Kat and Plato to follow them.

"Wait," Erica spoke up suddenly, "He’s turning off!"

KITT turned off the main street onto an on-ramp to the highway. The combo car followed.

* * *

Behind them, Domino and her passengers tried to maneuver their way around the traffic accidents KITT had caused, but they finally had to come to a halt when a large moving truck blocked their path.

"We can’t lose them," Kyle said firmly.

"I know a detour," Domino told them. She backed away from the truck and turned down a side street.

* * *

"Good, we have more room," Erica said, "Can you get a lock on them now?"

"Just as soon as we’re in range," Kat said.

The combo car sped up behind KITT. Fortunately it wasn’t rush hour, so the highway wasn’t too busy. KITT remained in the same lane as Kat and Plato inched closer.

"We’re in range now," Kat said, "and we have a lock."

"Then fire already!" Erica told her.

"Bomb’s away!" Plato exclaimed.

They sent two missiles right at KITT’s rear end. The Trans Am swerved to avoid the missiles, which crashed into a median and blew up a few neon orange trashcans. Trek and Erica both winced.

"Oops," Erica said.

"Do you want to try that again?" Kat asked.

Trek and Erica glanced across at each other, and both shook their heads.

"Red alert!" Plato spoke up suddenly.

Trek looked down at his console.

"Uh-oh," he said.

"What do you mean, ‘uh-oh’?" Erica asked him.

"KITT has another lock on us," Trek said.

Trek and Erica glanced up just in time to see KITT firing his rear missiles at the combo car.

"Plato!" Trek told him hurriedly, "Separate, now!"

"On the double!" Plato replied.

The combo car separated into two motorcycles just in time for the missiles to pass between them. As soon as they were safe, Trek and Erica sighed with relief.

"I can’t tell you how much I appreciate we can do that sometimes," Erica said.

"We’re not in the clear yet," Kat warned them.

KITT led them off the main highway onto a smaller but less busy one.

"Good," Trek said sarcastically, "Now he has more room to mangle us."

Almost on cue, KITT screeched to a halt in the middle of the road so the two motorcycles had no choice but to pass by on either side. As soon as they passed, KITT started his pursuit.

"I have a feeling I’m not going to like this," Erica said.

KITT fired missiles at each of the motorcycles before they could even detect his lock. The missiles struck the pavement underneath their tires, and both cycles were thrown out of control. Trek and Erica were knocked off their seats and onto the pavement. Kat and Plato landed on their sides near their drivers.

Trek groaned and turned over to glance at Erica. His teammate was also still conscious, and wincing at a small welt on her forehead. Her helmet had been knocked off.

"Erica," he asked, "Are you OK?"

She glanced over at him and pulled herself up into a sitting position.

"Aside from a headache and all these bruises," she told him, "I’m fine."

Trek turned to the cars.

"Plato? Kat?"

"We’re still here," Kat replied, "barely."

Trek and Erica were suddenly jerked alert when KITT pulled up to them and stopped only ten feet away.

"Erica!" Kat told her hurriedly, "KITT is preparing to fire!"

Trek and Erica both took on expressions of concern and apprehension. They were both frozen where they were, knowing it would be no use to try to run.

"Well, it was great knowin’ ya," Trek said.

Erica just glanced at him.

They both jumped when a laser suddenly struck KITT’s rear tires. The Trans Am then broke its lock on Trek and Erica and backed off. KITT then shifted gears and sped away in a cloud of dust kicked up from his squealing tires. As soon as KITT was out of the way, the four downed TKR members could see Domino approaching quickly.

"Trek, Erica," Kyle spoke to them through com-link, "Are you two OK?"

"We’re fine, Kyle," Erica told him, "You guys got here just in time."

"I always like to make an entrance," Domino replied.

Assured their teammates were OK, Kyle, Jenny and Domino sped after the retreating Trans Am. They caught up to the good-turned-evil car within minutes.

"We better make this count," Jenny told Kyle, "Domino’s all we have left."

"I’ll understand if you don’t want to engage him," Domino told them.

"We have to at least follow him and see where he’s taking the Prime Minister," Kyle said.

"Does that mean I can keep my distance?" Domino asked hopefully.

Jenny smiled at her appearance-concerned car.

"Yes, Domino," she said, "You don’t have to engage."

Domino didn’t respond at first.

"Drat," she finally spoke up, "KITT’s got his rear missiles aimed at my radiator."

KITT fired his missiles and Domino swerved to avoid them. Jenny and Kyle had to hold on tight to stay in their seats. Domino managed to avoid the missiles KITT fired, but then he sent two more at her, and these ones didn’t miss. Domino’s hood exploded off and landed twenty feet away. Domino came screeching to a stop on the gravel shoulder, fire and smoke erupting from her engine.

As soon as they were stopped, Kyle grabbed a small fire extinguisher from the glove compartment and jumped out to quench the flames. Jenny also climbed out and looked at her car in concern. As soon as the fire was out, Kyle coughed and waved the smoke away from his face, then glanced back to see KITT disappearing down the highway. He pursed his lips and shook his head.

"Oh no!" Domino moaned, "I look horrible, don’t I? Tell me the truth, I can take it."

Jenny sighed and put her hand on Domino’s doorframe.

"Sorry Domino," she said.

"Quick!" Domino pleaded, "Hide me before anyone can see me!"

Jenny and Kyle exchanged frustrated glances.

* * *

"So far no ransom demands," Scott informed them in the garage the following morning, "and Prime Minister Lauren’s government is really ticked off."

Kyle nodded and crossed his arms. Now Domino, Kat and Plato were undergoing repairs with the other cars, and Gil had his hands full. Neither James, nor KITT, nor Charles had been heard from since the kidnapping yesterday.

"Have you figured out why the knockout dart didn’t work on James yet?" Scott continued.

Trek stepped forward.

"For some reason I don’t think toxins affect him," Trek told them, "Remember back when Demetrius hijacked SkyOne and released that funny gas? James wasn’t affected by it, even though he breathed it in like all the others."

"You think he has some sort of immunity?" Kyle asked.

Trek nodded.

"He must," he said, "There’s no other explanation."

"Maybe Dr. Lugae did more than just mess with James’ head," Beast suggested.

Kyle didn’t look happy at this.

"He could tell us if he were here," he said.

"Dr. Lugae was killed back at the bunker," Domino said, "We’re lucky he won’t be able to hurt anyone else."

"We could still use his help to stop James," Kyle said, "He probably knew his weaknesses."

"If he has any," Trek said.

"Our top priority is getting the Prime Minister back," Scott said.

Kyle nodded at him.

"The entire US government is out looking for him," Kyle told him, "Besides, with the cars out of action, there’s not much we can do."

"So you depend on your cars to do all your work?" Scott asked.

"Well, we are the whole reason Team Knight Rider was created," Dante told him.

"And KITT too, right?" Scott asked, "He’s just like your cars. That’s why this whole program is a bad idea. What’s to stop anyone from reprogramming these ones too?"

"I’ll have you know—" Dante began indignantly.

"Dante!" Kyle stopped him, raising a hand, "It’s OK."

"Like hell it is," Dante mumbled.

"It’s time we put this guy in his place, Kyle," Beast agreed.

Kyle shook his head, then turned to Scott.

"In his day KITT was responsible for protecting national security more than a few times," Kyle said, "Not to mention saving hundreds of lives. Any weapon in the wrong hands is dangerous. Like the Proteus, or the EMP gun. And yes, we do rely on our cars a lot. But where would you be without your own weapons?"

"And don’t forget," Trek spoke up, "Batman was nothing without the Batmobile."

Scott looked at them both, looking about to retort, when he was stopped.

"Kyle," Jenny called him over com-link, "You’d better get up here right away. It’s about the Prime Minister."

Kyle and Trek both brushed past Scott to exit the garage. Scott stood there for a moment before turning to follow.

"One more lame-o remark and your butt is mine," Beast growled at him as Scott passed by.

Scott hesitated a moment, then squared his shoulders and resumed.

* * *

"James and KITT dropped Prime Minister Lauren off back at UN Headquarters earlier this morning," Jenny informed them once they joined the others in the situation room.

"That’s pretty rude of them," Trek commented, "sticking it in their faces like that."

"Was he OK?" Scott asked with concern.

Jenny nodded.

"Not even a scratch on him," she told them.

"So what was the point if there was no ransom?" Kyle asked.

Jenny looked at Duke and nodded. Duke pressed a button on his console, and the viewer screen on the wall directly across from Kyle activated.

"The Prime Minister didn’t come back alone," he said, "He had a videotape with him. Our government was kind enough to send us a copy."

The picture fuzzed, then cleared and focused on a dark room. A familiar figure engulfed half of the screen. Once again, Charles revealed only his darkened outline.

"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen," Charles greeted his audience formally, "I’m sure you all know who I am. I must first apologize for kidnapping poor Prime Minister Lauren, but it was quite necessary in order to help me prove a point."

They all listened closely as Charles continued.

"As you know I have at my immediate disposal not only FLAG’s prized possession, KITT," Charles said, "but also your military’s Proteus device, which I assure you works perfectly well for me. Mr. Lauren I’m sure can attest to that. Now, you may be asking yourselves what this devious criminal mastermind has planned with such formidable machinery at his disposal. Well, I’ll tell you, since I’m sure you’re all eager to know. There are exactly six nuclear missiles still standing by in the United States."

Kyle and the others all frowned and exchanged glances.

"There are also three missiles at the ready in Cuba," Charles continued, "Three in Germany, six in Iran and Iraq, and sixteen scattered throughout the rest of the united countries. Thanks to the Proteus device, all of them are now under my control."

At this they all looked disturbed. All were silent and attentive.

"I also have sixteen atom bombs standing by to be set off that I have situated throughout each of the six major continents," he continued, "not including the Arctics. At the moment each of these 50 weapons of destruction are aimed at the capitol cities of the first 50 UN countries to join the pact. As you may have guessed, one of these is aimed at Washington, DC."

Jenny glanced at Kyle, who had his jaw clenched and was gazing unblinkingly at his father.

"My demands are simple," Charles said, "I want all of this world’s countries’ leaders to gather in Washington DC exactly one week from now. Further instructions will await you then. If any one of you fail to comply, then I will not hesitate to release all of the missiles. In which case your precious nations will be no more. Not only America but also every single one of the remaining First and Second World countries will be destroyed. Only the poor and the weak will remain on your pathetic earth. I advise you to heed my warnings with the utmost severity. I will not repeat this warning again."

The tape then fuzzed again and blanked. Duke shut off the monitor. They all sat in silence for a moment, sobered up by Charles’ announcement. One by one they all turned to their leader. Kyle was staring unseeing at his console, his chin propped on his fists.

"With the power he now has," Dante finally spoke up, "Charles’ threat is genuine."

Jenny nodded in agreement.

"Prime Minister Lauren testified he saw the Proteus in action," Jenny told them.

"If he isn’t stopped," Duke spoke up, "he could actually pull this off."

"It’s almost too cliché," Trek said, "I don’t think even Napoleon or Khan got this far."

"Who?" Erica asked.

"He said before about how his dreams were going to come true," Duke said, "Now we know what they are."

Erica nodded.

"Stewart wants to rule the world," she said, verbalizing the conclusion they had all come to.

"Those are some pretty big dreams," Beast commented.

Kyle meanwhile was nodding. He lifted his head and gazed intently at the now-blank monitor across from him.

"That’s what this has all been about all along," he said, "He’s wanted complete dominance of everyone on this earth from square one. His one dream."

Kyle’s eyes hardened as he kept his gaze even. He spoke with utter determination.

"And now I’ll make it my business to crush that dream."

* * *

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