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Let me first begin by saying thank-you to all those who have read this far. I really appreciate your support of my fan-fictions. I hope you all continue to read on through the next season - when I finally get it out. This page is basically a "Why?" and "How?" page for all the fics I have written thus far. Many stories and even TV episodes contain elements that are often not explained later on in the series. Hopefully this little page will help clear a few things up without giving away any plot for future stories.

These stories are a direct continuation of the TV season 01 finale. I couldn't stand it that they left off so suddenly, so I decided to continue with the story. I tried my best to stay true to character and form. I in no way plan or even wish to alter any of the characters (human or vehicle) or even put the focus on new characters that none of you know (OK, I know James is a major character, but the others still get all the spotlight).

Understand it is very difficult to give dialogue to characters whom I myself did not create - especially Plato. Finding quotes for him in context is tough work. So if some of them sound fairly cheesy, please don’t blame me. I am writing this comment page basically to answer any of your questions about the content and intentions of these stories, and I hope things are made clear by it.


This story is the first one I ever thought up. I basically wrote it to introduce James, even though you don’t know it was him until later on. At first I had all the action on the aircraft, like the "SkyOne" TV episode. But later, when I actually saw the episode, I decided to alter it and put in some more plot. I’m glad I did it too. I realize Annie/Alex doesn’t have a really big role in this either - she’s just there, again, to be introduced as James’ partner, and also as a future love interest to James. This chapter is basically setting up the rest of the season.

Questions? Why does Alex leave so soon? Because Jimmie wanted her to. He needed her elsewhere, plus she just didn’t want to stay. Who hired Demetrius to steal the files? It was Mobius, of course. Mobius didn’t do it to play with James, though. He did it more to 1) play with Kyle and 2) he actually wanted those files. Ah well.


I thought up this story way long ago, along with most of the rest of season 01. It’s purpose was to introduce James Arthur and Annie Stiles (since by this point readers shouldn’t realize they are actually Jimmie and Alex). I wanted as much as possible to portray James as a bad guy, but not any ordinary bad guy. My purpose in James acting so amused at TKR’s efforts to stop him was to make Kyle and the others think he was way cocky. I wanted Kyle to REALLY want to put James in jail, which is why I also added the part about the Quad-Missile Incident. By the end of this story, Kyle basically has a small vendetta against James.

Questions? Where did Annie go when she left the hotel room? Most likely to call her superiors (at the FBI) to report about the theft of the files. Another reason I made her leave was of course so Erica could pull her siren routine - I had to let her do it at least once. As for the Quad-Missile Incident, I know it is explained both in this chapter and in Friend and Foe, but this event basically took place a couple years back - before even TKR existed. It was Mobius who sent off four missiles at four relatively populous cities in the Mideast. His goal was to drag James out into the open because he knew James would try to stop him. At that time, James was in hiding, establishing himself under false identities. By the time he found out about Mobius’ plot, it was too late to stop all of the missile from landing, he could only stop one in time. This angered him greatly, since not only did his father kill many innocent people, but he also got James to show himself, and thus began their little “game” of chase.


This is basically a filler chapter, to add some text to the season. James plays a very small part in this story as we only see him twice, and not for very long. I just wanted to get more tech-talk out of Trek, as well as introduce a possible rival for Kyle (Adam). Adam will play a key part in later seasons.

Questions? Wonder how James got Beast’s override codes? He’s Codebreaker, of course. What happened to Muerto? He skipped town once he got paid in Cape Canaveral, like Dr. Rivers confessed. I’m not sure if we’ll see him later on - probably. Since Kyle refers to him as the Jackal, I couldn’t very well have him caught right away, could I? OK, so what did James put in the space station fuel tanks if it wasn’t Superfuel? James actually put in regular fuel. You may think that was pointless. It wasn’t. He did it for two reasons. One was that he wanted it to seem like someone sabotaged the fuel so TKR would be suspicious and think he really did intend to cause harm. The second reason was that he just wanted to have some fun. Plain and simple.


Why did I write this story? Of course it was purely to have fun with Kyle and Jenny. You’ll notice this chapter is the only one that does not contain James. I thought of the idea of Kyle and Jenny posing as a married couple a while ago, wondering why they never got the idea for a TV episode. I wanted to do it, so I did. And I enjoyed every minute of it.

Questions? There’s not much to explain here, at least I don’t think. If you can think of something, please Email Me and I'll post the answer here.


This is one of the more important chapters of the season because it introduces the Codebreaker, a very key figure in this season as well as the others. The idea that someone could mentally break or know any code within seconds is so far out I had to do it. It totally baffles TKR, including Trek. The technology to do this is way more advanced than anyone thought. Though the explanation for how Codebreaker can do all the things he can is in later chapters (try season 04 or 05) we do know he has implants in his brain, among other parts of his anatomy. I wanted to build up Codebreaker’s talents and air of mystery, as well as make him a prominent figure in the new TKR series.

Questions? Why did TKR have to team up with Xavier? Xavier has been after Ellison for a long time now. He decided in order to catch him, he needed help, so he was recommended to FLAG and TKR. It wasn’t really Kyle’s choice to join forces with him, though as you can tell he doesn’t really mind. What about the fake data files - wouldn’t that ruin Codebreaker’s credibility? Yes, indeed it would if it got out that Codebreaker was dishing out false info. But what Codebreaker does that we don’t know, and that I don’t explain in the story, is that the data files he stole from the Pentagon were genuine. The names on the disk are genuine too, only he only turned the text into a type of code. Whenever Codebreaker offers his services to anyone, good or bad, he always delivers the real thing - but later foils the plan anyway so no harm done. It was he who stopped the Vasquez Missile and who later gives TKR a lot of help. Most of the missions he is involved in are masterminded by Mobius.


This story was created to basically introduce the Proteus device, since it is later used in season 03. Also, I wanted to reveal the fact that Codebreaker, or Jamie Mason, is actually Kyle’s little brother. These were two very important pieces of info I needed to clear up, and I figured hey, why not now? I also enjoyed writing the part where James was caught and interrogated. That was more or less for fun, also to introduce Mobius’ other moniker, Chaser. I wanted to display how much Kyle disliked James Arthur, so that when he later finds out the truth, he’ll be more than a little shocked.

Questions? Why don’t the thieves just leave the state/country with the Proteus instead of hanging around for a really dumb mission? That is not fully explained in the story. Mobius/Chaser WANTED his group of thieves to be caught with the Proteus BY Codebreaker because he knew Codebreaker would change the codes and make the Proteus useless to all others but himself. Therefore in season 03 when Mobius steals the Proteus, he knows no one except Codebreaker knows the codes, so no one can stop him.


At first I started writing this story because I had always wanted to do a “Dream” chapter, and also to have some fun by creating ludicrous dialogue/action. However, while there are some comical parts to Kyle’s dream, the rest of the story is rather serious. I don’t mind, though. The focus of the story is, of course, the dream. I wanted to give Kyle, and the readers, an idea of what was to come, since at the end of the dream “James” implies to Kyle that he will be facing someone from his past very soon. It is kind of foreshadowing the season finale. It was also interesting to have the rest of the team rally around Kyle to save him, and also to have them reveal their feelings for their leader, especially Dante.

Questions? Who is that Shadow character? I’m sure you’re all thinking it was KITT, since we saw him as the shadow a few times in the TV series. Well, you’re wrong. The shadow guy is a person from Kyle’s past - distant past. In case you hadn’t guessed, it’s his father, Charles Stewart. Now you may understand why I always had Mobius sitting directly in line with the shadow - it was meant to represent them as one person. Neat, huh?


This is more or less the prologue to the season 02 finale. It is meant to reveal Annie as a good guy, and corner James as the evil bad guy since he tries to kill Jenny - or so it seems to TKR. I added the scene with him checking to make sure she is OK to make you all aware he isn’t what he seems, although I’m sure most of you had figured that out by now. In fact, some of you have figured out James Arthur was really James Mason a long time ago. I never really meant to conceal that fact. Actually, I kind of hoped you would all guess it, since it would be even more dramatic seeing Kyle and James A. together knowing James’ real identity.

Questions? Why did Olivier and James move around so much? Various reasons. The obvious ones were to evade detection, and lead TKR off the right track. Also, James knew it wouldn’t take TKR long to find them, so he wanted to keep on the move as much as possible. His motives for this was the plain fact he didn’t want any of them to get hurt. He knew even before Olivier told him that Jenny was Mobius/Chaser’s chosen TKR martyr because he knows his father, and he knows how much Kyle cares for Jenny. Why blow up the White House? Only Mobius knows, and he’s not telling. OK, the basic reason was 1) to throw TKR off track, 2) give themselves a little challenge, 3) stir the nation just a little. James was in no way behind the plot, he only came in and helped. He never intended for it to follow through. Why did he risk shooting Jenny at such close range? Like Mobius/Chaser once said - Codebreaker is on no one’s side but his own. You’ll find out what that phrase really means later.


The long awaited season 02 finale (at least for me). I realize this story does not involve the cars as much as it should, but I basically just wrote in this finale as a question-answer chapter as well as a set-up for the season 03 premiere, which is a direct continuation. I wanted to reveal the identities of both Mobius and James to Kyle and the others, since I figured they needed to know by now. I also wanted to explain Mobius’ earlier mind-control device and why he really created it, as well as introduce KITT back into the mix. I know that a lot of info was thrown at you in such a short amount of time, but the conclusions to all these issues are spread out through the next three seasons. Plus, I sort of wanted to get a cliff-hangar trend going for all the season finales.

Questions? Oh, there are so many, and most of them will be answered in later chapters so I can’t really go into it. Rest assured any and all questions/issues will eventually be taken care of, and understanding will come in time. OK, what was the “package” James had his friend Riguerez deliver to him? It was a hair-dying kit, so he could change back to his natural almost-white color. Nothing too intriguing.

What's To Come??

You may be wondering what is going to happen next. Of course, the answer to that question lies in season 03. In the 2-part premiere I answer many questions, such as Mobius’ master plan, what happens to KITT and James, etc etc…Also, Starr is once again by Mobius’ side - I couldn’t leave her out. I’m sorry to say Roland couldn’t be present, but if he were he would have only been…hey, I can’t tell you! Find out in Day of Doom Pt.One!

Want to tell me what you think should happen next? Or want to give your opinion on whether my stories rock or suck? Or maybe give me ideas for future fanfic. Just email me at or leave a note in my Guestbook.

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