Team Knight Rider - Season Two

Chapter Five: Codebreaker

Later that evening, Jenny took her new gown into the bathroom, intending to change. She turned on the taps to provide some background noise before she lifted her watched up to her mouth to talk.

"Kyle?" she asked, "Kyle, are you there?"

"Jenny?" Kyle's voice came through her wrist-com, "Is everything OK?"

"I'm fine," Jenny reported, "We're about to go to a party."

"I know," Kyle said, "Xavier is going to be there. His friend Khalil and I are going to be monitoring it inside Dante using that surveillance brooch. Do you have it?"

"Right here," Jenny said, fingering the brooch.

She heard Kyle hesitate.

"Are you all right in there?" he asked her, "I mean, do you want us to pull you out?"

Jenny rolled her eyes.

"I'm fine, Kyle," she told him, "You don't have to worry about me."

"I wasn't worried," Kyle objected.

"Were too," Dante cut in.

Jenny smiled.

"Have you heard anything about Codebreaker?" she asked.

"Yeah," Kyle said, "He's about Trek's age, blond, glasses, and he has a couple scars over his face. That's about it. His real name is Jamie Mason. We think he's our guy."

"I'll look out for him," Jenny promised.

"Oh," Dante spoke up, "Jenny, I'm supposed to ask you how you're doing and if everything is going all right. Domino and Beast want to know. I told them I wasn't their personal messenger service, but neither of them would take no for an answer.

Jenny smiled widely.

"Tell them I'm just fine and I can't wait to see them, Dante," she replied.

"Fine," Dante said, "They're on their way here now. They should be arriving sometime tomorrow morning."

"Kyle?" Jenny said, "I have to go. I'll try to get in touch again as soon as possible."

"All right, Jenny," Kyle said, "Be careful."

"Of course."

Jenny then turned off her wrist-com and began changing.

* * *

They arrived at the soiree over an hour later. Ellison wore a black tuxedo while Jenny looked stunning in a black velvet evening gown revealing smooth bare shoulders and a v-neckline. She also wore the brooch shaped like a panther. The earrings she wore were actually one-way communicators so Kyle could speak to her without giving her away.

Ellison was beaming as he escorted her up the stairs into the hall where the soiree was being held. Numerous well-dressed officials and diplomats filled the fancy room. Most of them were natives. Very few were fair-skinned. Jenny looked around, but could see no sign if anyone fitting Mason's loose description. When she glanced to her left, she could see Ellison doing the same.

"Let's go meet our host, shall we?" Ellison suggested. He pulled Jenny along without waiting for a reply.

Jenny tried not to get tense as the came upon a very distinguished-looking man in formal attire with a short beard and moustache. He appeared to be in his late fifties. As soon as he saw Ellison approaching, he put on a guarded yet polite smile.

"Sadam," Ellison greeted him informally, "So nice to see you again."

"And you too, Mr. Ellison," Garat replied, inclining his head.

Ellison turned to Jenny to introduce her.

"This is my personal assistant, Miss Andrews," Ellison told him.

Garat looked upon Jenny with upraised eyes. He took her hand, and she let him kiss it.

"It is an honor," he told her, his voice thickly accented.

"For me too," she replied.

Ellison then addressed Garat in Arabic. Jenny creased her brows, unable to understand. Garat replied him. From what Jenny could tell, Garat didn't really like Ellison that much, but Ellison didn't seem to notice. Either that or he didn't care.


Jenny almost jumped at the voice by her ear. She glanced at Ellison and Garat to make sure neither of them had heard. They hadn't.

"We just got word," Kyle told her, "Khalil just said that one of his men saw a man coming through customs tonight closely matching Mason's description. The name he used was Jonathan Weber. He has short white-blond hair, is wearing sunglasses, and has a scar over his left eye and cheek. The agents at the airport lost him before he even left. He's probably going to meet Ellison. Be on the lookout."

Jenny fought the involuntary urge to reply, and instead stood there as demurely as possible. Garat inclined his head to both of them a moment later and turned to leave. Ellison led her through the room. He grabbed two glasses of wine that a waiter was carrying by on a tray and gave one to her. They both sipped, Jenny considerably less.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" Ellison asked her.

Jenny nodded.

"Yes, very much," she lied.

Ellison gave her a winsome smile.

"I must say, you look absolutely stunning," he told her.

Jenny's face flushed slightly.

"Thank-you," she said.

He kept his eyes on her, and Jenny tried to pretend she was focusing on the activity around them. As she took a sip of wine she happened to look up and see the only fair-haired head in the entire room. She recognized him immediately from his description. He was tall, but no taller than Kyle. In fact he shared Kyle's medium build and narrow, tanned face. Except his face was younger and bore the scars Kyle had mentioned. He wore an expensive black suit and still had the sunglasses covering his eyes. And he was heading right for them.

Jenny stole a glance at Ellison. He too had torn his gaze away from Jenny long enough to spot the young man heading their way. Mason, or Codebreaker, or Weber or whoever, had a perpetual poker face expression as he reached them and addressed Ellison.

"Mr. Ellison?" the man asked, speaking in a gravely voice that was probably being masked. Even though he had asked a question, he seemed sure of the response.

"Correct," Ellison said, holding out his hand to shake. The other man ignored it.

"You can call me Mr. Weber," he said.

Ellison nodded, then turned to Jenny.

"This is my good friend, Miss Andrews," he said.

Again, Mr. Weber a.k.a. Codebreaker ignored the man.

"You will meet me tomorrow morning at 8am at the restaurant Hussan's," Codebreaker told him, then added, "Bring the woman with you."

With that Codebreaker turned and left without another word. Ellison stared after him, partly in curiosity, partly in wonder. Jenny figured he obviously thought Codebreaker was the real thing. Ellison then turned to her and plastered on his smile once again.

"A friend of mine," Ellison explained, "He's not one for small talk."

"Apparently not," Jenny said.

* * *

"Hussan's restaurant," Khalil repeated, "That's close to the hotel. It's also very high-class. I'll get us a reservation for the morning so we can watch the meeting."

Kyle nodded.

"Then hopefully we'll be able to catch Ellison, Hamal and Codebreaker and end this," Kyle said optimistically.

Khalil nodded, also looking hopeful.

"I have been after Hamal for four years now," Khalil told him, "It would be nice to end it."

It was late by the time Ellison and Jenny left in a limo to go back to the hotel. Xavier also left the party and joined the others inside Dante so they could follow. Kyle still had the feedback from Jenny's brooch on the display monitor. They watched through it as Ellison and Jenny went up to their hotel room.

"I don't believe I have seen any woman more beautiful than you in my whole life," they heard Ellison tell Jenny once they reached their room. They could see Ellison perfectly through the brooch-cam. Ellison was facing Jenny and standing a bit too close for Kyle's comfort.

"That's very flattering," Jenny said in a steady voice. Kyle could tell she was tense. She wasn't used to accepting such compliments, especially from a criminal.

They could see Ellison step closer.

"What do you say you and I retire for the night?" Ellison proposed.

Kyle tensed.

"Uh, I don't think so," Jenny told him, knowing full well what he meant, "We just met yesterday."

They saw Ellison shrug.

"I've known you two days and already I feel so close to you," Ellison told her.

Kyle rolled his eyes.

"What a smooth talker," Dante commented, "Do you think she's falling for it?"

"What do you think?" Kyle asked.

On the monitor, they watched as Ellison came even closer to Jenny so that only half of his face was in view. He put his arms around her.

"Don't you feel the same?" Ellison asked in a low voice.

Kyle's mouth dropped as he watched Ellison draw closer until all they saw was black. A murmur of pleasure escaped Ellison's throat.

"Is he kissing her?" Kyle asked in disbelief.

"It appears so," Dante commented.

Xavier glanced at Kyle.

"You feel protective of her?" he asked.

Kyle hesitated.

"You could say that," Dante replied knowingly.

"She's part of my team," Kyle told him, as if that would explain it.

Fortunately Jenny didn't let it go any further. She broke away from the kiss and backed away a couple steps.

"Mm," Ellison smiled at her, "That was wonderful."

"I think I'm going to throw up," Kyle said.

"Be sure to get out first," Dante warned him, "Vomit is impossible to get out of upholstery, not to mention the awful smell it leaves behind."

* * *

Kyle and Xavier managed to get reservations to the restaurant the following morning and arrived early to make sure they got there before Ellison and Jenny. They found their table, which was located just three down from the one Ellison had reserved. Xavier made sure his back was turned to the table since Ellison would be able to recognize him.

Ellison and Jenny arrived a few minutes later and sat down. Jenny and Kyle made eye contact briefly. She looked a bit tired. Actually, so was he. He hadn't gotten much sleep last night, having been up worrying about Jenny being alone in a hotel room with Ellison all night. And his memory of their kiss the previous night never failed to disgust him.

Kyle then pushed a switch on his watch. As soon as he did, they could hear what Ellison and Jenny were saying perfectly. Ellison was ordering breakfast for both of them.

"Now we'll be able to hear what's going on," Kyle said.

Xavier looked impressed.

"You people have such amazing toys," he remarked.

"Hey, I'm no toy," Dante spoke up. He was parked just outside.

"And it has a mind of it's own and everything," Xavier said.

"It?" Dante asked skeptically.

"Never mind, Dante," Kyle said.

"Oh, all right," Dante said, "Codebreaker is on his way in, FYI."

Both Kyle and Xavier stole glances at the entrance. Moments later Codebreaker walked in. He looked exactly the same as the night before except he wore an equally expensive khaki suit and carried a briefcase in one hand. He went directly to Ellison and Jenny's table and sat down across from them. As soon as he did, he started speaking to Ellison in Arabic. Xavier listened intently.

"Uh, Dante?" Kyle asked.

"Need my help Kyle?"

Kyle waited.

"Oh, fine," Dante gave up, then told him, "Codebreaker is telling Ellison he has the disk containing the information he requested and that it's in the briefcase. He also says there's a code word to open the disk and that he won't give it to Ellison until he is paid."

Kyle watched as Ellison into his pocket and made a quick phone call on his cell phone. Moments later his two bodyguards came in. One of them carried a heavy briefcase, which he set down at Codebreaker's feet. Codebreaker then gave Ellison his own briefcase, then uttered a single word.

"The code word is George," Dante translated.

"Well, thank-you for your good work," Ellison said in English.

A ghost of a smile appeared on Codebreaker's face.

"You're welcome," he replied.

"You know it's not very bright in here," Jenny spoke up, "Why don't you take off your sunglasses?"

Kyle and Xavier exchanged glances. They could see Jenny and Ellison both watching Codebreaker for his reaction. Codebreaker appeared to be amused by the request.

"Very well," he replied.

They all watched with curiosity as the young man reached up to remove his eyewear. As soon as he looked up, they were surprised to see his eyes had absolutely no color in them. They were pure white.

"You're albino," Ellison spoke up.

Codebreaker inclined his head in response.

"Listen," Xavier said to Kyle, "We can't let Ellison leave with that disk."

"We can't let Codebreaker get away either," Kyle said.

Xavier nodded.

Just then they noticed Codebreaker getting up.

"If you'll excuse me," Codebreaker told Ellison and Jenny. He nodded his head, then turned to leave.

"I need to stay here with Ellison," Xavier told Kyle.

Kyle nodded and stood.

"I'll go after Codebreaker," he decided.

Kyle then left the restaurant after a brief glance at Jenny. As soon as he exited he saw Codebreaker walking away down the street to his left. He moved to follow.

"Dante," Kyle said, "You stay here and help Xavier."

"All right," Dante said, "But be careful."

Kyle kept his eye on Codebreaker's back as he hurried to catch up. He seemed to be heading in the direction of the airport. Kyle got closer to him and decided he'd have to try to catch him ASAP. Codebreaker was likely planning on leaving the country with his money.

Then suddenly Codebreaker disappeared from the sidewalk and cut through an alley. Kyle ran to the alley, then slowed down and went in cautiously. As soon as he turned the corner, something struck his neck. It was a dart. Kyle immediately felt his limbs giving way and he sank to the ground.

Then Codebreaker appeared right next to him, looking down at Kyle's inert form. He kneeled down and helped Kyle into a sitting position and leaned him against the wall.

"Don't worry, I don't want to hurt you," Codebreaker told him, "The effects of the dart should wear off in half an hour or so."

Kyle raised his eyes to him. Codebreaker removed his sunglasses so they made eye contact. Codebreaker regarded him calmly.

"It was stupid, Kyle," Codebreaker told him, "needlessly putting Jenny in danger like that. You never had to worry about the disk."

With that, Codebreaker stood, grabbed his money-filled briefcase and left. Kyle watched him leave, then blacked out completely.

* * *

Back at the restaurant, Xavier waited until Ellison and Jenny got up to leave before he made his move. Once again using his cell, Xavier had his men positioned around the restaurant.

Ellison, however, was wary of a trap and had made a quick call of his own. He guided Jenny by the arm out of the restaurant. As soon as they stepped outside, however, a tall dark man moved to block their path. Ellison recognized him immediately.

"Xavier," Ellison spoke with much contempt.

"Ellison," Xavier acknowledged, holding up his gun and ID, "I'm happy to say you are under arrest."

"Whatever for?" Ellison asked innocently.

"Selling protected government files to other countries," Xavier said, "Conspiring to steal government documents. Buying and selling of such documents."

Ellison at first looked beaten, then he suddenly smiled.

"Sorry," he apologized, "Not today, my friend."

Suddenly gunfire erupted all around them. Ellison's two bodyguards, guns out, fired at Xavier and his men while protecting their boss. A limo pulled up in front of them. Ellison shoved Jenny inside and climbed in after her. It then drove away, leaving Xavier and his men to fend off Ellison's two bodyguards and his six other men who had just arrived in two black cars.

Xavier opened fire on Ellison's men, looking desperately for cover. It was then that Dante sped up to block him from the bad guys' bullets, but not before Xavier was hit. He fell to the ground behind Dante. Khalil, who noticed this, ran over to join his fallen comrade.

"Can't you do something?" Xavier asked, cradling his wounded arm.

"If I fired any of my rockets, then innocent bystanders might get hurt," Dante replied.

"Don't worry, Dante. I'll take care of everything."

"Oh, great," Dante replied sarcastically, "The big dumb truck is here to save the day."

Duke and Beast revved onto the scene. True to form, Beast rammed one of the black cars head on, causing it to tumble over. Three bad guys scrambled out.

"Now that was fun," Beast said.

Trek and Erica took the other car in their HSPV.

"Let's take 'em out!" Trek exclaimed.

"Yeah, yeah," Erica said boredly.

Trek and Erica drove towards the remaining car. The driver of it realized his danger and turned it around.

"If they want a chase, we'll give 'em a chase," Trek said.

"Let's just get this over with," Erica said.

"I agree with Erica," Kat said, "We have a job to do. It's not supposed to be fun."

"That's a first," Erica commented.

"Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?" Trek asked suspiciously. They soon caught up to the black car.

"She spent the whole night worrying about Jenny," Kat told him.

"When will you ever learn to keep things to yourself?" Erica complained.

"Are you two gonna finish up today?" Duke asked them through com-link.

The HSPV reached the black car. As soon as they did, the two motorcycles separated and each took a side. Then they used their side rockets to take out the tires. The car skidded around in a circle and came to a jerky stop a moment later.

"You're outta there!" Plato announced in an umpire's voice.

* * *

Back at the gunfight scene, Ellison's two bodyguards were still shooting at Dante, who was protecting Xavier and Khalil.

"This is getting tiresome," Dante said finally.

He used the darts in his grill and fired them with precise aim at the two beefy men. Within a moment both men were lying on the ground unconscious.

"Nice work," Xavier grunted, "For a car."

"Sport Utility Vehicle," Dante amended again.

Xavier grinned.


* * *

Jenny and Ellison hurried into the hotel. As soon as they got in, Ellison rushed her into the bedroom.

"I apologize, but we have to leave immediately," Ellison told her, "There is some, uh, public discontent. Some rebels are attacking people on the street. We should leave before it gets out of hand. You pack and I'll make arrangements."

Without another word Ellison left the room and shut the door behind him, leaving it open only a crack. Jenny walked over to the door, and put her ear to it to listen. Ellison was calling someone on his phone.

"Hamal," he said, "I have the disk and I want my money now. All $80 million of it.... Fine, I'll see you soon."

Ellison hung up, and Jenny made her move. She opened the door all the way and stepped out. Ellison saw her immediately.

"Finished packing already?" he asked, putting on a fake smile.

Jenny shook her head.

"I wasn't packing," Jenny told him, "because where you're going, the only attire is black and white overalls."

Ellison's smile faltered.

"What?" he asked.

She stepped closer.

"I'm not your personal assistant," she told him, "I work for the Foundation for Law and Government. And you have something we want."

Ellison's eyes widened. Before he could go for his gun, however, Jenny made a swift attack. She had him knocked out on the floor within seconds. As soon as he was down, Jenny pulled the disk out of his pocket and put it in her purse. She then grabbed his gun and lifted her watch closer to her mouth.

"Kyle?" she said, speaking into it.

No reply.

"Kyle?" she repeated.

Still no answer.

Jenny threw up her hands.

"Guess I'll just have to wait for Hamal by myself," she muttered aloud.

* * *

Back in the alley, Kyle awoke groggily. He felt a slight tingling in his neck from the dart that had pierced his skin. He groaned as he pushed his woozy body up off the ground and stood on shaky feet. He stumbled out of the alley into the bright sunlight and squinted, then made his way back to the restaurant.


Kyle looked up and saw Trek waving at him. The young genius was standing next to Duke, Erica and Xavier, whose left arm was bandaged and in a sling. The cars were there as well.

"Whoa," Duke commented when Kyle drew nearer, "What happened to you?"

"Codebreaker knocked me out with a dart," Kyle told them, "He got away."

He looked around. Xavier's men were rounding up all of Ellison's men and taking them away, but two key people were missing.

"Where are Jenny and Ellison?" he asked.

They all looked at one another.

"Ellison escaped with Jenny in the confusion," Dante spoke up, "I would have gone after them, but they needed me here."

"Jenny?" Kyle said, speaking into his wrist-com.

"Kyle, is that you?" Jenny's voice came through immediately, "Where have you been?"

"Never mind that," Kyle said, "What's going on?"

"I took care of Ellison, and I have the disk," Jenny reported, "but Hamal is on his way here. He should be here any minute."

Kyle closed his eyes, then opened them again.

"OK," he said, "Just wait there. We're on our way. Don't try anything until we get there, OK?"

"No promises," Jenny replied, then cut the communication.


No response.

"Let's go," Kyle told the others.

They all climbed into their vehicles. Xavier followed Kyle and climbed into Dante's passenger seat.

"I want to be there," Xavier told him.

Kyle nodded, then led the way to the hotel.

* * *

Jenny glanced out the window for the fifth time. This time she recognized Hamal walking through the front door. He had two mean-looking men with him, both carrying briefcases. Most likely Ellison's money was inside. Jenny took a deep breath, then immediately calmed down. She had been in tough situations before, and this was nothing compared to them. Almost eagerly she waited for the knock on the door. Moments later she heard it. She went to the door, hiding the gun behind her back with one hand while opening the door with the other.

"Miss Andrews," Hamal greeted her with a curt nod.

"Come on in," Jenny said, opening the door wider, "Robert is waiting inside."

She waited until the three men had gone by before following them in at a distance. As soon as they saw Ellison's inert body sprawled across the floor, they all whirled around to face Jenny, who by this time had the gun out and pointed at Hamal's head.

"Don't move," she told them.

The three men obeyed, raising their hands about halfway up. Hamal scowled at her. Then he started speaking to her rapidly and loudly in Arabic. He took a step forward. A moment later he flinched and jumped back as Jenny sent a bullet into the wall just behind him.

"I said, don't move," she repeated more sternly.

This time they all obeyed.

"You are making a grave mistake, Miss," Hamal warned her threateningly, "You have nothing against us. I assure you if you keep this up, you will get yourself into a lot of trouble."

"It looks to me like you're the ones in trouble," Jenny commented without concern.

Hamal laughed humorlessly.

"Agent Xavier cannot put me in jail," Hamal told her, "He has no proof."

"You want to bet on that?" Xavier asked from behind Jenny.

The FBI agent walked in, followed by Kyle and the others. He trained his own gun on Hamal with his free hand. Jenny relaxed her grip.

"How about taped conversations between you and Ellison planning on acquiring and selling official American government documents?" Xavier asked him, "Not to mention the money in those briefcases and the disk Miss Andrews has retrieved.

Hamal frowned, then glared at the agent.

"You're under arrest, Hamal," Xavier said. Two of his people then came in and led away the three men. Jenny gave up the gun to them and joined the others. She reached into her purse and pulled out the disk she had gotten from Ellison. Xavier took it and pocketed it.

"Thank-you," he told them sincerely.

"It was my pleasure," she replied.

Duke and Trek helped drag Ellison away after saying "Hi" to Jenny. Kyle walked over to her then.

"Are you all right?" he asked her.

Jenny smiled at him.

"Couldn't be better," Jenny told him.

Kyle smiled back.

"Congratulations," he told her, "You did a good job."

"Thanks," Jenny said, "Now I just want to go home.

Kyle grinned and nodded.

"Yeah, me too," he agreed.

Erica walked over to Jenny.

"Ellison didn't put any moves on you, did he?" she asked her.

Jenny's smile dropped, and she and Kyle exchanged glances.

"Nothing I couldn't handle," she finally replied.

Erica gave her a smile and a pat on the back.

"Domino would be proud," she told her.

Jenny laughed, and the three of them left the room together.

* * *

Within hours Team Knight Rider and Xavier were back on SkyOne with Ellison, heading back for the States. They gathered in the garage, hearing a report from Xavier about what happened with Hamal.

"Hamal will be in prison for a long time," Xavier told them all.

"What about Garat?" Jenny asked, "Was he involved.

Xavier shook his head.

"Actually," he said, "Garat secretly helped us set Hamal up. He says he wants to clean up his country. Our suspicions of him turned out to be wrong, fortunately."

"So what about Ellison?" Erica asked.

Xavier told them, "He will be spending the rest of his life locked up in a federal prison."

Xavier then addressed them sincerely.

"I must thank you all for your help," he told them, "Especially you, Kyle and Jenny. Without you Ellison and Hamal would still be free."

"Hey, what about me?" Dante spoke up, "Was I not there too? I seem to remember saving your rear end from a few bullets with your name on them."

Xavier laughed.

"And you too, Dante," he acceded.

"Just one thing, Jenny," Domino spoke up, "Next time you go dancing off someplace on a mission, undercover or not, just promise to bring me with you, OK Hon? I was so worried."

Jenny smiled and leaned against her car affectionately.

"Sure thing, Dom," she promised.

"I'm just glad I don't have to be in charge of SkyOne anymore," Duke said with relief.

"Don't worry, Duke," Beast told his driver, "You didn't screw up too much."

Duke shook his head.

"Gee, thanks."

* * *

So the TKR team dropped Xavier and Ellison off at an FBI building with the disk, and headed back into the air for their next mission. A few hours later, they all gathered in the situation room after receiving an audio/visual call from Xavier with information for them.

"We checked the disk as soon as we arrived," Xavier told them.

"You mean the one that was supposed to have all those names on it?" Erica asked.

Xavier nodded.

"There was something wrong, though," Xavier revealed, "All of the names on the disk were phony. The disk was a fake."

They all looked at each other in confusion as Xavier ended the transmission.

"Why would Codebreaker give out false information?" Duke wondered out loud, "Wouldn't that tarnish his reputation?"

Kyle shook his head, deep in thought.

"I don't think so," he replied.

"And just what is it you're thinking?" Dante asked his driver.

"I think he's the real thing," Kyle told them, then revealed, "When I chased him into the alley, right after he gave me the dart, he said something. He knew my name, and Jenny's, and he told me not to worry about the disk."

"So how does that make him legit?" Duke asked.

Kyle shook his head.

"It just doesn't make sense," Kyle admitted, "Codebreaker planted those phony names on purpose."

"You think he might be a good guy?" Trek suggested.

They all looked at him skeptically.

"I don't think so," Kyle said, "I just think he had something up his sleeve."

"Too bad we weren't able to catch him," Jenny lamented.

"FLAG and the FBI are both looking into Codebreaker," Kyle informed them, "Now that we have his name, we may be able to find something new. Until then, we'll just have to wait until he makes his next move."

The others agreed as SkyOne flew off into the clouds towards its next destination.

* * *

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