Final Fantasy FanFiction

Welcome all you adventurers to my humble tribute to the finest RPG family ever to grace this world. As you may well have guessed, these pages are dedicated to the awesome video game series Final Fantasy. Below are just some of the goodies I have devised for your pleasure, most prominent of all being the fanfiction, that you can find no where else.

I have strived to make these pages as straight-forward as possible for your ease and comfort. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer. If you have any comments or criticisms about either my work or my pages, please feel free to Email Me - I do not bite.


FanFiction Pages
The highlight of this sight, visit the fanfic
I created with inspiration from FFVII.

About The Games
Learn about the FF series games for PSX
and SNES, as well as my personal commentary.

Here are some links to other sites
dedicated to Final Fantasy.

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