Set in the city of Roswell, NM, this is the story of six teens brought together by one impossible secret - that three of them are aliens from another planet. Now Liz, Maria & Alex must help Max, Isabel and Michael to not only keep the world from finding out their secret, but to help the aliens fight to protect their home planet!

**WARNING!! - Episode descriptions contain spoilers!**

EPISODES 31+ - Page Four

#31 Max in the City
    OK, so Max and Tess end up in New York. While the two 'dupes'- Michael2 and Isabel2, are waiting for them to finish sight-seeing, they meet up with Nicolas, who seems to be all in one piece. So M2 and I2 show Max & Tess their undergrund hideout in the sewer, and we learn that maybe the dupes are not the successful set of aliens after all. Eventually M2 takes Max to undergo a test which proves him to be the true King of his world. Apparently there are 4 other worlds along with Max's, and all five are at war. Deligates from each world will take over a human body in order to meet with Max at the summit meeting - and that museum curator is one of them! Meanwhile, back in Roswell, Liz befriends Tess2 and lets her sleep at her place. She also learns that Tess holds a dark secret that really disturbs her. Max calls Isabel, asking her if she'd like to go back home - is the summit meeting goes well, the orginal royal four will be able to return to their planet, but only one of each (ie. one of the Michaels, etc.). Isabel cannot answer, and Max gets annoyed. Isabel & Michael start to worry about Max in NY. They confront Tess2, who refuses to tell them anything. But then Liz talks to her gently, and Tess admits that M2 & I2 killed Max2, and that they'll probably kill Max too. Isabel tries to dreamwalk to warn him, but it doesn't work. So they decide to let Liz give it a try, since she has a bond with Max. Meanwhile, at the summit meeting, Kavar/Nicolas proposes for peace if the royal four will come back & Max be king in name only. When Max leaves to think about it, Kevar/Nicolas and Isabel2 talk an make plans to kill both M2 and Max. Max decides not to take the offer. After they leave the summit, M2 and I2 try to kill Max, but he is warned by a projected image of Liz. He then goes to find Tess, who was taken by M2 and I2. He finds her in their hideout, alone. M2 and I2 are nowhere to be found. Later, he and Isabel reconcile, and he also talks to Liz and says he'd like to start over as friends. He asks her once and for all if she slept with Kyle, and she indicates that she did.

#32 A Roswell Christmas Carol
    Aired Dec.18th,'00; Synopsis coming, um, whenever I see a rerun.

OK, now, there are a lot of episodes in between these two episodes, but unfortunately I did not watch any of them. So there will be no synopsis for them, I am afraid. Perhaps, if I see the reruns, I will add them in. From here on in we start with the new eps beginning in April '01.

Prom Night
    Ok, as you may have guessed, it is prom night, and our teens are looking for dates. Liz wonders if maybe prom night will be a good way to get back together with Max. Kyle looks forward to going to the prom with Tess, but then realizes he thinks of her more as a sister than a girlfriend. Maria spies Michael going to some woman's house and believes he is cheating on her, but then discovers he was just taking dancing lessons for the prom because he knew the prom was important to her (Awwww...). Alex gets back from his trip and goes with Isabel, who finally notices him and they kind of make-out a little on the dance floor. As for Max & Liz, I believe they go to the prom together, but something happens (I don't know what) that separates them. Max ends up with Tess, and the two of them kiss! Liz sees them and leaves the prom. So much for getting back together!

Episode Air Date 04.23.01
    OK, so, under Liz & Maria's instruction, Alex plays hard-to-get with Isabel. Later, after he orders-in some food that arrives cold, Alex gets upset. Later, he gets into a car accident and dies. Max tries to use his powers to bring Alex back, but fails. The Isabel, Liz and Maria are especially upset. Isabel has a dream that Alex is OK. The next day is Kyle's birthday, but naturally he's not in the celebrating spirit. Liz, in denial about Alex's death, snoops around in his wrecked car and finds a photo of himself and a girl named Leanna - Alex himself is cut out of the photo. Liz thinks it means something. Valenti tells Liz Alex's death may have been a suicide. Liz is very upset at this, doesn't believe it, and goes to Max to talk. After the funeral service, Max then procedes to berate Valenti for upsetting Liz. Valenti shows Max the files he collected on Alex. At the wake, I think in Alex's room(?), Liz tells everyone she believes Alex was killed by an alien. This causes controversy - aliens vs. humans. Later, the delivery boy (the one who delivered Alex the cold food) shows Liz the receipt he got the day Alex died. Alex signed it using some sort of bit-code, ie. 1001101001.... The Liz quotes a piece of a poem Alex seemed to be fond of - "Promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep". (Actually, I can't remember whether she read this at the end or when she was in Alex's room).

Episode Air Date 04.30.01
    Liz and Maria go through Alex's room looking for material for the school's yearbook. However, Liz decides to poke through Alex's computer, bent on proving Alex was murdered. Liz finds a locked file and Maria gives her the code - "ITheStud". The file reads "Leanna is not Leanna" over and over in a seemingly endless loop. So Liz and Sean later break into the school to go through Alex's records, but unfortunately they get caught. Fortunately, they manage to get out of trouble fairly easily. Meanwhile, Isabel is considering both Liz's thoery and going off to college and Max is very upset at her for both. He is also afraid of a relationship with Tess, and is afraid of the idea of "home". Michael has a talk with Isabel and says they have to stick together. Max catches Liz calling the Swedish embassy (for info on the building Alex and Leanna are standing in front of in the photo) and tells her to stop her investigation. Liz visits Sean, apologizes for getting him into trouble (he already has a record) and tells him that he can't date her or hang out with her. But then she goes and kisses him.
    Michael is acting like the perfect boyfriend (for a change?) and Maria is upset because she knows he won't be around forever. Liz finds the telephone # for the Olsens, the folks Alex stayed with in Sweden, and finds out the Olsens never existed. So she digs into her bank account and plans a trip to Europe. Max is a complete jerk to Isabel and tells her if she tries to leave for college, he'll tell her teachers she cheated and her parents she has a drug problem. Either that or he'll physically make her stay. Max is also a jerk to Liz and tries to keep her from going to the airport. She tells Max he can't boss her around and leaves. Later, at the observation tower, Max and Tess make-out heavily. At the airport, just before she boards her flight, Liz gets a call from the Swedish Embassy and finds out the building in the photo was torn down in 1994, meaning Alex never even went to Sweden.

Episode Air Date 05.06.01
    Max and Tess end up sleeping together and she later finds out she's pregnant. Isabel is furious with Max about his threats (naturally) and refuses to speak to him. Tess tells Max about the baby, and he is wierded out. Isabel and Kyle play pranks on Max to get even with him for being a jerk. Maria helps Liz solve Alex's murder. They decide to go to some university, and Michael joins them later. They discover Alex decoded the alien language and sent the info to Leanna. Max and Tess' baby, a boy, is dying because the earth's atmosphere is poisoning him (why, I'm not sure). Max tells Isabel about Tess and the baby, and they make-up. Michael brings the decoded alien book to Max and Isabel, and they find out that it tells them the way home.

Season Finale Air Date 05.13.01
    This is going to be long. At the beginning, the four aliens are in the Granolith. The crystal (the one Michael, Maria and Liz found along with the decoded alien book, I think) is actually the key to the Granolith, which can only be used once. Max tells them all to say their good-byes. Also says he'll take care of Leanna. Max and Liz find Leanna in her dorm room. Max almost kills her, but Liz discovers she's actually human and stops him. Isabel can't deal with leaving. Tess calls Valenti "Dad" to try it out - though I'm not sure why. Wierd. Isabel is still having visions/conversations with Alex. Max tells Liz about Tess and the baby. Max tells her they are leaving, and the two of them fight (verbally). Michael lets Maria see inside his mind. When talking to Tess in his bedroom, Kyle looks into the mirror and sees Alex, who is talking as if to an alien. Kyle then determines that Alex was in his room the day he was murdered. But before he can tell his dad, Tess does some alien trick and erases his memories. Liz confesses to Max that she didn't sleep with Kyle. Max kisses her and says he loves her, then cries after she leaves.
    Maria and Michael sleep together, and say the "L"-word to each other. Then Michael tells her he is leaving that night. They cuddle. Max finds Isabel in her room, crying. She wants to stay. Max tells her that she is his home. Liz goes to see Sean and they make-out. Then she tells him that Max broke her heart. Max and Isabel say good-bye to the folks using a video-recorder. Max kisses Tess, and she sees the memory of Max kissing Liz, but doesn't seem worried. She tells him that he won't remember Liz where he's going. The four aliens say their good-byes to Valenti, then head to the cave. Maria and Liz hear Maria's mom talking on about Larrick (her memories from the hostage situation at the UFO Centre). She is also tapping her fingers agitatedly, just like both Alex and Kyle did. Liz then deduces that it was Tess that warped Kyle, Alex, and Mrs. Deluca's minds. Liz and Maria go see Kyle and tell him. He is tapping his fingers agitatedly again. He looks into mirror in his room again, and this is what he sees:
    Alex and Tess are arguing in Kyle's room. Alex says Tess destroyed his mind. He pleads to Tess not to mind warp him again. But she does. Alex goes unconscious. Kyle walks in, and Tess gets him to carry Alex to the car. Then she says she'll take care of things.
    Tess used mind warp on Kyle to make him believe he was dragging luggage to the car, not Alex. Tess is the one who made Alex decipher the alien book. So therefore Tess killed Alex. Liz, Maria and Kyle hurry to warn the aliens before they leave. At the Granolith, they prepare to leave. Michael decides not to go. Tess hurries them along. Michael leaves. When he comes out of the cave, Liz, Maria and Kyle are there, and the four go inside to warn Max. Max kicks everyone out so he can speak privately with Tess. She admits to killing Alex for the aliens' benefit. She says what matters is getting home. Tess calls Liz a "bi***" and asks Max why he never cared for her like he did Liz. Tess says Max's enemies (Kevar) are not her enemies. Nasedo made a deal with Kevar to return home with Max's child and turn Max and the others (Isabel and Michael) in to Kevar. Max wants to kill her, but can't because of the baby. He tells Tess to go, so the Granolith takes her home. They all evacuate the cave. There are tremors, some metallic ooze comes out of the cave and a ship takes off for space. Max tells Liz that she is the only right thing he's ever done. Max then decides he must save his son.