This page contains miscellaneous information on the Roswell TV series, including small details about the show, characters, episodes, etc. I will try to make it as diverse as possible. If anyone has any suggestions, please email me. Thank-you. ~Cbjam
**All of this info pertains to Season One.

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Crashdown Cafe
Links Between TV Roswell and Real-life Roswell

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Menu Items: Alien Blast; Will Smith; Sigourney Weaver; Mercury Milkshake; Blue Moon Burgers; Saturn Rings; Blood of Alien Smoothie; Green Martian Shake; Hot Fudge Blast-off; Alien Encounter(shake)
Staff: Agnes(waitress); Jose(chef)

Classes: Together...
Math/Geometry - Liz, Max, Michael (Teacher = Mr. Singer)
History - Liz, Max, Isabel, Maria, Michael, Kyle (Teacher = Mr. Sommers)
Biology - Liz & Max
Classes: Separate...
Liz - US Government, English
Max - PE, English, Trigonometry
Michael - Art (Teacher = Mr. Cowan)
Alex - PE, Chorale
Maria - Shop
Kyle - PE (Teacher = Coach Clay)
Liz is Treasurer of the Science Club

- Cheese Factory mentioned in ep#3 does exist in Roswell, NM (Mozzarella, I believe)

Pilot: In the first scene, Max put his hand over Liz's wound, therefore it should have been covered with blood afterward. But it wasn't.
Pilot: Why in the world did Liz put her bloody uniform in her backpack and bring it to school?
Monsters: When Isabel broke down, she was on the highway on the way to school. Later, when she broke down again, she was in the middle of the desert, also on the way to school. This forces me to come to the conclusion that the high school in located in the middle of the desert.
285 South: How did Kyle know which direction to go on the highway, not to mention how he found them at the motel?
River Dog: At the very beginning, when Max and the others escaped from Atherton's dome and headed home, it was morning. And if the ride home takes at least two hours (if not more), then how was it possible for them to get back home in time to go to school?
Blood Brother: Why the heck did Michael smell that FBI agent guy's deodorant in the motel room??
Toy House: Both Isabel and Mrs. Evans mention that Max and Isabel were six years old when they were adopted. Yet in episode #2, Max tells Liz that they were eight years old when they escaped the incubation pods and were found. He also said that he and Isabel were found by Mr. and Mrs. Evans on the side of the road. But in this episode, apparently they didn't meet until the Evans' came to the orphanage to adopt them.
Blind Date: When Liz and Doug were on their date at Chez Pierre's, were they drinking wine? If so, Liz is drinking illegally, since the legal age in NM is 21.
Tess, Lies and Videotape: When Liz knocked the statue over, the camera died. How did it suddenly come to life when she re-positioned it?

Deputy Blackwood recognized the alien symbol from the Mesaliko Reservation.
Other deputy is named Hanson.
Sighting in ep.#12 in Fraser Woods.
Roswell mayor = Mayor Higgins.