This page contains general information on minor Roswell characters. If I ma missing any chcracters, or if there are mistakes or missing information, please contact me. Thanks. ~Cbjam


Ms. Topolsky:
The new guidance councelor/math teacher came to Roswell right after the shooting incident at the Crashdown. Though Liz and Max suspected she was a spy at first, they have since changed their minds. But their first suspicion was correct. Topolsky works for the FBI, trying to track down the aliens in Roswell. She suspects Max and Isabel, maybe Michael, and knows Liz is hiding something. Fortunately her hunting may come to an end when Sheriff Valenti discovers her true identity.

Deputy Blackwood:
Sheriff Valenti's right-hand-man, he is a rather brusque, no-nonsense man with little to no sense of humor. He is serious about his job. He is also proud of his Indian heritage, having grown up on a reservation just outside of Roswell.

Deputy Hanson:
Not nearly as serious as Valenti or Blackwood, this deputy can be a little comical sometimes. He is a good deputy though, and I believe he actually becomes sheriff in season 2.

He is the curator of the UFO Center and an alien nut. He keeps an extensive archive on all texts pertaining to aliens, UFO's and abductions and vows to one day stand face to face from an otherwordly being.

Jeff & Nancy Parker:
Owners of the Crashdown Cafe, these two are well-known in Roswell. They are both hard workers, though neither of them actually wait tables - their job is to manage and do all the paperwork. Liz seems fairly close to her parents, though more so to her father than her mother.

Philip & Diane Evans:
Also a hard-working couple, these two are very kind and considerate, and care a lot for their adopted children. It is unknown where they work, though quite possibly they are in law (either that or CPA). They are warm- hearted, and are also quite fond of Michael.

Amy Deluca:
Maria's mother is single, her husband having left her some years ago. She makes her living creating, making and selling alien paraphernalia, including keychains, balloons, and other touristy things.

River Dog:
This old Indian man was once an acquaintance of both James Atherton and the mysterious alien who also seemed to have survived the crash of 1959. He shows Max and Liz drawings in a remote cave left by the other alien, and is rather distructful of the non-human race.

James Atherton:
Atherton was an author of alien literature before he met a real alien himself. The two seemed to be getting along OK, until one day in Nov. 1959 the alien murdered Atherton for an unknown reason. Atherton's home is still intact, and in his basement was once a pile of information on real aliens.

Agent Pearce:
An FBI agent who is chasing the aliens. He is a very nasty guy, and very sneaky. He is also bent on finding out how the alien orbs work.

She is one of the aliens in the crash, like Max, Michael & Isabel. She is also Max's intended bride, though Max & Liz & the others have a hard time believing this. We never truly know whether she is a good guy or a bad guy until the end of season 2.


Congresswoman Whitaker
She is Pearce's girlfriend, and also has a new office set up in Roswell. Liz works for her, and the two of them talk sometimes - but then Liz finds out she may be the bad guy.

She is a new waitress at the Crashdown, and seems to be interested in Michael. Later, they find out she is really a Skin who is a member of a rebel faction that belieevs Michael should be the king.

He is the geologist who uncovered Pierce's skeleton, and who has an interest in Isabel. Max and Valenti suspect him of being an enemy at first, but then they prove to be wrong. Or were they?

He is a Skin in an adolescent boy's body. He is killed in one episode, but later shows up in the episode where Max & Tess to to New York with the Dupes. In one episode, we find out that he is really Kevar - the lover of Velandra, Isabel's previous alien self.

The Dupes:
Almost exact copies of Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess. They are pretty nasty, and even kill off one of their own - Dupe-Max. They trick Max into coming to NY for the alien summit, and want to use him to get back to their home planet.

Sean Deluca:
Maria's older brother who spent some time in juvie. He and Liz express interest in one another as soon as he comes onto the scene. Maria doesn't seem to like that idea, though.

Alex's supposed girlfriend while he was away. As it turns out, she never really existed.


Jesse Ramirez:
He works in Mr. Evans' law office and is apparently quite good at his job. He is also Isabel's boyfriend and, later, her fiance. He seems like a nice guy, though he may have been a bit quick to propose. He also has no idea his soon-to-be wife is part alien.

An actor from L.A. who warns Michael & Max to stay away. He is later killed by the Shapeshifter/producer.

Hollywood Producer:
The second shapeshifter from the crash, unlike Nasedo he didn't feel the need to follow up on the alien foursome and protect them. He doesn't seem to want anything to do with them, in fact, and is reluctant to help Max find his son. He also happens to be a very famous movie producer in L.A., and is quite loaded.

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