Though we know Michael is also an alien and was released from the pod the same time Max and Isabel were, it is still uncertain as to how he was separated from the other two. He grew up with his abusive foster father, living in a poorly kempt trailer park in Roswell. He grew up knowing hardships and dreaming of someday knowing who he really is and returning to his home planet.

Michael, unlike Max and Liz, has no ties to Roswell or the human world in general. He is always ready and willing to leave. He detests living with his foster father and is always searching for evidence of who he really is and how he can get back home. He wastes little time on schoolwork, feeling that finding out more about himself and the others is more important. He is all action and doesn't like to waste time discussing things. Sometimes his overeagerness gets him into trouble. Max and Isabel are constantly looking out for him. And like Isabel, Michael does not fully trust Liz and Maria with their secret.

Michael has never had any relations with a girl, and is not inclined to start anytime soon. He is more interested in learning of his own alien heritage than getting a date fior Friday night. He believes that it's a bad idea to get emotionally involved with anyone when they could be forced to leave at any given moment, and he is constantly reminding Max of this.

Actor's Name: Brendan Fehr Born: 1977